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Behaviorism Consciousness and the Literary Mind

Author : Joshua Gang
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Coetzee, Behaviorism, Consciousness, and the Literary Mind reveals important convergences between modernist writers, experimental psychology, and analytic philosophy of mind—while giving readers a new framework for thinking about some of literature's most fundamental and exciting questions.

The Literary Mind

Author : Mark Turner
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Turner argues that story, projection, and parable precede grammar, that language follows from these mental capacities as a consequence. Language, he concludes, is the child of the literary mind

Culture and Consciousness

Author : William S. Haney
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Haney demonstrates that the debates in theory surrounding the questions of identity, truth, and language, which have so far eluded the mind or reason, cannot be resolved without recourse to the structure of consciousness and intersubjectivity - an interaction mediated by language and resulting in mutual agreement. Chapters four to eight apply the notion of intersubjectivity to the reading of specific works."--Jacket.

Theory of Mind and Literature

Author : Paula Leverage
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Cover -- Title -- Copyright -- Contents -- Acknowledgments -- Introduction -- 1: Theory of Mind Now and Then: Evolutionary and Historical Perspectives -- Theory of Mind and Theory of Minds in Literature Keith Oatley -- Social Minds in Little Dorrit Alan Palmer -- The Way We Imagine Mark Turner -- Theory of Mind and Fictions of Embodied Transparency Lisa Zunshine -- 2: Mind Reading and Literary Characterization -- Theory of the Murderous Mind: Understanding the Emotional Intensity of John Doyle's Interpretation of Sondheim's Sweeney Todd Diana Calderazzo -- Distraction as Liveliness of Mind: A Cognitive Approach to Characterization in Jane Austen Natalie Phillips -- Sancho Panza's Theory of Mind Howard Mancing -- Is Perceval Autistic?: Theory of Mind in the Conte del Graal Paula Leverage -- 3: Theory of Mind and Literary / Linguistic Structure -- Whose Mind's Eye? Free Indirect Discourse and the Covert Narrator in Marlene Streeruwitz's Nachwelt Jennifer Marston William -- Attractors, Trajectors, and Agents in Racine's "Récit de Théramène" Allen G. Wood -- The Importance of Deixis and Attributive Style for the Study of Theory of Mind: The Example of William Faulkner's Disturbed Characters Ineke Bockting -- 4: Alternate States of Mind -- Alternative Theory of Mind for Arti.cial Brains: A Logical Approach to Interpreting Alien Minds Orley K. Marron -- Reading Phantom Minds: Marie Darrieussecq's Naissance des fantômes and Ghosts' Body Language Mikko Keskinen -- Theory of Mind and Metamorphoses in Dreams: Jekyll & Hyde, and The Metamorphosis Richard Schweickert and Zhuangzhuang Xi -- Mother/Daughter Mind Reading and Ghostly Intervention in Toni Morrison's Beloved Klarina Priborkin -- 5: Theoretical, Philosophical, Political Approaches.

The Poetics of the Mind s Eye

Author : Christopher Collins
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The heart of this study consists of Collins's application of six "cognitive modes" of reading: perception, retrospection, assertion, introspection, expectation, and judgment. In addition, Collins considers the impact of the movement from oral to print-literate culture.

Humanism and the Humanities in the Twenty first Century

Author : William S. Haney
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The book raises questions about the underlying paradigms of contemporary learning and social thinking, including the nature of consciousness and the mind, the purpose and conduct of eduation, the role of science and scientific methodologies, the place of art and literature, or relationship to the environment, our concepts of spirituality, our attitudes to the past and also what we are doing to our own future.

Narrative and Consciousness

Author : Robert J. Gingold
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The evocation of narrative as a way to understand the content of consciousness has sparked truly interdisciplinary work among psychologists, philosophers and literary critics. The research presented in this volume should appeal to the general reader and researchers enmeshed in these problems.

Aristotle to Zoos

Author : Peter Brian Medawar
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Brief articles discuss sociobiology, eugenics, aging, diseases, paleontology, and various concepts in biology

Music Mind and Brain

Author : Manfred Clynes
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There is much music in our lives -yet we know little about its function. Music is one of man's most remarkable inventions - though possibly it may not be his invention at all: like his capacity for language his capacity for music may be a naturally evolved biologic .function. All cultures and societies have music. Music differs from the sounds of speech and from other sounds, but only now do we find ourselves at the threshold of being able to find out how our brain processes musical sounds differently from other sounds. We are going through an exciting time when these questions and the question of how music moves us are being seriously investigated for the first time from the perspective of the co-ordinated functioning of the organism: the perspective of brain function, motor function as well as perception and experience. There is so much we do not yet know. But the roads to that knowledge are being opened, and the coming years are likely to see much progress towards providing answers and raising new questions. These questions are different from those music theorists have asked themselves: they deal not with the structure of a musical score (although that knowledge is important and necessary) but with music in the flesh: music not outside of man to be looked at from written symbols, but music-man as a living entity or system.

Cyberculture Cyborgs and Science Fiction

Author : William S. Haney
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Addressing a key issue related to human nature, this book argues that the first-person experience of pure consciousness may soon be under threat from posthuman biotechnology. In exploiting the mind's capacity for instrumental behavior, posthumanists seek to extend human experience by physically projecting the mind outward through the continuity of thought and the material world, as through telepresence and other forms of prosthetic enhancements. Posthumanism envisions a biology/machine symbiosis that will promote this extension, arguably at the expense of the natural tendency of the mind to move toward pure consciousness. As each chapter of this book contends, by forcibly overextending and thus jeopardizing the neurophysiology of consciousness, the posthuman condition could in the long term undermine human nature, defined as the effortless capacity for transcending the mind's conceptual content.Presented here for the first time, the essential argument of this book is more than a warning; it gives a direction: far better to practice patience and develop pure consciousness and evolve into a higher human being than to fall prey to the Faustian temptations of biotechnological power. As argued throughout the book, each person must choose for him or herself between the technological extension of physical experience through mind, body and world on the one hand, and the natural powers of human consciousness on the other as a means to realize their ultimate vision.