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Becoming Beyonc

Author : J. Randy Taraborrelli
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The first comprehensive biography ever published about America's favorite living pop icon, Beyonce, from New York Times bestselling biographer J. Randy Taraborrelli. Beyonce Knowles is a woman who began her career at the age of eight performing in pageant shows and talent contests, honing her craft through her teenage years until, at the age of 16, she had her first number one record with Destiny's Child. That hit-making trio launched Beyonce's successful solo career, catapulting her, as of 2014, to #1 on Forbes annual list of most wealthy celebrities--the same year she made the cover of Time. Becoming Beyonce is not only the story of struggle, sacrifice, and what it takes to make it in the cut-throat record industry, it's the story of the great rewards of such success and the devastating toll it often takes on the human spirit.

Becoming Beyonce

Author : J. Randy Taraborrelli
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She's adored by millions of fans, writes and performs songs that move and inspire, but Beyonce is truly known by very few. Now highly-acclaimed biographer J. Randy Taraborrelli reveals the woman behind the star. He takes us from a childhood spent performing in talent shows to finding worldwide fame with her band Destiny's Child, managed by her father Matthew. Beyoncé's first solo album, Dangerously in Love, went straight to number one and she has to date released a total of five albums which have sold 75 million copies. Beyoncé prefers to keep her personal life with husband Jay-Z and daughter Blue Ivy carefully under lock and key. She may be a top performer, fashion idol and business mogul in her own right, but fame has come at personal sacrifice and with private heartbreak. Baed on exhaustive research, including exclusive interviews with those how have played pivotal roles in her life and career, the book reveals the hard-earned lessons 'Queen Bey' has learned about love, life, loyalty and family. Insightful and entertaining, this is the first authoritative biography of the most famous woman in the world today and a must-have for the 'Bey Hive'.


Author : Z.B. Hill
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Beyonce Knowles is one of the most famous women in the world. The singing superstar has become one of the biggest artists in music since making her start with the group Destiny's Child years ago. Beyonce has sold millions of albums and won many awards in her career. And now she's married to rapper Jay-Z and has a new daughter, Blue Ivy. It seems Beyonce has it all! Beyonce tells the story of how one girl from Texas grew up to be an international star. Read about Beyonce's rise to fame from her days in Destiny's Child to her hit solo albums. Learn what it takes to be one of the world's biggest celebrities.

Beyonc Knowles

Author : Janice Arenofsky
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Presents the life and career of the pop singer, from her childhood and early career with Destiny's Child to her solo career in music and motion pictures.

The Making of a Child of Destiny

Author : Brian Moore
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The story of how love drove a women to her destiny to create Destiny Child. In 1997, a female group burst on the scene and catapulted into one of the most successful female groups of all time. For years the picture had been painted of how Mathew Knowles helped his golden child daughter, Beyonce; Kelly Rowland, and Destiny's Child achieve phenomenal success. Brian K. Moore, tells an unforgettable and heart-wrenching story of one woman's journey in helping a group of young girls from Houston, Texas achieve fortune and fame.Without a doubt, one of the most important figures in the professional career of Beyoncé Knowles is a woman has gone largely unrecognized: Andretta Brown Tillman. J. Randy Taraborrelli "Becoming Beyonce'"

Crazy in Love The Beyonc Knowles Biography

Author : Daryl Easlea
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Crazy in Love explores the astonishing life and career of Beyoncé Knowles, the Texan teenager who rose from performing in hometown backyards to being the most recognisable face on the planet. Beyoncé now towers above the entertainment industry – Music, film, fashion. She has released critically acclaimed albums one after the other, and, alongside partner Jay-Z, forms half of one of the most powerful couples in the world. This exciting and revealing portrait delves into the key events of her life, her music and her marriage to uncover true person behind the persona. Crazy in Love is essential reading for any fan. “At this point, I really know who I am, and don’t feel like I have to put myself in a box. I’m not afraid of taking risks – no one can define me.” Beyoncé

Beyonc and Jay Z

Author : Jacqueline Parrish
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Presented here are two celebrities who have climbed the ladder of success to become one of the most renowned and influential power couples in the world. Beyonce, with her chart-topping singles and multiple Grammy awards, is one of the most compelling singers and pop culture icons today. Jay-Z has earned his fame as one of the most illustrious rappers of all time, and is a sharp-minded businessman. He has also worked to shed light on the injustice of the American prison system. This revealing narrative chronicles their early lives with big dreams to global domination as a billionaire power couple.


Author : Elaine Landau
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You may know that Beyoncé is a gifted R & B star who has made a splash in the worlds of music, dance, and acting. But did you know that Beyoncé: • was super shy as a child, yet she loved to ham it up in music and dance classes? • goes by Bee among family and friends? • once had her toe broken by a bodyguard when he stepped on it while trying to protect her? Want to know more about the life of this talented celebrity? Read on to learn all about Beyoncé's childhood, family, career, true personality, current projects, and more!


Author : The Associated Press
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Her fans call her Queen Bey and they roar when she sweeps onto the stage with a hand on her hip and looks out into the crowd. What began with the highly successful, all-girl group, Destiny’s Child culminated with Beyoncé Knowles becoming one of the most influential solo female musicians today. A feminist in her own right, Beyoncé’s fans see her as a shining example of a strong, independent woman. Even her personal life is of great interest around the world as she holds onto power couple status with her husband, rapper, Jay Z, and recently added another title to her impressive repertoire: mother. Queen Bey’ jaw-dropping performances, her creativity and personality are revealed through the stories and images of AP journalists.


Author : Cherese Cartlidge
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Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, known simply as Beyoncé, is an American singer and songwriter. She has sold over one hundred million records as a solo artist and has won twenty-two Grammy Awards. Her captivating stage presence, powerful vocals, and business savvy have made her a cultural phenomenon. Her 2016 album, Lemonade, which was released both as a music album and as a visual album, earned her wide recognition and the number one spot on Rolling Stone's 2016 "Best Albums of the Year" list. This fascinating edition provides a balanced biographical overview of singer Beyoncé. Chapters discuss her childhood and early career, her work in the bestselling girl group Destiny's Child, her subsequent solo albums, and the singer's work as an actress and fashion designer.