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Cows for Kids Cow Fun and Facts

Author : Malinda Mitchell
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Cows for Kids, Cow Fun and Facts, is a fun filled learning experience about cattle. It's chock-full of beautiful photos of various breeds, colors, sizes, and ages of cattle. It's fun because you can tell what the cows are thinking! They have quite a sense of humor. It's educational as facts are interspersed with the fun.Dairy cows are featured with actual photos of cows lining up to get milked and the actual milking operation. It is udderly fascinating and educational! Since calves are so cute, there is an abundance of pictures of calves ranging from newborn to several weeks old. You'll learn what it takes for a newborn calf to be healthy. You will also get to see young people grooming and preparing their animals for show. These 4-H and FFA youngsters are learning what it takes to care for and even breed cattle. When show time comes you can see the results. The last section of this book shows how Werkoven Dairy and Qualco Energy have teamed up to provide an environmentally friendly farm that uses the manure to benefit farmers, fishermen, and families. “This book is a great learning tool.” — Qualco Energy Board of directorsFor added enjoyment, a fun quiz is at the end of the book. Be careful, there may be some trick questions.Malinda is an accomplished author of many children's books. She lives in Mississippi. Ray Ruppert lives in western Washington where most of these pictures were taken. This is the second book that Malinda Mitchell and Ray Ruppert have produced together.

Bhagulpoor Goruckpoor and Dinajepoor

Author : Robert Montgomery Martin
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Is Local Beautiful

Author : Sara Hellmüller
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Based on the swisspeace annual conference 2012, the publication examines the delicate balance between external interventions and locally-led initiatives. It addresses the question of what “local” means in the peacebuilding and development context; which actors on the ground actually represent the local level and how external actors choose their partners from amongst them. Moreover, it examines how local ownership - emerging as key criteria for any external intervention - is constituted: does this concept only imply local participation or is local control from the outset a must? Finally, it assesses the potential of locally-led initiatives and local conflict resolution mechanisms and their interaction with external interventions. Several authors provide insights on these questions and nuance our thinking about both local ownership and external interventions. As such, the publication aims to encourage critical reflections on this topical debate in peacebuilding and development.

The Golgotha South Sudan 15 December 2013

Author : Jada Pasquale Yengkopiong
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The Golgotha is the most up-to-date book written with the tone of bare truth that most people do not know. The book reveals the intentions and the effects of the SPLA/M Dinka-dominated tribal regime in South Sudan. This tribal leadership is different from all forms of leaderships that are known today. This tribal leadership is completely based on what Salva Kiir Mayardit and his godfathers, the Jieng (Dinka) Council of Elders think is right for South Sudan. In the SPLA/M Dinka-dominated tribal regime, the leader is surrounded by his tribesmen and everything is based on the tribal doctrine. As a result, South Sudan is no longer governed as a country but a tribal village. This tribal leadership caused the 15 December 2013 killing of the Nuer people in Juba and other parts of the country. The book also reveals that the SPLA/M tribal leadership has aided its tribesmen with the necessary machinery to kill people from the other tribes. Most of these tribal killings have headed to rape of women and young girls, torture and looting of innocent people. Because of this tribal leadership, there is no more freedom in South Sudan. Because of this tribal leadership and the need for tribal domination, the people of South Sudan have been driven onto a crossroad of narcissism and tribalism. There is no more liberty or security for everyone but tribal despotism, fear, and mistrust.

Love Inspired October 2013 Bundle 1 of 2

Author : Lissa Manley
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Love Inspired brings you three new titles for one great price, available now for a limited time only from October 1 to October 31! Enjoy these uplifting contemporary romances of faith, forgiveness and hope. This Love Inspired bundle includes Storybook Romance by Lissa Manley, The Cowboy's Christmas Courtship by Brenda Minton and A Season of Love by Kim Watters. Look for 6 new inspirational stories every month from Love Inspired!

Harlequin Historical December 2013 Bundle 1 of 2

Author : Kate Welsh
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Harlequin® Historical brings you three new titles for one great price, available now! This Harlequin® Historical bundle includes The Texas Ranger's Heiress Wife by Kate Welsh, Running from Scandal by Amanda McCabe and Courted by the Captain by Anne Herries. Look for six compelling new stories every month from Harlequin® Historical!

Cows In Action 8 The Moo gic of Merlin

Author : Steve Cole
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ON A QUEST FOR COW-ME-LOT! Join Professor McMoo and his team in the 8th exciting installment of this hilarious series from bestselling author Steve Cole Genius cow Professor McMoo and his trusty sidekicks, Pat and Bo, are star agents of the C.I.A. - short for COWS IN ACTION! They travel through time, fighting evil bulls from the future and keeping history on the right track . . . In Dark Age CAMELOT, on the trail of a terrifying NEW type of ter-moo-nator, McMoo and his friends discover the famous WIZARD MERLIN has been turned into a bull - and that KING ARTHUR and his knights have turned COW CRAZY! A dia-BULL-ical plot is in full swing, and the C.I.A. agents must brave MAGIC, MOO-GIC and MAYHEM to stop it - before the forces of KNIGHT conquer all . . .

American short horn herd book containing pedigrees of short horn cattle

Author :
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A Search for Purple Cows

Author : Susan Call
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Suffering in an abusive marriage, the author discusses how a whimsical comment on a Christian radio station led her down a path to God's infinite love.

Cow Word Power Sleuth Puzzler

Author : Virinia Downham
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If you like Cows and solving word puzzles you’re going to love the Cow Word Power Sleuth Puzzler. For crossword and scrabble lovers this is a great way to improve your vocabulary you get to solve 50 word puzzles that all describe a Cow in a common or not so common way. Enjoy seven beautiful Cow pictures as you work your way through this book. It’s easy and fun. You have 50 word puzzlers to solve. For each puzzle you will get three words that describe a Cow and then you will see a picture with a scramble of letters. Unscramble the letters to work out what the right answer is. Warning – This is addictive you can spend hours working your way through these Cow puzzlers. If you fancy yourself as a Word Sleuth that loves Cows you are going to be as happy as a Cow chewing on green grass reading the Cow Word Power Sleuth Puzzler. All the answers are at the end of the book but you spoil the fun if you peek. Are you read – let’s begin.

The Cattle Baron

Author : Margaret Way
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The Baron's Bounty North Queensland, Australia, is a land of fierce contrasts, of astonishing beauty—and a land of secrets. No one knows this better than Australian aristocrat Chase Banfield, the master of the historic cattle station Three Moons. Yet even he is surprised when beautiful reporter Rosie Summers claims there is evidence of an ancient Egyptian presence on Banfield land. Despite his reservations, Chase agrees to an expedition with Rosie. But their search uncovers something far more precious than historic artifacts…a timeless love.

The Cow s Boy

Author : Charlotte Caldwell
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See what it is like to grow up on a ranch with all that entails.

Livestock Bulletin

Author :
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Saint Brigid and the Cows

Author : Eva K. Betz
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Saint Brigid and the Cows is part of the "Saints and Friendly Beasts" series. As the name implies, this set of books is about particular saints and their relation to the animal world. This story teaches us about the amazing St. Brigid, whose innocense and kindess is sure to inspire young readers.

Villager Jim s Highland Cows

Author : Villager Jim
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Hugely charismatic, the Highland cattle breed is the focus of this photographic tribute to one of Britains most popular farm animals. These long-horned, curly coated cows are amongst the many now famous subjects featured in Villager Jims daily online photographic adventures, which have gained nearly 200,000 followers.Jim often wanders amongst the herds throughout the seasons, taking shots from many different angles as they graze on moorland, heathland, woodland copses and lush green farmland. Getting close to one to photograph is always a respectful journey; although they are normally very peaceful animals, Jim is always mindful to stay within their field of view and not invade their space too much.Despite rarely seeing their eyes, many of Jims shots have a comedy element to them, with the cows fondness for constant nose cleaning and their serious but amusing expressions semi-hidden behind masses of tangly hair.Through this book, Jim is very proud to help grow the following for this most beautiful breed of cattle.

The Cultivator Country Gentleman

Author :
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Author : Ros Hill
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Most cows spend their lives in a pasture, happily chewing on grass, but not Shamoo. Shamoo yearned for something more, something like the sea. His desire to swim in the ocean leads him to Baleen, a six-ton humpback whale who becomes both a friend and teacher. Will Shamoo stay with his new friend or return to the pasture? This lovely children's book from noted artist Ros Hill is filled with his beautiful colour illustrations.

The Cattle Baron s Daughter

Author : S. Dionne Moore
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Ryan has come full circle. Ryan Laxalt is back in his hometown of Buffalo. Back doing the work he once resented to survive. But although much is the same, he recognizes few faces and is glad few recognize him. He knows he can’t lie low in a small town forever—hopefully just long enough to uncover the truth about his father’s murder. . .and before an auburn beauty wrangles his heart. Olivia Sattler is anxious to return to the Rocking S ranch. Years spent East have left her pining for home—the home she remembers when her mother was alive and filling her and her father’s lives with warmth. Yet the years have also stirred up change. . . . And then there’s Mr. Laxalt. Handsome, yes, but with enough brusqueness to fill Wyoming territory. When unearthed secrets shed disturbing light on Olivia’s cattle baron father, will the truth keep Olivia and Ryan apart for good?

Jersey Bulletin

Author :
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Calaveras County Illustrated and Described Showing Its Advantages for Homes

Author : W.W. Elliott & Co
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