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52 week Basketball Training

Author : Chip Sigmon
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Designed for both male and female players, this title presents daily workouts for optimal training throughout the year so that players can withstand the rigors of the sport. Explanations and detailed illustrations provide clear instruction on how to perform each of the 192 drills and exercises.

101 Youth Basketball Drills

Author : Mick Donovan
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Designed specifically for young people, this manual contains a wide range of progressive practice drills to help them develop their basketball skills. Fun, educational and challenging, all the drills are illustrated with photographs or line drawings and cover the essential skills, including: warming up ball handling passing dribbling shooting and rebounding team tactics and game principles. As well as easy-to-follow instructions, each drill contains information on the equipment needed, the space required, how to construct a safe and effective training session and how to organise the players.

Youth Basketball Drills and Plays Handbook

Author : Bob Swope
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This is a practical book for youth Basketball coaches. It has 162 Drills, plays and game variations to look at. It is complete with illustrated diagrams, and an explanation of how each one works. They are all numbered for easy reference between coaches. It covers all the offensive and defensive fundamentals coaches need to get started

Japanese Lessons

Author : Gail R. Benjamin
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Gail R. Benjamin reaches beyond predictable images of authoritarian Japanese educators and automaton schoolchildren to show the advantages and disadvantages of a system remarkably different from the American one... --The New York Times Book Review Americans regard the Japanese educational system and the lives of Japanese children with a mixture of awe and indignance. We respect a system that produces higher literacy rates and superior math skills, but we reject the excesses of a system that leaves children with little free time and few outlets for creativity and self-expression. In Japanese Lessons, Gail R. Benjamin recounts her experiences as a American parent with two children in a Japanese elementary school. An anthropologist, Benjamin successfully weds the roles of observer and parent, illuminating the strengths of the Japanese system and suggesting ways in which Americans might learn from it. With an anthropologist's keen eye, Benjamin takes us through a full year in a Japanese public elementary school, bringing us into the classroom with its comforting structure, lively participation, varied teaching styles, and non-authoritarian teachers. We follow the children on class trips and Sports Days and through the rigors of summer vacation homework. We share the experiences of her young son and daughter as they react to Japanese schools, friends, and teachers. Through Benjamin we learn what it means to be a mother in Japan--how minute details, such as the way mothers prepare lunches for children, reflect cultural understandings of family and education. Table of Contents Acknowledgments 1. Getting Started 2. Why Study Japanese Education? 3. Day-to-Day Routines 4. Together at School, Together in Life 5. A Working Vacation and Special Events 6. The Three R's, Japanese Style 7. The Rest of the Day 8. Nagging, Preaching, and Discussions 9. Enlisting Mothers' Efforts 10. Education in Japanese Society 11. Themes and Suggestions 12. Sayonara Appendix. Reading and Writing in Japanese References Index

Michael Jordan Life Lessons from His Airness

Author : David H. Lewis
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From author David H. Lewis and illustrator Gilang Bogy, Michael Jordan: Life Lessons from His Airness contains the secrets to success from the greatest basketball player of all time. “Sometimes a winner is just a dreamer who never gave up.” Michael Jordan defied gravity, transcended the world’s expectations, and exceeded the limits of age, soaring to fame as the world’s greatest basketball player of all time. While his talent was breathtaking to behold—those flying dunks and record-breaking 60-point games have inspired generations—the unseen forces behind his success are the kind we can all harness for our own. M. J. and his accomplishments were founded on discipline, hard work, and knowing how to channel the deep, competitive drive within. Michael Jordan: Life Lessons from His Airness offers a courtside seat to the wild ride that made Michael Jordan a star and reveals valuable insights for anyone trying to make their own lofty dreams come true. - Powerful quotes from the one and only Michael Jordan, His Airness - An in-depth look at Jordan’s early years, his rise to fame, and his most spectacular achievements - Original, full-color art that captures Michael Jordan’s unique spirit on and off the court - Guiding truths and hard-earned lessons to inspire your own path to excellence

Complexity Thinking in Physical Education

Author : Tim Hopper
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This title focuses on complexity thinking in the context of physical education, enabling fresh ways of thinking about research, teaching, curriculum and learning. Written by a team of leading international physical education scholars, the book highlights how the considerable theoretical promise of complexity can be reflected in the actual policies, pedagogies and practices of physical education.

Cambridge IGCSETM English as a Second Language Workbook Collins Cambridge IGCSETM

Author : Susan Anstey
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Collins Cambridge IGCSETM English as a Second Language Third Edition has been fully updated to support the revised Cambridge IGCSETM and IGCSE (9-1) English as a Second Language syllabuses (0510/0511/0991/0993) for examination from 2024

Research Methods in Physical Education and Youth Sport

Author : Kathleen Armour
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This is the first research methods book to focus entirely on physical education and youth sport. It guides the reader through the whole research process; from the first steps to completion of a dissertation or practice-based project, and introduces key topics such as: formulating a research question qualitative approaches quantitative approaches mixed method research literature review case studies survey, interviews and focus groups data analysis writing the dissertation. Each chapter includes a full range of useful pedagogical features, including chapter summaries, practical activities, case studies, dialogues with active researchers and guidance on further reading and resources. With contributions from some of the world’s best-known researchers in the field, this book is indispensible reading for all students and professionals working in physical education, youth sport, sports coaching and related subjects.

New Developments in Physical Education and Sport

Author : Antonio Granero-Gallegos
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Continuous professional development is of great importance if one is to develop quality professional work. This book contains some of the latest research advances related to the field of Physical Education and Sports. In today's globalized world, continuous and permanent education is necessary and essential to complement the initial training and previous experience. In this book, you can find a wide range of works focused on innovative teaching methodologies and psychological variables to take into account to improve classes and training. These studies on the most forward-looking technological advances in physical activity and sports are useful for those who seek to be up-to-date on this type of research. In addition, these studies will be useful to consult regarding current lifestyle, the creation of healthy habits, the promotion of physical activity in one’s free time, and the importance of leading an active life.

How to Be Like Coach Wooden

Author : Pat Williams
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John Wooden is an American icon. Since he announced his retirement thirty years ago, “Coach” remains one of our country's most popular and heroic figures. What John Wooden accomplished as basketball coach at UCLA will never be repeated—eighty-eight victories in a row, ten national championships—but what makes his legacy even more amazing is how he did it: with honor, integrity and grace. In his research for How to Be Like Coach Wooden, Pat Williams recounts well over 800 interviews. The result is an inspiring motivational biography about a great hero of basketball and one of the most amazing leaders in history. How to Be Like Coach Wooden is the next dynamic book in the How to Be Like "character biography" series, which focuses on drawing out important lessons from the lives of great men and women. In this book, readers will learn from Coach Wooden, a beacon of honesty, goodness and faith. Wooden cared about winning in basketball, but he cared more about winning in life.