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Battles of the Jacobite Rebellions

Author : Jonathan Oates
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“Oates examines in minute detail why the Jacobite forces posed such a threat to William and Mary, Queen Anne, and George I and II.” —Books Monthly Many books have been written about the Jacobite rebellions—the armed attempts made by the Stuarts to regain the British throne between 1689 and 1746—and in particular about the risings of 1689, 1715, 1719 and 1745. The key battles have been described in graphic detail. Yet no previous book has given a comprehensive military account of the campaigns in their entirety—and that is the purpose of Jonathan Oates’s new history. For over fifty years the Jacobites posed a serious threat to the governments of William and Mary, Queen Anne and George I and II. But they were unable to follow up their victories at Killiecrankie, Prestonpans and Falkirk, and the overwhelming defeat suffered by Bonnie Prince Charlie’s army when it confronted the Duke of Cumberland’s forces at Culloden in 1746 was decisive. The author uses vivid eyewitness testimony and contemporary sources, as well as the latest archaeological evidence, to trace the course of the conflict, and offers an absorbing insight into the makeup of the opposing sides, their leadership, their troops and the strategy and tactics they employed. His distinctive approach gives the reader a long perspective on a conflict which is often viewed more narrowly in terms of famous episodes and the careers of the leading men. “A novel and rewarding approach in providing a comprehensive account of the Jacobite rebellions. This is a story of a family torn apart by religion and entitlement. Highly Recommended.” —Firetrench

The Split History of the Jacobite Rebellions

Author : Claire Throp
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Did you ever hear the saying "there are two sides to every story?" This is especially true for major events in history. The details of the same event can appear very different depending on the perspectives of the people involved. In this fresh take on history, read about the Jacobite Rebellion from both the Jacobite and Hanoverian points of view.

Battles of English History

Author : Hereford Brooke George
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It has been the business of my life to teach history: and the informal division of labour which comes to pass in a University has led me to pay special attention to the military side of it. This aspect of history involves much comparison of statements and weighing of evidence, and is therefore calculated to be very useful to those for whom the study of history is, not their permanent occupation, but the means of completing their mental training. Campaigns and battles present in an exceptionally clear shape the stock problems of history, what was done, why it was done, what were the results, what ought to have been done, what would have been the consequences if this or that important detail had been different. It is however not easy to gain from books a clear general idea of a campaign or a battle, harder perhaps than to obtain a similar grasp of the work of a legislator, or of the drift of a social change.

The Jacobite Wars

Author : John Leonard Roberts
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A clear and demythologised account of the military campaigns waged by the Jacobites against the Hanoverian monarchs.

A Short History of England from the Earliest Times to the Present Day

Author : Cyril Ransome
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The Jacobite Rebellion

Author : Hilary Kemp
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Henry s first History of England for the Young By the author of Home and its Duties etc Mrs J W Laurie

Author :
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Raise the Clans

Author : Martin Hackett
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The second in Amberley Publishing's wargaming series.

Cassell s historical course for schools

Author : Cassell, ltd
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Contested Spaces

Author : Louise Purbrick
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War creates brutal landscapes of control and domination that embed historical differences, creating physical legacies of inequality and denial. Contested Spaces is a global study of sites of conflict, places of loss, fear, resistance and pilgrimage where the materiality of violence forcibly brings the past into the present. The collection draws together scholars from cultural history, cultural geography, art history, architecture, archaeology, media studies, international relations and American studies to examine a series of internationally significant sites and how they are inhabited, represented, witnessed and visited.

Magill s Guide to Military History Cor Jan

Author : John Powell
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"Salem Press's five-volume 'Magill's Guide to Military History' presents a survey of the wars, battles, peoples, groups, and civilizations that played an important role in worldwide military history from ancient times to the twenty-first century. In addition to comprehensive coverage of Western military history, the encyclopedia examines the major military events, personages, and civilizations of the entire world from the beginning of military history ..." Includes: Time Line of Wars and Battles, Wars and Battles by Geographical Area, Military Leaders by Geographic Area, and List of Entries by Category,

The Fifteen Decisive Battles of the World

Author : Edward Shepherd Creasy
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History of the Rebellion of 1745 6

Author : Robert Chambers
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History of the Rebellion in Scotland in 1745 1746

Author : Robert Chambers
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The Last Battle on English Soil Preston 1715

Author : Dr Jonathan Oates
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Most works written about the Jacobites have tended to look at the 1745 Rebellion, rather than the earlier attempt to reinstate the Stuart dynasty. Drawing upon a wealth of under-utilised sources and giving weight to the community and individual dimensions of the crisis as well as to the military ones, this book focuses on events in 1715, when English and Scottish Jacobites tried to replace George I with James Stuart. It provides a narrative and analysis of the campaign that led to the decisive battle at Preston and ended the immediate prospects of the Jacobite cause.


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Sweet William Or the Butcher

Author : Jonathan Oates
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'Butcher' Cumberland is portrayed as one of the arch villains of British history. But was Prince William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland, the younger son of George II, really the ogre of popular imagination? Jonathan Oates, in this investigation of the man and his notorious career, seeks to answer this question. He looks at Cumberland's character and at his record as a soldier, in particular at this behaviour towards enemy wounded prisoners. He analyses the rules of war as they were understood and applied in the eighteenth century. This study of Cumberland offers insight into the man and his troubled times.

British Artists and War

Author : Peter Harrington
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Exploring Scotland s Historic Landscapes

Author : Ian D. Whyte
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A Dictionary of Battles

Author : Peter Young
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