Beginner's Guide to Reading Music

Easy to Use; Easy to Learn; A Simple Introduction for All Ages


Author: Alan Charlton,Jake Jackson

Publisher: Easy-to-Use

ISBN: 9781847869500

Category: Score reading and playing

Page: 384

View: 4675

A companion to "Chords for Kids" and "My First Recorder Music." Suitable for children aged between 8 and 10, it explains the essentials: pitch, the treble clef, the bass clef, rhythm, accidentals, key signatures and time signatures, followed by practice pieces. Features helpful diagrams, clear accessible text and a practical spiral-bound format.

Learn To Play Bass Guitar


Author: Phil Capone

Publisher: Chartwell

ISBN: 0785824804

Category: Music

Page: 256

View: 1599

Learn to Play Bass Guitar starts with the basics like how to hold the bass, how to tune it up and start playing, and take the student to a playing level with sufficient skills to join a band.

Song Sheets to Software

A Guide to Print Music, Software, and Web Sites for Musicians


Author: Elizabeth C. Axford

Publisher: Scarecrow Press

ISBN: 9780810850279

Category: Music

Page: 267

View: 2807

This second edition of Song Sheets to Software includes completely revised and updated listings of music software, instructional media, and music-related Internet Web sites of use to all musicians, whether hobbyist or professional. This book is a particularly valuable resource for the private studio and classroom music teacher.

Guitar Lessons - Guitar Bar Chords for Beginners

Teach Yourself How to Play Guitar Chords (Free Video Available)


Author:,Gary Turner


ISBN: 9825322160

Category: Music

Page: N.A

View: 4456

Teach yourself how to play guitar chords with our easy rhythm guitar lessons for beginners. ***Comes with online access to free guitar videos and audio for all examples. See and hear how each one is played by a teacher, then play along with the backing band. Also includes music score animation for easy music learning.*** "Like other books by Gary Turner, this one is well named as 'Progressive'. The lessons are staged in such a way as to make learning well structured. 5/5 stars." - Frank Reid [Amazon UK] Progressive Guitar Method - Bar Chords contains all you need to know to start learning to be a great guitar chord player - in one easy-to-follow, lesson-by-lesson rhythm guitar tutorial. Suitable for all ages and all types of guitars including electric guitar and acoustic guitar. Basic knowledge of how to read music and playing guitar is required to teach yourself to learn to play guitar chords from this book. Teach yourself: • How to play electric guitar chords and how to play acoustic guitar chords • How to play guitar bar chords for beginners and how to play rhythm guitar including the most useful bar chord shapes, rock chord shapes, jazz chord shapes and rhythm strumming patterns • All the fundamental techniques for playing bar chords on guitar including percussive strumming and dampening • Practical rhythm guitar theory for learning how to read guitar music for beginners • Rhythm guitar tips and rhythm guitar tricks that every player needs for learning guitar chords • Shortcuts for how to learn guitar chords fast by getting the most from guitar practice sessions Contains everything you need to know to learn to play the guitar today. Features include: • Progressive step-by-step easy guitar lessons written by a professional guitar teacher • Easy-to-read guitar music and guitar chords for beginners • Full color photos and diagrams • Guitar chord chart containing formulas and chord diagrams for all important guitar bar chords made from movable chord shapes including major, minor, seventh, sixth, major seventh, minor seventh, suspended, ninth etc. • 50+ guitar chord exercises and guitar chord progressions in rock guitar, blues guitar, funk guitar and country guitar styles Beginner guitar lessons have never been this easy for anyone who wants to learn how to play the guitar, fast.'s rhythm guitar lessons for beginners are used by students and guitar teachers worldwide to learn how to play guitar. For over 30 years, our team of professional authors, composers and musicians have crafted music lessons that are a cut above the rest. We offer a huge selection of music instruction books that cover many different instruments and styles in print, eBook and app formats. Awarded the 'Quality Excellence Design' (QED) seal of approval for eBook innovation, continues to set the standard for quality music education resources.


An Easy Guide to Music Notation


Author: Thomas E. Rudolph,Vincent A. Leonard

Publisher: Berklee Press

ISBN: 9780876390689

Category: Music

Page: 375

View: 1240

Easy-to-follow instructions help you to create publisher-quality music notation; learn to use the tools of Finale while writing your own music and arrangements; get started immediately with hundreds of professional templates, partially completed notation files, and libraries available on the companion website (; print transposed parts from scores automatically; write standard notation, guitar tablature, drum set parts, and more with this comprehensive hands-on tutorial. Teachers can create warm-up and practice exercises; write their own compositions, arrangements and method books; and simplify parts for students. --From publisher's description.

Absolute Beginner's Guide to Computer Basics


Author: Michael Miller

Publisher: Que Publishing

ISBN: 078973673X

Category: Computers

Page: 430

View: 7740

New edition of best-seller shows users how to get the most out of their PCs And The Internet – updated to cover Vista.

Pianist's Handbook

A Guide to Playing the Piano and Music Theory


Author: Matti Carter

Publisher: BoD - Books on Demand

ISBN: 952800704X

Category: Music

Page: 184

View: 8887

Pianist's Handbook is Matti Carter's guide for pianists and musicians about piano playing and music theory. Here is what you will receive: - 10 chapters on the basics of piano playing and music theory - 60 music theory and piano playing exercises consisting of 20 easy, 20 intermediate and 20 challenging exercises - 45 playable piano pieces divided into 15 easy, 15 intermediate and 15 challenging pieces - Notation examples and images - A list of different types of chords and their position on the keyboard - A list of intervals - 40 examples of typical accompaniment patterns - All the different major and minor scales, triad arpeggios and cadences for piano - An appendix listing common musical notation and vocabulary

Rhythms Vol. 4

Rhythm exercises for eighth notes in a 3/4 time signature


Author: Bruce Arnold

Publisher: muse eek publishing

ISBN: 1594897972

Category: Music

Page: N.A

View: 319

Rhythms Volume Four is one of the most in-depth studies of highly syncopated eighth note rhythms within a 3/4 time signature you can get. Downloadable midifiles from Muse Eek Publishing's "Member's Area" make this a really smart way to master hard rhythms within the 3/4 meter.

Rhythms Vol. 5

Sixteenth Note Rhythm Studies in 3/4


Author: Bruce Arnold

Publisher: muse eek publishing

ISBN: 1594897980

Category: Music

Page: N.A

View: 1733

This book gives a music student rhythm exercises with sixteenth notes in a 3/4 time signature. Although there are many books out that help you learn your rhythms the rhythm series of books from is unique in that each example is accompanied by an audio example. These audio examples can be from our Member's Area which is free to join at These audio files are midifiles which can be played on a Mac or Windows based computer by using a midifile player or any sequencer program. Midifile players are available for free at many sites on the internet. This book is part of a sight reading series aimed at getting a student profi cient at recognizing and playing rhythms. Other volumes in this series will introduce melodic shapes in different stylistic contexts. See the final pages of this book for a complete listing and description of current music related publications.