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Being Me

Author : Kavya Chakraborty
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About The Author Kavya led an extraordinary life battling pain and depression, the most painful being the loss of her father dear at an early age. Social issues were close to her heart, and she boldly voiced her views through poems and open mic events. Her strong performances in street plays have brought honours for her school. An exemplary speaker, Kavya was regularly invited as a guest artist at college literary events.

Love Being Me

Author : Julie Leoni
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Read this book amidst the laundry, the dishes and the school runs, to move from stress to ease, in simple and heart-felt ways. Love Being Me is a warm and personal book which shares one woman’s search for meaning and peace in her life after divorce. Julie draws on her knowledge and experience of psychotherapy and meditation and finds ways to put what she knows, into practice, whilst doing the dishes and taking the kids to school. She writes friend-to-friend, with anecdotes and admissions of failure, flaws, joy and love. She asks questions, offers exercises and invites every one of us to live our lives from the heart, so that we can say ‘I love being me’, no matter what life brings. ‘This book is a wonderfully contemporary restatement of ancient wisdom. It’s profound, funny and at times courageously self-revelatory. Anyone looking to further their life should read it’. Michael Sclater, Psychotherapist

Being Me Being You

Author : Samuel Fleischacker
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Modern notions of empathy often celebrate its ability to bridge divides, to unite humankind. But how do we square this with the popular view that we can never truly comprehend the experience of being someone else? In this book, Samuel Fleischacker delves into the work of Adam Smith to draw out an understanding of empathy that respects both personal difference and shared humanity. After laying out a range of meanings for the concept of empathy, Fleischacker proposes that what Smith called "sympathy" is very much what we today consider empathy. Smith's version has remarkable value, as his empathy calls for entering into the perspective of another--a uniquely human feat that connects people while still allowing them to define their own distinctive standpoints. After discussing Smith's views in relation to more recent empirical and philosophical studies, Fleischacker shows how turning back to Smith promises to enrich, clarify, and advance our current debates about the meaning and uses of empathy.

Being ME

Author : Rajni Singh
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Sometimes, life puts us on crossroads. One has to stop and make a choice; either walk the path that everyone says is proven and correct, or choose that which the heart is so compelled to move towards. The terrain seems rocky and reaching the final destination is unsure. Thirty-five year old Amy faced a similar circumstance when her marriage hit a rough patch. She chose to be conventional and tread the very path she had learnt ever since childhood. But destiny had a different plan for her. She couldn’t run away from the voice within and eventually set foot on a journey she knew nothing about. With only an inner voice to hang on to, this brave girl moved forward, witnessing bizarre coincidences that unfolded in perfect divine timing, and transforming her life like a closed bud flowering into full bloom!

Being Me and Loving It

Author : Naomi Richards
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With 29 real life and relatable stories at its heart, this practical resource is designed to help build self-esteem and body confidence in children aged 5-11. Each story is the focus of a ready-to-use lesson plan, covering common issues that affect children such as a lack of body confidence, feeling pressured by peers and worries about puberty. The stories are preceded by guidance on how to introduce the topic and the learning outcomes, and they are followed by a range of activities to reinforce the messages being taught. The stories can either be read aloud to a class or group or photocopied and shared for individual reading. Perfect for use in PSHE lessons with groups of children, or in one-to-one settings in the therapy room or at home, this book is a useful resource for PSHE co-ordinators, teachers, school counsellors, pastoral care teams, youth workers as well as parents.

The Sorrow of Being Me

Author : Pavel Yosifoff
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Have you ever wondered what’s behind the curtain when you go on a cruise? Where all that food is coming from? What’s going on behind the doors of the main dining room? What ship life is really like? Where the crew sleeps and how they spend their time when the lights in the ship’s restaurants are finally turned off? Welcome to the dining room. My name is Pavel and I will be your waiter tonight. My recommendation for you is to read my menu featuring real stories from the cruise industry, garnished with accidents and stories of how the cruise staff spent their time during the more than fifteen years I was employed in the industry. For dessert, if you’re still up for it, we’ll have answers and more. The stories in Life as a Cruise Ship Waiter are all true.

I m Best at Being Me

Author : Heidi Angeline
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An uplifting rhyming tale about a little green frog who discovers that he is best at being no one but himself. On the edge of a pond past the town and beyond, sat a frog with a frown feeling terribly down. A little green frog despairs as he compares himself with other animals, but an enlightening conversation swiftly turns his frown upside down. The story reminds us that we were lovingly made by God and should not compare ourselves with others, but recognise that He made us special, with our own gifts and abilities to use and enjoy. Filled with colourful hand-painted illustrations and singsong verse, this picture book is bound to delight both young and old alike!

Side Effects Of Being Me

Author : Ken Squires
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Side Effects Of Being Me Are included but not limited to - Sadness & Depression - Feeling Worthless - Self Hatred - Loneliness - Feeling Unwanted - Being stuck around toxic people - The feeling of being helpless Currently we have no cure for these as your life will continue to get shittier as it goes on.

Me Being Me Is Exactly as Insane as You Being You

Author : Todd Hasak-Lowy
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John Greenmeets 500 Days of SummermeetsNick Hornby. Darren hasn't had an easy year. His parents divorced, his brother left for college, and his best friend moved state. Also, he still doesn't have a girlfriend. Then his dad shows up at 6am with a glazed chocolate donut and a pretty world-shaking revelation. In full freak-out mode, Darren ditches school and jumps on a bus to visit his brother, Nate, at college. But someone weird / amazing comes along for the ride. Told entirely in lists, this hilarious novel perfectly captures why having anything to do with anyone is: 1. painful 2. unavoidable 3. ridiculously complicated 4. possibly, hopefully, the right thing after all. 'Entirely terrific' How I Met Your Motherstar, Josh Radnor 'Sweet, acerbically funny, and often painfully honest tone'Publishers Weekly 'This novel exemplifies everything that is exciting and refreshing about contemporary YA, its fearlessness and unabashed honesty, its agony and ecstasy' 'Hasak-Lowy really gets what it is to be a teen'VOYA 'A powerful stream of consciousness'Booklist Praise for Todd Hasak-Lowy: 'Funny, fast-paced and poignant' R. J. Palacio, author of Wonder

Being Myself

Author : Ramyaa K
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Being Myself is an anthology compiled by Ramyaa K & Maskoora S under Unvoiced Heart Publication. This books depicts the co-authors own self and their self love. Uniqueness comes from being us.(BEING MYSELF).Here we have 60 co-authors. They bring out their own version of themselves.