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Becoming a Secondary Head Teacher

Author : Julia Evetts
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This is an examination of the processes and procedures involved in developing a career in teaching and becoming a secondary headteacher in England. Looking at the experiences of a group of secondary headteachers in two local education authorities, the author compares how career structures match up to actual experiences of promotion. She explores gender differences in experiences of headship and considers how changes in education in the UK have affected headteacher careers. She argues that teachers can take positive action in their careers to work against the constraints inherent in the system.

Becoming A Teacher Issues In Secondary Education

Author : Dillon, Justin
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Becoming a Teacher, 4e remains a unique and powerful combination of ideas, analysis, questions, answers and wisdom, drawing on the professional experience of the editors and contributors.

Learning to Lead in the Secondary School

Author : Mark Brundrett
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Learning to Lead in the Secondary School is designed to meet the needs of subject leaders and heads of department in secondary schools, offering practical advice and guidance to teachers taking on these demanding roles. This highly informative book is structured around six sections that address all of the key areas in leading a department including: * becoming a subject leader * managing effective teaching and learning * leading and managing people * the strategic direction and development of a department * the deployment of staff and resources * managing personal performance and development. This guide will be invaluable to middle managers in schools, subject leaders and heads of departments. It will be of interest to teachers and managers at all levels and will also be useful to those undertaking research or further qualifications in educational leadership and management.

Becoming a Research Informed School

Author : Tim Cain
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Becoming a Research-Informed School examines the reasons why teachers and leaders use research to improve their schools, and explores how teachers select, understand and use research to enhance learning experiences in fast-moving classroom environments. It analyses what teachers and school leaders actually do, to use research in their schools, and how they build a research-informed culture. Based firmly in data from real schools and considering the experiences of over 150 education professionals, it shows how research and evidence can be used to: Improve decision-making processes Develop schools as intellectual communities Address priorities for improvement Implement research-informed teaching Respond to policy imperative for informed practice Guide future research It considers key topics including Teacher Research, Lesson Study, the use of data to effect improvements, navigating social media and blogs, and how to overcome common obstacles to research use in schools. Becoming a Research-Informed School is full of rich, detailed examples of research and research utilisation. It is an indispensable resource for teachers and leaders who wish to take an informed approach to creating a professional learning community.

Leaders and Leadership in the School College and University

Author : Peter Ribbins
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Introduces a wide range of perspectives on contemporary leadership in education, and contains detailed interviews with headteachers. The interviews reveal the subjects' own experiences at school, their reasons for taking up teaching, and the values and beliefs they bring to their positions.>

Kenya National Assembly Official Record Hansard

Author :
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The official records of the proceedings of the Legislative Council of the Colony and Protectorate of Kenya, the House of Representatives of the Government of Kenya and the National Assembly of the Republic of Kenya.

Becoming a Principal

Author : Forrest W. Parkay
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The Head Teacher of Football

Author : Terry Christie
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Tell how the son of Irish immigrants, born in poverty, becomes a secondary school head teacher and the most successful part-time manager there has ever been in Scottish professional football. Writes humorously about football with an intelligence and knowledge that has never been done before. Over 43 years he rubbed shoulders with many famous football personalities and tells of his interaction with such as Alex Ferguson and Jock Stein. Writes openly about the difficulties he experienced in being the head teacher of a large secondary school and at the same time the manager of a professional football team. Gives an insider's account of how he worked his way to the top in the teaching profession and tells heartwarming and funny stories of his relationships with pupils. Writes about being the head teacher in the 1980's of Ainslie Park in Pilton the setting for Irvine Welsh's "Trainspotting".Tells how he was interviewed for the post of manager of Hibernian on three occasions, told thrice that he had the job, and how he was let down three times. Gives a frank and amusing account of his personal life and his relationship with his only sibling, his brother Peter, who was a professional shop-lifter.

Role of Headteachers in School Management in India

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Contributed articles.

Women as Leaders and Managers in Higher Education

Author : Society for Research into Higher Education
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There are very few women who hold senior management positions in universities worldwide. This volume examines the problem and suggests ways in which it might be remedied. It contextualises the situation by discussing management styles, the ethics of leadership, and the influence of career trends outside academia; and then presents a series of fascinating case studies based on interviews with, and the experience of, senior academic women. Finally, it considers the benefits of support mechanisms such as networking, work-shadowing and equal opportunities policies, and what is being done in other countries to improve matters.

The Education Outlook

Author :
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The Secondary Head

Author : Peter Mortimore
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In this book, secondary headteachers present their thoughts on headship. With the Education Reform Act, Local Management of Schools and the enormously increased role of school governors, to say nothing of the National Curriculum, headteachers today face an exceptionally difficult and complex task. The heads in this book run schools both large and small; urban, rural and suburban; with and without ethnic minority pupils. The heads themselves are of widely differing ages, cultures and backgrounds. Each presents a fascinating account of their school and its community, details of the management of their school, the organization of learning, the relationships between head, staff, pupils and parents and, most important of all, their own unique and personal reflections on headship. It is the companion volume to The Primary Head, by the same editors.

The Inner World of the School

Author : Cedric Cullingford
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The Education of Pupils with Learning Difficulties in Primary and Secondary Schools in Scotland

Author : Inspectorate of Schools (Scotland)
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Author :
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Scales of Salaries for Teachers in Primary and Secondary Schools England and Wales

Author : Great Britain. Dept. of Education and Science
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Ancillary Staff in Secondary Schools

Author : Baillie T. Ruthven
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Learning to Teach Geography in the Secondary School

Author : Mary Biddulph
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Learning to Teach Geography in the Secondary School has become the widely recommended textbook for student and new teachers of geography. It helps you acquire a deeper understanding of the role, purpose and potential of geography within the secondary curriculum, and provides the practical skills needed to design, teach and evaluate stimulating and challenging lessons. It is grounded in the notion of social justice and the idea that all students are entitled to a high quality geography education. The very practical dimension provides you with support structures through which you can begin to develop your own philosophy of teaching, and debate key questions about the nature and purpose of the subject in school. Fully revised and updated in light of extensive changes to the curriculum, as well as to initial teacher education, the new edition considers the current debates around what we mean by geographical knowledge, and what’s involved in studying at Masters level. Key chapters explore the fundamentals of teaching and learning geography: Why we teach and what to teach Understanding and planning the curriculum Effective pedagogy Assessment Developing and using resources Fieldwork and outdoor learning Values in school geography Professional development Intended as a core textbook and written with university and school-based initial teacher education in mind, Learning to Teach Geography in the Secondary school is essential reading for all those who aspire to become effective, reflective teachers. Praise for previous editions of Learning to Teach Geography in the Secondary School... 'This is a practical and visionary book, as well as being superbly optimistic. It has as much to offer the experienced teacher as the novice and could be used to reinvigorate geography departments everywhere. Practical activities and ideas are set within a carefully worked out, authoritative, conceptual framework.' - The Times Educational Supplement 'This is a modern, powerful, relevant and comprehensive work...a standard reference for many beginning teachers on geography initial teacher training courses.' - Educational Review

Key Issues for Secondary Schools

Author : Michael Farrell
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Michael Farrell presents an examination of the main issues affecting secondary schools and the implications for secondary education. The resource includes information on accreditation of pupils, careers education and guidance, discipline, leadership and management and transition from primary to secondary school. By using the A-Z format, he tackles the issues in an easy to follow way. Each section ends with a series of points for action, selective suggestions for further reading and addresses of useful contacts. Michael Farrell's book is intended for a wide range of people professionally concerned with education, from Headteachers and governors to BEd and PGCE students. It is a reference book that no secondary school should be without.

Discipline in Scottish Secondary Schools

Author : Margaret Johnstone
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A study was conducted to obtain an overall picture of discipline problems in Scottish secondary schools. In particular, the study sought to clarify what teachers counted as a discipline problem, how Scottish views related to views in England and Wales, the headteacher's role, and how discipline related to other managerial tasks. A questionnaire was sent to 112 schools, with approximately 10 teachers per school asked to complete it. The total sample was 1,011 teachers. A supplementary survey was done 6 months later of all secondary school headteachers in the state sector in Scotland. Key findings include the following: (1) teachers viewed the issue of discipline as central; (2) teachers were willing to consider and to propose solutions; and (3) good discipline and a happy school required joint and concerted effort of all the staff. Generally, analysis of the responses indicated two opposing views: (1) that school and society were out of step and that discipline would be improved if society could be changed; and (2) that negotiation over discipline was possible. Further, the study findings suggest that there are no easy solutions, many schools are trying hard, and a pool of skills and knowledge exists. Included are a technical appendix, 30 tables, and 8 references. (JB)