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Beginning to Write

Author : Arthur Brookes
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Writing activities for elementary to intermediate learners.

The Beginning of Writing

Author : Lois Warburton
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Discusses the development of alphabets and writing systems in ancient societies, highlighting Egyptian, Mayan, Chinese and American Indian societies.

Teaching Beginning Writers

Author : David L. Coker
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An essential "how-to" primer, this book examines the process of learning to write and shares evidence-based instructional strategies for the primary grades. With an emphasis on explicit instruction and scaffolding students' learning, the authors explain when and how to teach handwriting, spelling, foundational skills such as sentence formation and editing, and composition in specific genres. They present clear-cut techniques for assessment, differentiation, and supporting struggling writers. The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for Writing are used as a framework for setting instructional goals. Reproducible assessment forms, checklists, and rubrics are provided; purchasers get access to a Web page where they can download and print the reproducible materials in a convenient 8 1/2" x 11" size.

The Write Beginning

Author :
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Write Away Level 2

Author : CEO Founder
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The goal of this book is to help beginners develop neat and legible handwriting.

Writing Mini lessons for First Grade the Four Blocks Model

Author : Dorothy P. Hall
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This resource demonstates a range of mini-lessons for the writing block of the Four Block Literacy Model.

Beginning Reading and Writing

Author : Dorothy S. Strickland
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In this essay collection, scholars in the area of early literacy provide concrete strategies for achieving excellence in literacy instruction. The collection presents current, research-based information on the advances and refinements in the area of emerging literacy and the early stages of formal instruction in reading and writing. Following a foreword (Alan Farstrup) and an introduction (Dorothy S. Strickland and Lesley Mandel Morrow), chapters in the collection are: (1) "Beginning Reading and Writing: Perspectives on Instruction" (William H. Teale and Junko Yokota); (2) "Becoming a Reader: A Developmentally Appropriate Approach" (Susan B. Neuman and Sue Bredekamp); (3) "Literacy Instruction for Young Children of Diverse Backgrounds" (Kathryn H. Au); (4) "Enhancing Literacy Growth through Home-School Connections" (Diana H. Tracey); (5) "Children's Pretend Play and Literacy" (Anthony D. Pellegrini and Lee Galda); (6) "Talking Their Way into Print: English Language Learners in a Prekindergarten Classroom" (Celia Genishi, Donna Yung-Chan, and Susan Stires); (7) "Organizing and Managing a Language Arts Block" (Lesley Mandel Morrow); (8) "Classroom Intervention Strategies: Supporting the Literacy Development of Young Learners at Risk" (Dorothy S. Strickland); (9) "Teaching Young Children to Be Writers" (Karen Bromley); (10) "Phonics Instruction" (Margaret Moustafa); (11) "Reading Aloud from Culturally Diverse Literature" (Lee Galda and Bernice E. Cullinan); (12) "Fostering Reading Comprehension" (Linda B. Gambrell and Ann Dromsky); (13) "Assessing Reading and Writing in the Early Years" (Bill Harp and Jo Ann Brewer); (14) "Sign of the Times: Technology and Early Literacy Learning" (Shelley B. Wepner and Lucinda C. Ray); and (15) "Still Standing: Timeless Strategies for Teaching the Language Arts" (Diane Lapp, James Flood, and Nancy Roser). (NKA)

Writing and Computers

Author : Colette Daiute
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Beginning in the Watershed

Author : James A. Kolb
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Reflecting on Writing

Author : Ernest Hall
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This process- and product-oriented writing textbook assists intermediate to advanced students who have not had much writing experience for academic studies. Readings about reading-related activities prompt students to understand the nature, history, and various uses of writing in order to promote greater understanding of its complexities. Reflecting on Writing focuses on writing in three ways: Focus on Composing equips students with a set of routines that can be applied in various ways in a variety of writing situations and conscious strategies for composing. Composing is introduced as getting ideas and planning, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing. Focus on Composition is an introduction to expository prose which includes instruction on the paragraph, with its top-down structure, and the formal short essay. It employs exemplification, process explanation, comparison, and concession and contrast as modes of text development. Focus on Language acquaints students with the formal English essay and the importance of unity and coherence. Its focus is to foster the understanding that grammatical forms that establish the unity and coherence of a text are far more deserving of attention than many of the features to which students often attend.

Aie Beginning Alg W Cd

Author : Gustafson
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Writing on the Edge

Author :
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Teaching Speaking and Writing in Wisconsin

Author : Wisconsin. Department of Public Instruction
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Writing for College

Author : Robert E. Yarber
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The Contemporary Writer

Author : W. Ross Winterowd
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Beginning to Write

Author : Jenny Ackland
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Keys to Successful Writing

Author : Marilyn Anderson
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Emphasizing the recursive nature of the composing process, this exciting, new developmental text focuses on five keys to successful essay writing -- purpose, focus, material, structure, and style. Journal writing, critical thinking, and collaborative learning opportunities reflect important trends in the field.

El Hi Textbooks in Print

Author :
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Helping Children to Write

Author : Dr Ann C Browne
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I would recommend this book to anyone interested in young children's development as writers. Its clarity and easy-flowing style not only make it a good read but would provide an invaluable support to schools that want to be more explicit in explaining their view of children's writing development to parents' - "GAEC Newsletter " Written in a clear and straightforward style which makes it immediately accessible to those for whom developmental writing is not familiar territory, but who are concerned to understand what it involves' - "Reading " This is a practical guide to implementing and sustaining a developmental approach to writing in the early years. It is intended for all those interested in the education of young children, including teachers students and governors. Beginning with a sound theoretical justification for developmental writing, the book gives practical guidance on a range of issues such as planning a writing curriculum, spelling, handwriting, assessment, bilingual writers, gender, parents and creating a writing policy. Each chapter is illustrated with examples of children s writing and reference is made to The National Curriculum documents for English.

Books in Print Supplement

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