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The Lost Beers Breweries of Britian

Author : Brian Glover
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Brian Glover provides a nostalgic look at the breweries which have vanished, packed with colourful illustrations showing the fine art of selling beer. It's a rare chance to drink in the past.

The British Beer Book

Author : Steven Goodwin
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Britain is great. It has a long and distinguished history on the world stage of science, arts, literature, and politics. And Its beer. ales, stouts, and porters have spawned imitators across the globe, with its lagers being fresh, inviting, and worthy competitors to the Pilsners that inspired them. This book covers beer in its general form - the history, styles, ingredients, food matching, tasting sessions, and the culture around it. It then details several British breweries, and the beer they produce. This is interspersed with quotes, trivia, and information about all aspects of beer and brewing.

Brewing Britain

Author : Andy Hamilton
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When bestselling UK Homebrew author Andy Hamilton began work on his new book, Brewing Britain, he embarked on a quest to discover whether there could be a perfect pint in the UK. After two years of (arduous) study of hundreds if not thousands of beers from around the country - visiting brewers, testing beer kits and, of course, brewing his own - he found that in fact there were many perfect pints. Buy Brewing Britain and: ·Discover lagers that are not loutish, beers that will win over wine lovers, the ideal temperature for serving ale, and the best glass to drink it from ·Experiment with forty recipes from ancient times to the modern day and really get to know your ingredients with an in-depth account of many of the hops and malts available ·Hone your tasting skills at sessions in local pubs, breweries and beer festivals near you Brewing Britain: the essential companion for our beer drinking nation in its search for that elusive perfect pint.

Report and Minutes of Evidence Taken Before the Departmental Comm on Beer Materials

Author : Great Britain. Beer Materials, Comm
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A History of Beer and Brewing

Author : Ian Spencer Hornsey
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A History of Beer and Brewing provides a comprehensive account of the history of beer. Research carried out during the last quarter of the 20th century has permitted us to re-think the way in which some ancient civilizations went about their beer production. There have also been some highly innovative technical developments, many of which have led to the sophistication and efficiency of 21st century brewing methodology. A History of Beer and Brewing covers a time-span of around eight thousand years and in doing so:·Stimulates the reader to consider how, and why, the first fermented beverages might have originated·Establishes some of the parameters that encompass the diverse range of alcoholic beverages assigned the generic name 'beer'·Considers the possible means of dissemination of early brewing technologies from their Near Eastern originsThe book is aimed at a wide readership particularly beer enthusiasts. However the use of original quotations and references associated with them should enable the serious scholar to delve into this subject in even greater depth.

The Oxford Companion to Beer

Author : Garrett Oliver
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"Features more than 1,100 A-Z entries written by 166 of the world's most prominent beer experts"--Provided by publisher.


Author : Martyn Cornell
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This chronicle of Britain's favourite drink is a river that stretches back to the sacred brews of the first Neolithic farmers and forward another six millennia to today's megabreweries. It tells the story of our national obsession with brewing and answers such questions as: when did bitter and mild originate? What is the true story of porter and stout? What herbs did medieval brewers use before hops? How did lager get to be the most popular beer in Britain, rising from 2 per cent of sales to nearly 50 per cent in just 40 years? What was a Victorian brewery like? And what are the stories behind the great breweries? The British Isles have always had a beer culture, with beer drunk everywhere from ploughman's hut to princely palace and this book aims to do justice to this venerable story.

British Breweries

Author : Lynn Pearson
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Covering the history of the architecture of breweries, this account ranges from the country house brewhouse of the 18th century to the great breweries of Georgian and Victorian England, which reached their ornate peak in the 1880s and 1890s. It deals with the practical considerations that brewers' architects and engineers had to take into account, as well as the architectural styles and the decorative features employed. The author has also included a gazetteer of brewery architecture.

The Statutes of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

Author : Great Britain
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European Competition

Author : F.J.L. Somers
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Europe is increasingly becoming an everyday reality for many companies, not only for large corporations but small and medium-sized enterprises as well. European Competition offers students an introduction to the field of competition, cooperation and competition policy in the EU. To increase students' understanding of the workings of the Internal Market, most chapters start with case-studies. The book focuses on the subject areas economics and law and is written from both a business and a social/legal perspective. European Competition is an essential introductory textbook for students at both undergraduate and graduate levels in a wide range of degree and professional programmes. Including Economics, MBA and Law. It is of particular relevance to students interested in the European context of these disciplines and can be used as a core textbook for courses in European Integration or Business and International Environment in Europe and other parts of the world. This text is complementary to the book European Business Environment.

The Big Book O Beer

Author : Duane Swierczynski
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Presents facts, figures, history, and trivia on the art, science, and lore of beer and its brewing.

Colorado Breweries

Author : Dan Rabin
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This comprehensive guide covers all aspects of beer and brewing in Colorado.

The British Trade Journal

Author :
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Beer School

Author : Steve Hindy
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What do you get when you cross a journalist and a banker? A brewery, of course. "A great city should have great beer. New York finally has, thanks to Brooklyn. Steve Hindy and Tom Potter provided it. Beer School explains how they did it: their mistakes as well as their triumphs. Steve writes with a journalist's skepticism-as though he has forgotten that he is reporting on himself. Tom is even less forgiving-he's a banker, after all. The inside story reads at times like a cautionary tale, but it is an account of a great and welcome achievement." —Michael Jackson, The Beer Hunter(r) "An accessible and insightful case study with terrific insight for aspiring entrepreneurs. And if that's not enough, it is all about beer!" —Professor Murray Low, Executive Director, Lang Center for Entrepreneurship, Columbia Business School "Great lessons on what every first-time entrepreneur will experience. Being down the block from the Brooklyn Brewery, I had firsthand witness to their positive impact on our community. I give Steve and Tom's book an A++!" —Norm Brodsky, Senior Contributing Editor, Inc. magazine "Beer School is a useful and entertaining book. In essence, this is the story of starting a beer business from scratch in New York City. The product is one readers can relate to, and the market is as tough as they get. What a fun challenge! The book can help not only those entrepreneurs who are starting a business but also those trying to grow one once it is established. Steve and Tom write with enthusiasm and insight about building their business. It is clear that they learned a lot along the way. Readers can learn from these lessons too." —Michael Preston, Adjunct Professor, Lang Center for Entrepreneurship, Columbia Business School, and coauthor, The Road to Success: How to Manage Growth "Although we (thankfully!) never had to deal with the Mob, being held up at gunpoint, or having our beer and equipment ripped off, we definitely identified with the challenges faced in those early days of cobbling a brewery together. The revealing story Steve and Tom tell about two partners entering a business out of passion, in an industry they knew little about, being seriously undercapitalized, with an overly naive business plan, and their ultimate success, is an inspiring tale." —Ken Grossman, founder, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.


Author : Gavin D. Smith
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Pilsners, blonde ales, India pale ales, lagers, porters, stouts: the varieties and styles of beer are endless. But as diverse as the drink is, its appeal is universal—beer is the most-consumed alcoholic beverage in the world. From ballparks to restaurants, bars to brewpubs, this multihued beverage has made itself a dietary staple around the globe. Celebrating the heritage of these popular libations in this entertaining tome, Gavin D. Smith traces beer from its earliest days to its contemporary consumption. While exploring the evolution of brewing technology and how it mirrors technological changes on a wider economic scale, Smith travels from Mexico to Milwaukee, Beijing, Bruges, and beyond to give a legion of beer brands their due. He then delves into the growth of beer-drinking culture and food-beer pairings and provides information on beer-related museums, festivals, publications, and websites. He also provides a selection of recipes that will be enhanced with the downing of a glass or two of the amber nectar. Containing a wealth of detail in its concise, wonderfully illustrated pages, Beer will appeal to connoisseurs and casual fans alike.

Brew Your Own British Real Ale

Author : Graham Wheeler
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More than 100 homebrew recipes for all of the well-known Real Ales from Great Britain.

Fermenting Revolution

Author : Christopher Mark O'Brien
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Around the globe "beer activists" are fermenting a revolution one beer at a time.

Parliamentary Papers

Author : Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons
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A Bottle of Guinness Please

Author : David Hughes
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The Control of Fuddle and Flash

Author : J. W. Gerritsen
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A historical and comparative overview describing the regulations of the use of alcohol and drugs (opiates) in the USA, the UK and the Netherlands. It explains the conditions, causes and consequences of the various regulatory regimes and provides insights into their political economy.