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Being Me Being You

Author : Samuel Fleischacker
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Modern notions of empathy often celebrate its ability to bridge divides, to unite humankind. But how do we square this with the popular view that we can never truly comprehend the experience of being someone else? In this book, Samuel Fleischacker delves into the work of Adam Smith to draw out an understanding of empathy that respects both personal difference and shared humanity. After laying out a range of meanings for the concept of empathy, Fleischacker proposes that what Smith called "sympathy" is very much what we today consider empathy. Smith's version has remarkable value, as his empathy calls for entering into the perspective of another--a uniquely human feat that connects people while still allowing them to define their own distinctive standpoints. After discussing Smith's views in relation to more recent empirical and philosophical studies, Fleischacker shows how turning back to Smith promises to enrich, clarify, and advance our current debates about the meaning and uses of empathy.

The Sorrow of Being Me

Author : Pavel Yosifoff
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Have you ever wondered what’s behind the curtain when you go on a cruise? Where all that food is coming from? What’s going on behind the doors of the main dining room? What ship life is really like? Where the crew sleeps and how they spend their time when the lights in the ship’s restaurants are finally turned off? Welcome to the dining room. My name is Pavel and I will be your waiter tonight. My recommendation for you is to read my menu featuring real stories from the cruise industry, garnished with accidents and stories of how the cruise staff spent their time during the more than fifteen years I was employed in the industry. For dessert, if you’re still up for it, we’ll have answers and more. The stories in Life as a Cruise Ship Waiter are all true.

I m Best at Being Me

Author : Heidi Angeline
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An uplifting rhyming tale about a little green frog who discovers that he is best at being no one but himself. On the edge of a pond past the town and beyond, sat a frog with a frown feeling terribly down. A little green frog despairs as he compares himself with other animals, but an enlightening conversation swiftly turns his frown upside down. The story reminds us that we were lovingly made by God and should not compare ourselves with others, but recognise that He made us special, with our own gifts and abilities to use and enjoy. Filled with colourful hand-painted illustrations and singsong verse, this picture book is bound to delight both young and old alike!

Side Effects Of Being Me

Author : Ken Squires
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Side Effects Of Being Me Are included but not limited to - Sadness & Depression - Feeling Worthless - Self Hatred - Loneliness - Feeling Unwanted - Being stuck around toxic people - The feeling of being helpless Currently we have no cure for these as your life will continue to get shittier as it goes on.

Being Myself

Author : Ramyaa K
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Being Myself is an anthology compiled by Ramyaa K & Maskoora S under Unvoiced Heart Publication. This books depicts the co-authors own self and their self love. Uniqueness comes from being us.(BEING MYSELF).Here we have 60 co-authors. They bring out their own version of themselves.

The Lion and the Queen I Hope to Be

Author : Cindy Gilbert
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In life we are given several opportunities to get closer to our Dad. In this story I describe how my story is like that of the Lion and the King, a story told in India. A king is told that he will be killed and going to hell and out of his fear he tries to come up with a solution. The King finds out that if he is injured the lion who is a symbol of the devil will not kill him because the lion will not kill its prey if it is already injured. The King then decides to injure himself and therefore he will no longer fall victim to the lion because the lion likes a challenge, and the King is no longer a challenge since it is injured. The injured King then seeks to find comfort to his pain and his pain causes him to seek his creator who can heal all vessels and direct them in the righteous path or destroy the body and the soul on a lake of fire. When the King approaches his creator his creator has sympathy for him and restores him and shows him the righteous path to stay away from the Lion’ therefore giving him an opportunity to be a part of the royal family in heaven. The situation of the Lion and the King is like mine because I became injured and through my injuries came to find refuge in my Dad who is also my creator. In this book I describe in haiku, free style poetry and short stories how the Lion was out to get me, and my injury saved me causing me to get closer to my Lord and Savior also known as my Dad. This story that you are about to read is about me a child of God who received refuge and healing through our higher power.

On Being Someone

Author : Helen Oppenheimer
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This book continues the discussions in "What a piece of work: on being human" (Imprint Academic 2006) and may be considered its sequel. Among all the creatures in the physical universe, humans seem to be more than simply physical, because they are aware of being creatures in the universe. Human beings essentially belong to the world of nature, yet stand out as the most complex and fascinating of all living beings. Like and also unlike other animals, they respond to what happens to them; they make plans and carry them out; they recognize one another, sometimes lovingly; they make friends and enjoy their company; they shape the world around them for convenience and for delight; they ask questions both practical and theoretical; and many of them try to praise God. In What a Piece of Work, Helen Oppenheimer considered humankind as part of the natural universe which Christians believe God set in motion, asking how human beings stand among other creatures and how they are to be valued. In this volume she leaves aside comparisons with our fellow creatures in order to attend to our own experience. It makes a good start to think of oneself as a human animal, but then we need to go further and ask what does it mean to be a person, to be counted as someone?

On Myself and Other Less Important Subjects

Author : Associate Professor of Philosophy Caspar Hare
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The author makes a case for "egocentric presentism," a view about the nature of first-person experience. A natural thought about the first-person experience is that "all and only the things of which I am aware are present to me." He goes even further and claims that the thought should instead be that "all and only the things of which I am aware are present." That there is something unique about me and the things of which I am aware. This book represents a new take on an old view, known as solipsism, which maintains that people's experiences give them grounds for believing that they have a special, distinguished place in the world--for example, believing that only they exist or that other people do not have conscious minds like their own. The author maintains that the version of solipsism he argues for is capable of resolving some seemingly intractable philosophical problems--both in metaphysics and ethics--concerning personal identity over time, as well as the tension between self-interest and the greater good.

Being and Nothingness

Author : Jean-Paul Sartre
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Revisit one of the most important pillars in modern philosophy with this new English translation—the first in more than 60 years—of Jean-Paul Sartre’s seminal treatise on existentialism. “This is a philosophy to be reckoned with, both for its own intrinsic power and as a profound symptom of our time” (The New York Times). In 1943, Jean-Paul Sartre published his masterpiece, Being and Nothingness, and laid the foundation of his legacy as one of the greatest twentieth century philosophers. A brilliant and radical account of the human condition, Being and Nothingness explores what gives our lives significance. In a new and more accessible translation, this foundational text argues that we alone create our values and our existence is characterized by freedom and the inescapability of choice. Far from being an internal, passive container for our thoughts and experiences, human consciousness is constantly projecting itself into the outside world and imbuing it with meaning. Now with a new foreword by Harvard professor of philosophy Richard Moran, this clear-eyed translation guarantees that the groundbreaking ideas that Sartre introduced in this resonant work will continue to inspire for generations to come.

Being Reflexive in Critical Educational and Social Research

Author : Geoffrey Shacklock
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This book brings together a collection of case studies and readings on the subject of doing research in education. It differs from other texts in taking a personal view of the experience of doing research. Each author presents a reflexive account of the issues and dilemmas as they have lived through them during the undertaking of educational research. The collection fills the space often referred to in critical research as the phenomenon of the 'missing researcher'. Coming from the researcher's own perspectives, their positions are revealed within a wider space that can be personal, political, social and reflexive. With this approach, many issues such as ethics, gender, race, validity, reciprocity, sexuality, class, voice, empowerment, authorship and readership are given a much needed airing.