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The Battle of the Beetles 2 Beetle Queen

Author : M.G. Leonard
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Cruel beetle fashionista, Lucretia Cutter, is at large with her yellow ladybird spies - and she has a devious plan. Darkus, Virginia and Bertolt are determined to stop her, but Darkus's dad is dead set against their involvement. Hope rests on Novak, Lucretia's daughter and a Hollywood actress, but the beetle diva is always one scuttle ahead ...

The Battle of the Beetles The Complete Beetle Trilogy

Author : M.G. Leonard
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All three books in the bestselling Beetles series by M.G. Leonard! 'Truly great storytelling' Michael Morpurgo Darkus can't believe his eyes when a huge insect drops out of the trouser leg of his horrible new neighbour. It's a giant beetle - and it seems to want to communicate. But how can a boy be friends with a beetle? And what does a beetle have to do with the disappearance of his dad and the arrival of Lucretia Cutter, with her taste for creepy jewellery?

Dead Mech Walking

Author : Xavier P. Hunter
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100 tons of walking steel. One human heart. Sgt. Reggie King wakes up from a battlefield injury to find himself physically intact. But the hospital staff insist he’s not fit to return to duty. As part of his psychological recovery, they introduce him to a game. Armored Souls is a tank game on steroids. Giant, walking mechs called juggernauts engage in interplanetary wars as noble houses and mercenary factions wage endless battles for supremacy. For the pilots of these juggernauts, the rewards are glory, cash, and XP. As a tanker in real life, Reggie has a leg up on tactics and leadership, but he’s got a lot to learn in the game world. Saddled with trigger-happy commanding officers, slacker teammates, and bafflingly incompetent NPC underlings, Reggie will have to struggle to make headway. Meanwhile, a sinister player decides to make Reggie’s life hell after their two factions clash. Reggie is forced to find a solution to his griefer problems while battling the real life demons that chased him into the game in the first place. …and they won’t let him quit.

The Battle of the Beetles 3 Battle of the Beetles

Author : M.G. Leonard
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The beetle adventure continues as Darkus and his friends seek wicked Lucretia Cutter's secret Biome in the Amazon rainforest. If they can't stop her from unleashing her hoard of giant Frankenstein beetles, the planet will never be the same again ...

Sustainable Hospitality and Tourism as Motors for Development

Author : Philip Sloan
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It is now widely agreed that the climate is changing, global resources are diminishing and biodiversity is suffering. These changes pose huge challenges on nations, organizations, businesses, communities and ultimately individuals. Developing countries, many of them considered by the World Tourism Organization to be Top Emerging Tourism Destinations (UNWTO, 2009), are already suffering the full frontal effect of environmental degradation with the UN recently reporting the existence of nearly half a million climate refugees in Africa and Asia in addition to huge swathes of the world's farming land and oceans becoming infertile. The challenge for developing countries is a triple-edged sword, how can economic prosperity be achieved without the perpetual depletion of nature's reserves, the destruction of rural habitat and the dislocation of traditional societies? Many emerging nations are looking increasingly to the tourism industry as the motor for economic development with hospitality businesses at the forefront. In line with this increasing economic necessity is the growth of concern in the West for environmental and societal stewardship. Expectations are high, Western consumers want classy lodgings and unspoilt landscapes in the knowledge that the room maid has enough money to feed and educate her family. This book is designed to give students and practitioners a guide for best practices of sustainable hospitality operations in developing countries. Based on case studies, it provides a road map of how to achieve the goals of sustainability giving benchmark examples. The book not only taps in a contemporary business subject but provides readers with a better understanding on how sustainable theories can be operationalized in hospitality and tourism business practices in developing countries. Provides an enhanced view on sustainability beyond the borders of developed countries Case studies include hands-on activities, creative business practices and applied sustainable development strategies Includes case study questions, advanced reading list and online resource features

Supplemental Appropriations for Fiscal Year 1977

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Appropriations
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Future Foods

Author : Rajeev Bhat
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Future Foods: Global Trends, Opportunities, and Sustainability Challenges highlights trends and sustainability challenges along the entire agri-food supply chain. Using an interdisciplinary approach, this book addresses innovations, technological developments, state-of-the-art based research, value chain analysis, and a summary of future sustainability challenges. The book is written for food scientists, researchers, engineers, producers, and policy makers and will be a welcomed reference. Provides practical solutions for overcoming recurring sustainability challenges along the entire agri-food supply chain Highlights potential industrial opportunities and supports circular economy concepts Proposes novel concepts to address various sustainability challenges that can affect and have an impact on the future generations

Children s Writers Artists Yearbook 2023

Author : Bloomsbury Publishing
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Foreword by award-winning author Smriti Halls. The indispensable guide to writing for children of all ages from pre-school to young adults, this Yearbook provides inspirational articles from dozens of successful writers and illustrators on how to get your work published. It includes a directory of over a thousand up-to-date listings with contacts from across the media and publishing industry. This bestselling Yearbook is full of practical advice on all stages of the writing and illustration process from getting started, writing for different markets and genres, and preparing an illustration portfolio, through to submission to literary agents and publishers. It also covers the financial, contractual and legal aspects of being a writer and illustrator. Widely recognised as the essential support for authors and illustrators working across all forms: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, screen, audio and theatre, it is equally relevant to those wishing to self-publish as well as those seeking a traditional publisher-agent deal. It includes advice from bestselling writers, such as Sarah Crossan, Kiran Millwood Hargrave, Tom Palmer, David Wood and many more. Additional articles, free advice, events information and editorial services at

American Bee Journal

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Includes summarized reports of many bee-keeper associations.

Chambers Encyclopaedia

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