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Bearstone Blackie Detective

Author : Ray Pace
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He's the world's first black bear detective, and he's sure of himself. "I'm not trying to say anything bad about them," Bearstone said, "But if a couple of schlemiels like my cousins Winnie and Paddington can make it by screwing things up, think what a bear detective could do." "Bear detective?" I asked. "Sure," he said. "What did you think, I was going to stand in the park selling balloons to three-year-olds? What kind of smarmy pap would that be?" I shrugged. "See, that's what's wrong with people, especially when it comes to storybook characters," he said. "They take all that Mother Goose and Brothers Grimm stuff and they treat it like it's gospel like that's the way it all went down. They won't even do that for the New York Times." "And somehow, you know differently?" I asked. "Believe me, I'd look into that stuff and get the real info," he said. "A lot of these so-called kids' stories need an adult's oversight." He nonchalantly took a croissant out of a bag from the Hungry Bear Donut Factory and took a bite. He offered a croissant to me. It was a delicious buttery bribe. "Bearstone Blackie, detective," he said. "I represent the Bear With Us Detective Agency in El Bruno." .

Hemingway in Hawaii

Author : Ray Pace
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Ernest Hemingway and Martha Gellhorn visited Hawaii on their way to China in early 1941. Did a prize Marlin and a hunt for Bighorn sheep on the Big Island lead to a literary classic and the Nobel Prize? One of Hawaii's leading writers, Ray Pace takes the reader on an unforgettable journey into the possibilities.

Ancilla Calliopeae

Author : Ludwig Braun
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Survey of neo-latin epic in France during the 16th and 17th centuries, more extensive than anything presented to date. Repertorium of more than 80 poems with detailed information on their contents and their authors. Development of the literary genre.