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Behind the Ranges

Author : Mrs. Howard Taylor
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Behind the Ranges

Author : Frederick George Aflalo
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Behind the Ranges

Author : E. E. Reynolds
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This 1940 book for young readers offers ten short historical narratives, which follow different explorers in their adventures around the world.

Behind the Ranges

Author : Anne Shannon Monroe
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"Scene: The Double O Ranch in the Whecatshe Valley in Oregon. Characters introduced in the first chapter: a boy and girl, Hal McNab and Helie, the latter an orphan brought up by Uncle Ril, owner of the OO and Aunt Izzy. Jim Battles, baron of Whecatshe Valley, visits Old Ril. It looks as if he had designs on the old ranch. Helie expresses intense dislike for him. Steve Buckaroo, Boss, conducts the education of Hall and Helie. He discovers that the child Helie has come to mean very much to him. Steve is worried lest Helie's hatred of Jim Battles exert a bad influence on her life. Steve introduces Helie to the Bible which had been his mother's and which Helie calls the "Mother Book." Six years have passed. The "OO" Ranch has increased in prosperity. Helie has developed in to a charming young woman. Hall is attending college. Hall asks Helie to marry him after his college course is finished. Helie visits Hall's home and that same night Hall's father, Dan McNab, is shot by Henry Minturn because Dan has accused his son of stealing horses. Jim Battles arrives at the OO Ranch and calls Old Ril to account for "fence cutting" promising trouble if it continues. Helie finds her horse, Polymena, dead on the desert."--Lewiston Evening Journal 1926.

Look Behind the Ranges

Author : Hamish MacInnes
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Beyond the Ranges

Author : Consuelo Andrew Seoane
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Noble Savage

Author : Judith B. Glad
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Independent Katie Lachlan has caught the eye and heart of a rich suitor who won't take no for an answer. Luke Savage killed a man in a gunfight and swears he'll never carry a handgun again. A strong attraction and mutual dependence link them together for a journey along the brand new transcontinental railroad, as she flees the suitor who stalks her and he runs away from his past. Instead of safety, they find new danger as they are forced to travel on foot across a wintry landscape. While Katie learns that independence is no match for force, Luke discovers that saving Katie is more important to him than the vow he made. Striving together against wilderness, gunfighters bent on retribution, and a frontier town on the brink of riot, they find their strength, their convictions, and their very love tested by adversity and danger.

Canyons Coves and Coastal Waters

Author : Kevin Redmond
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For both the Novice and the expert canoeist or kayacker this book is a must as it highlights the paddlers way through placid inland lakes, over 15,000 kilometers of the coastline and some of the most spectacular whitewater in the world. The inland and coastal waterways of Newfoundland and Labrador are the corridors to some of the most inaccessible, rugged and pristine wilde ess areas in North America. The many details of Newfoundland and Labrador's wilde ess Disneyland become accessible to the paddlers with the use of this guide.

Edge Effects

Author : Robert D. Temple
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There's something fascinating about border towns. Who hasn't crossed the line into another state to buy fireworks, gamble, or even to get married? Here are border towns with names as unique as the places themselves, names that bridge the boundaries. Robert D. Temple brings you a quirky, fascinating, and wholly entertaining look at more than eighty North American border towns in Edge Effects. With an adventurer's heart and a historian's keen eye, Temple explores life on the edge and how these places have made their place in history. There's big-city Mexicali and empty-quarter Idavada, idyllic Vir-Mar Beach and whiskey-soaked Mondak. Then there's prairie-bleak Alsask, mountain-high Wyocolo, and palmy Florala. And who could forget Texarkana? Along with finding these towns in the first place comes adventure in exploring them, by highway, four-wheel-drive, boots, and kayak, and in encountering memorable locals: historians, farmers, waitresses, cops, forest rangers, railroaders, and ne'er-do-wells. But even more, these places lead us to investigate concepts of borders, boundaries, frontiers, margins, and marginality, as well as survey lines, battle lines, picket lines, and color lines. Edge Effects brilliantly examines how frontiers enrich cultures and boundaries define them. But more importantly, it reveals how edges shape local history and our lives. A revised edition of Edge Effects was published July 10, 2009.

The Secret Life of the Lonely Doll

Author : Jean Nathan
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A glamorous, haunted life unfolds in the mesmerizing biography of the woman behind a classic children's book In 1957, a children's book called The Lonely Doll was published. With its pink-and-white-checked cover and photographs featuring a wide-eyed doll, it captured the imaginations of young girls and made the author, Dare Wright, a household name. Close to forty years after its publication, the book was out of print but not forgotten. When the cover image inexplicably came to journalist Jean Nathan one afternoon, she went in search of the book-and ultimately its author. Nathan found Dare Wright living out her last days in a decrepit public hospital in Queens, New York. Over the next five years, Nathan pieced together a glamorous life. Blond, beautiful Wright had begun her career as an actress and model and then turned to fashion photography before stumbling upon her role as bestselling author. But there was a dark side to the story: a brother lost in childhood, ill-fated marriage plans, a complicated, controlling mother. Edith Stevenson Wright, herself a successful portrait painter, played such a dominant role in her daughter's life that Dare was never able to find her way into the adult world. Only through her work could she speak for herself: in her books she created the happy family she'd always yearned for, while her self-portraits betrayed an unresolved tension between sexuality and innocence, a desire to belong and painful isolation. Illustrated with stunning photographs, The Secret Life of the Lonely Doll tells the unforgettable story of a woman who, imprisoned by her childhood, sought to set herself free through art.

The Physics of Invisibility

Author : Martin Beech
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The ability is see is fundamental to our very existence. How true our perceptions really are depends upon many factors, and not least is our understanding of what light is and how it interacts with matter. It was said that the camera, the icon of light recording instruments, never lies, and in the day of the glass plate and celluloid roll-film this might well have been true. But in this modern era, with electronic cameras and computer software, it is often safe to assume that the camera always lies. The advertising images that bombard our every waking moment are manipulated in shape, profile, color, and form. In this new era, light can be manipulated with metamaterials to make one object look like another or even cause that objects to vanish, literally before our eyes; not only can the image we see be manipulated, but so can the light itself.

Arabia The Isles

Author : Ingrams
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First Published in 1998. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Adversary

Author : Julian May
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The Pliocene Epoch's exiled races are caught in a violent struggle for ascendancy. The humans who escaped to the Galactic Milieu are now beset on all sides, as they seek a foothold in this turbulent land. Aiken Drum, now King, has many enemies, but the Firvulag seem set to move first to initiate their long-prophesied Nightfall War. And although recent confrontations have weakened Aiken, any sign of frailty will bring down his kingdom. The powerful Elizabeth Orme supports King Aiken, and his enlightened despotism is preferable to Marc Remillard's cruel ambition. But these conflicts will be overshadowed if a time-gate is opened back to the 22nd century, something Marc can never permit. All will be decided at the Grand Tourney, where Tanu and humans will face the Firvulag in the last great contest of the exiled world. Praise for the series: ‘Julian May has woven a many-coloured tapestry of exotic adventure’ Roger Zelazny, ‘An engaging storyteller’ Locus, ‘Fast-paced storytelling that defies predictability; and a sympathetic and well-rendered cast’

Maitreya on the Image of God

Author : Elizabeth Clare Prophet
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Genba Kanri

Author : Edward Handyside
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An explanation of the disciplines of Genba Kanri. The book looks at management practices required for GK disciplines to function and aims to show how, by connecting "people" concerns with the operational aspects of manufacturing, GK can improve management and productivity.

The Last Days Of The Incas

Author : Kim MacQuarrie
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The epic story of the fall of the Inca Empire to Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro in the aftermath of a bloody civil war, and the recent discovery of the lost guerrilla capital of the Incas, Vilcabamba, by three American explorers. In 1532, the fifty-four-year-old Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro led a force of 167 men, including his four brothers, to the shores of Peru. Unbeknownst to the Spaniards, the Inca rulers of Peru had just fought a bloody civil war in which the emperor Atahualpa had defeated his brother Huascar. Pizarro and his men soon clashed with Atahualpa and a huge force of Inca warriors at the Battle of Cajamarca. Despite being outnumbered by more than two hundred to one, the Spaniards prevailed-due largely to their horses, their steel armour and swords, and their tactic of surprise. They captured and imprisoned Atahualpa. Although the Inca emperor paid an enormous ransom in gold, the Spaniards executed him anyway. The following year, the Spaniards seized the Inca capital of Cuzco, completing their conquest of the largest native empire the New World has ever known. Peru was now a Spanish colony, and the conquistadors were wealthy beyond their wildest dreams. But the Incas did not submit willingly. A young Inca emperor, the brother of Atahualpa, soon led a massive rebellion against the Spaniards, inflicting heavy casualties and nearly wiping out the conquerors. Eventually, however, Pizarro and his men forced the emperor to abandon the Andes and flee to the Amazon. There, he established a hidden capital, called Vilcabamba-only recently rediscovered by a trio of colorful American explorers. Although the Incas fought a deadly, thirty-six-year-long guerrilla war, the Spanish ultimately captured the last Inca emperor and vanquished the native resistance.

Remembering Recipes

Author : Irene Palescandolo
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My recollections of the first time I entered the spacious, bustling kitchen of Villa Joe's restaurant brings me back a long stretch of years. I was twenty years old when I stepped into the dynamic heart of the restaurant. I was simply dazzled by the abundance of food, cooked and uncooked, in escalating stages of preparation, all being assembled, concocted, confected into forms creatively visual and delectable. As a promising fashion designer I was enthralled by the scene so artistic in my eyes. I saw a palette of colors, the modeling of textures and contours as if designed and draped at a couturier's studio. I had a sixth sense I would like to be a part of this activity. My husband Frank's mother was busy at the antipasto table sorting salad greens, chicory and arugula. Frank introduced me to her. I said, "Hello, may I help you?" You may find yourself matching recipes with the lighthearted fables in my husband's memoir, A Remembrance of a Restaurant; A Decameron of Dining, or his other works, Under Blue Skies of Naples, Chez Dogs, and Naples of Salvatore DiGiacomo, which might grant a realized recipe added piquancy. For your convenience I have charted correspondences on the last page.

Legends Monsters or Serial Murderers The Real Story Behind an Ancient Crime

Author : Dirk C. Gibson
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Covering figures ranging from Catherine Monvoisin to Vlad the Impaler, and describing murders committed in ancient aristocracies to those attributed to vampires, witches, and werewolves, this book documents the historic reality of serial murder.

The Numbers Behind NUMB3RS

Author : Keith Devlin
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The companion to the hit CBS crime series Numb3rs presents the fascinating way mathematics is used to fight real-life crime Using the popular CBS prime-time TV crime series Numb3rs as a springboard, Keith Devlin (known to millions of NPR listeners as ?the Math Guy? on NPR?s Weekend Edition with Scott Simon) and Gary Lorden (the principal math advisor to Numb3rs) explain real-life mathematical techniques used by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies to catch and convict criminals. From forensics to counterterrorism, the Riemann hypothesis to image enhancement, solving murders to beating casinos, Devlin and Lorden present compelling cases that illustrate how advanced mathematics can be used in state-of-the-art criminal investigations.

Heaven s Net is Wide

Author : Lian Hearn
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'A beautifully realized setting, action and romance played out across a couple of generations, a high-class voyage to the long ago and far away – Lian Hearn has written a saga that will continue to give pleasure to many.' – Ursula K. Le Guin The Middle Country, home of the Otori clan is ruled by a benign but weak leader while in the East, the warrior-like Tohan are gathering power. On the plain of Yaegahara the clans clash in a bloody battle that leaves Otori Shigeru desperate for vengeance. Meanwhile, in a remote mountain village, a boy is born gifted with the supernatural skills of his father, once the deadliest assassin of the Tribe. Set in the years before the beginning of Across the Nightingale Floor, Heaven's Net is Wide by Lian Hearn is the first and last Tale, which both closes the circle and introduces new readers to the fantastical, beautiful and thrilling world of the Otori. It is an epic story of betrayal, revenge, magic and love.