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Potash bearing Rocks of the Leucite Hills Sweetwater County Wyoming

Author : Alfred Reginald Schultz
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Fossil Elephantoids from the Hominid bearing Awash Group Middle Awash Valley Afar Depression Ethiopia

Author : Jon E. Kalb
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Geoenvironmental Engineering

Author : Raymond Nen Yong
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Geoenvironmental engineering contains the collected papers from the third Geoenvironmental Engineering Conference, organised by the British Geotechnical Association and Cardiff School of Engineering, Cardiff University. Authors from around the world have submitted the papers in this volume. They aim to share knowledge and experience to the international geoenvironmental engineering community. The main theme of this third conference is Geoenvironmental Impact Management.

Dust of Dreams

Author : Steven Erikson
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In war everyone loses. This brutal truth can be seen in the eyes of every soldier in every world... In Letherii, the exiled Malazan army commanded by Adjunct Tavore begins its march into the eastern Wastelands, to fight for an unknown cause against an enemy it has never seen. And in these same Wastelands, others gather to confront their destinies. The warlike Barghast, thwarted in their vengeance against the Tiste Edur, seek new enemies beyond the border and Onos Toolan, once immortal T'lan Imass now mortal commander of the White Face clan, faces insurrection. To the south, the Perish Grey Helms parlay passage through the treacherous kingdom of Bolkando. Their intention is to rendezvous with the Bonehunters but their vow of allegiance to the Malazans will be sorely tested. And ancient enclaves of an Elder Race are in search of salvation—not among their own kind, but among humans—as an old enemy draws ever closer to the last surviving bastion of the K'Chain Che'Malle. So this last great army of the Malazan Empire is resolved to make one final defiant, heroic stand in the name of redemption. But can deeds be heroic when there is no one to witness them? And can that which is not witnessed forever change the world? Destines are rarely simple, truths never clear but one certainty is that time is on no one's side. For the Deck of Dragons has been read, unleashing a dread power that none can comprehend... In a faraway land and beneath indifferent skies, the final chapter of ‘The Malazan Book of the Fallen' has begun... At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.


Author : Michale Lang
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Bears: Tracks through Time is an eclectic look at our relationship with these beautiful and sometimes frightful creatures with which we co-exist in the Canadian Rockies. As a result of our close cohabitation with bears, the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies has accumulated a modest collection of art, artifacts and archival materials related to bears. This book features images and stories from the collection. The postcards sent to us from the past provide a compelling glimpse into our changing views of bears. This is neither an exhibition catalogue nor an exhaustive study of bears, but rather an assortment of bear tales and the people, images and artifacts related to those stories.

One Best Hike Yosemite s Half Dome

Author : Rick Deutsch
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This is the only guide for hiking to the top of Half Dome - the signature landmark of Yosemite National Park, CA. It provides a history of the original Indian inhabitants of the area. The unique geological formations are explained. The focus of the book is to provide information on safe hiking practices to complete this extremely strenuous hike of 16-miles round trip that is climaxed by a harrowing 400 foot vertical ascent to the top of the 8,842 foot high granite monolith with the aid of a pair or steel cable banisters set at 45 degrees incline. Included is an extensive trail description with photos and narration of 16 points of interest. The author has completed this hike over 30 times and is a recognized expert source of information about the hike. This is not a topographic map intensive guide; rather it tells historical vignettes to interpret the hike so readers identify with events of the mid 1800's. He relates the story of the interaction of the Miwok and Mono Paiute Indians with the hordes of white invaders during California's Gold Rush. The reader is aware of how Yosemite developed after the white man's "discovery." The explanation of how odd geologic formations arose from ancient magma flows provides the reader with an understanding of what happened to the "missing part" of Half Dome. The full day hike up to the top of Half Dome is one of the most popular in the country. It is not easy. The book prepares the reader for the adventure with an extensive discussion of the equipment required, the training needed and a detailed "walk through" of the entire trail. Photographs and descriptions of salient features take the apprehension out of doing the hike. Sections with descriptions of 16-Points of Interest - waterfalls, historical areas, flora and fauna, drinking water sources and the actual cables provide readers with the "real deal" information to safely prepare for and complete this "bucket list" Adventure. Readers are given specific information on the gear needed. This includes a boots/foot care, use of hiking poles and a summary of water filter usage clothing selection and food suggestions.

Of Bears Wolves and Men in Homage to the Wild

Author : Joan Lang
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Nature has the upper hand in this compelling story of the North Fork of the Flathead, Montana, adjacent to Glacier National Park. Participate in the family adventures and remarkable events that were a daily occurrence in one of the few remaining wild areas in the lower 48. True tales from the past and present interweave in a parade of unique human characters, as does action at the loneliest border crossing in America. Learn of the interaction between predators and their plight as they attempt to survive in this remnant of habitat. Follow the wildlife researchers as they trap, collar, then monitor grizzlies, cougars, wolves and coyotes. Details of wildlife research in the field can be extraordinary. This tells it like it is. Pity poor Luke, a male grizzly crippled by a gunshot. Admire Thunder, old for a coyote, in spite of wolves and humans. Stay away from the Dollman, living deep within Canadian forests. Beware of the tire-slasher as he travels the lonely road. What really did happen at the cabin of the infamous Madam Queen, who instigated murder? Hardship, fires, floodall are part of the North Fork history.

Understand The Weather Teach Yourself

Author : Peter Inness
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Understand the Weather is a comprehensive and practical guide to the workings of the atmosphere. It will ensure that you not only understand what causes changes in the weather on a local, national and global scale but that you can also fully interpret weather broadcasts and are able to make your own predictions. Packed full of case studies, this book will explain both the weather we experience daily (winds, cold fronts, rain and shine) and the extreme weather that makes the headlines all too often (El Nino, Hurricane Katrina, floods). It will also focus on climate change and its effects - how will our weather be different in the future? Whether your job or leisure pursuits rely on the weather, or you just want to understand more about it, this book is ideal. NOT GOT MUCH TIME? One, five and ten-minute introductions to key principles to get you started. AUTHOR INSIGHTS Lots of instant help with common problems and quick tips for success, based on the author's many years of experience. EXTEND YOUR KNOWLEDGE Extra online articles at to give you a richer understanding. FIVE THINGS TO REMEMBER Quick refreshers to help you remember the key facts. TRY THIS Innovative exercises illustrate what you've learnt and how to use it.

The Iron bearing Rocks of the Mesabi Range in Minnesota

Author : Josiah Edward Spurr
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Fauna of the National Parks of the United States

Author : George Melendez Wright
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The Measure of All Things

Author : Ken Alder
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The story of the creation of the metric system in 1792 traces the endeavors of Delambre and Mechain, the backlash of superstitious contemporaries, and the mistake that drove Mechain to the brink of madness.

U S Geological Survey Professional Paper

Author :
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Geological Survey Professional Paper

Author : Geological Survey (U.S.)
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One Bears the Cross

Author : Ruffo Espinosa Sr.
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The author reflects on the betrayal of Jesus and proposes a spiritual explanation for why Judas Iscariot from Judea was chosen to carry the label "traitor." This story describes apostle Judas Thaddeus' struggle with his name after Judas Iscariot's betrayal of Jesus; it is narrated through an aspiring apostle, Barsabbas, who mistakenly believes he was overlooked for the job. Although much has been written about the 12 apostles, little is actually known about their personal lives. We do know that many were unlearned fishermen and they, no doubt, had ambitions, fears, and carnal desires similar to those of men throughout the ages. The message of this book is developed through the lives of three such men: Judas Iscariot, Judas Thaddeus, and Barsabbas. The author suggests that there is a little of Iscariot, Thaddeus, and Barsabbas in all of us. It is the conflict between their personalities which fuels the best and worst qualities of mankind; true power is not found through force but in those ideals exemplified by Barsabbas-forgiveness and love.

Hiking Glacier and Waterton Lakes National Parks

Author : Erik Molvar
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This comprehensive guide covers more than 850 miles of trails in one of America's best loved national parks, Glacier, as well as Waterton Lakes National Park in Canada. The new edition is fully updated and revised to include color photos and GPS coordinates of all trailheads and backcountry campgrounds.

Staying Found

Author : June Fleming
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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-- Features many new charts and illustrations -- New contact information for purchasing maps in the U.S. and Canada This tried-and-true guide teaches practical skills for navigating in the wilderness: reading maps; determining "true" directions following

Review of the Grizzly and Big Brown Bears of North America genus Ursus

Author : Clinton Hart Merriam
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Biblical Researches in Palestine and the Adjacent Regions

Author : Edward Robinson
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The 1867 three-volume third edition of a pioneering work of biblical geography, illustrated with maps and plans.

The High Sierra

Author : R. J. Secor
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This new edition of the only guide to detail all the known routes on 570 peaks in the Sierra is completely reorganized to be even more user friendly and includes more than 100 new routes, route variations and winter ascents.The most popular guidebook to the magnificent Sierra mountains has been expanded and improved. There is 30 percent new content in this edition, including new route descriptions, additional peaks described, more historical information, and GPS-enabled driving directions. The content has also been completely rearranged to keep roads and trails, and passes and peaks together, making the book easier to use. Four of the 30 maps have been revised."The Sierra climbing bible" (The Los Angeles Times)"The best field guide to the region." (Men's Journal)"The guide to the Sierra nevada high country." (Climbing magazine)

Village of the Ghost Bears

Author : Stan Jones
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Alaska State Trooper Nathan Active must figure out what connects a dead hunter on a remote Arctic lake with a year-old fatal plane crash in the Brooks Range and a fire that killed eight people.