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Baseball as a Road to God

Author : John Sexton
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The president of New York University offers a love letter to America’s most beloved sport and a tribute to its underlying spirituality. For more than a decade, John Sexton has taught a wildly popular New York University course about two seemingly very different things: religion and baseball. Yet Sexton argues that one is actually a pathway to the other. Baseball as a Road to God is about touching that something that lies beyond logical understanding. Sexton illuminates the surprisingly large number of mutual concepts shared between baseball and religion: faith, doubt, conversion, miracles, and even sacredness among many others. Structured like a game and filled with riveting accounts of baseball’s most historic moments, Baseball as Road to God will enthrall baseball fans whatever their religious beliefs may be. In thought-provoking, beautifully rendered prose, Sexton elegantly demonstrates that baseball is more than a game, or even a national pastime: It can be a road to enlightenment.

The Long Road with God

Author :
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The Great God Baseball

Author : Allen E. Hye
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Within the excellent, if underrated, body of adult baseball fiction that emerged in the latter half of the twentieth century, one finds a distinctive subgenre of baseball novels that feature the religious aspirations of their characters and the spiritual qualities of the game of baseball. The Great God Baseball looks at nine of these novels, including lesser known gems and established classics. It endeavors to make them more accessible to casual as well as serious readers, fans and non-fans alike, through discussion of key motifs, analysis of unique narrative structure, and frequent cross-references that locate theworks in a literary context.The Literary Line-Up includes:1. Douglass Wallop, The Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant (1954) 2. James F. Donohue, Spitballs & Holy Water (1977) 3. Jerome Charyn, The Seventh Babe (1979)4. W. P. Kinsella, Shoeless Joe (1982) 5. Eric Rolfe Greenberg, The Celebrant (1983)6. Nancy Willard, Things Invisible to See (1984)7. W. P. Kinsella, The Iowa Baseball Confederacy (1986) 8. David James Duncan, The Brothers K (1992)9. Darryl Brock, Havana Heat (2000)The varied religious experiences portrayed in these superb novels stimulate us to engage our society, our national pastime, our own imagination, and our sense of spiritual awareness. From a literary encounter with the great game of baseball, we emerge, as if from a church, temple, or ball park, different, re-created people. The Great God Baseball seeks to be an agent for this encounter.

The Kingdom of God Is Like Baseball

Author : James S. Currie
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Jesus used parables to teach his disciples certain truths about the gospel. The parables employed word pictures, such as of planting seeds and other agricultural images, that were familiar to his listeners. What kind of imagery could be used today to talk about the gospel? Baseball, "America's pastime," might be one source of such familiar images. In this book Currie has attempted to find theological themes and to describe the gospel in the sport of baseball.

Baseball Road Trips The Midwest and Great Lakes

Author : Timothy Mullin
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The perfect travel guide for baseball fans who want to see more of the great ballparks in America’s heartland, this handy guide gives you the tips for best lodging, great restaurants, and local attractions for the Major League and minor league cities and towns that dot the Midwest. With details about every ballpark from Major League Baseball to the Frontier League, this travel companion tells you the best places to sit, the best ballpark food to eat, and the best places to go around town when you are not at the ballpark. From taking in a AAA game with the Iowa Cubs in Des Moines and visiting the Field of Dreams to knowing how to best experience Target Field in the Twin Cities, Baseball Road Trips: The Midwest and Great Lakes is all you need to plan a dream baseball road trip.

Ultimate Baseball Road Trip

Author : Josh Pahigian
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The most entertaining and comprehensive guide to every baseball fan’s dream road trip—including every new ballpark since the 2004 edition—revised and completely updated!

With God on the Open Road

Author : Steve Chapman
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Motorcycle enthusiasts and mystified family members who love them will find quiet revelations and godly truths as Chapman shares what he's learned under the roar of his bike.

The McFarland Baseball Quotations Dictionary

Author : David H. Nathan
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"I can remember a reporter asking me for a quote and I didn't know what a quote was. I thought it was some kind of a soft drink."-Joe Dimaggio. The author has more than doubled the number of hardball lines, quips, quibbles, exclamations and sagacious sallies (4,271 versus 2,023) from the well reviewed earlier edition, which featured a "good index" (ARBA), as it does again. From the historical to the hysterical, Hall of Fame legends to long-forgotten bench jockies, this work compiles the best lines from the entire spectrum of baseball. Quotations are arranged under several dozen topics, from "Aging Gracefully" to "Yogi-isms" (and include the straightforward, like "Base Running" or "Home Runs," to the more fanciful, like "Anger Management" and "Looks Aren't Everything"). Detailed ascriptions for each quotation provide context and elaboration. Thorough name and narrow subject indexes allow for easy access.

Playing with God

Author : William J Baker
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Like no other nation on earth, Americans eagerly blend their religion and sports. This book traces this dynamic relationship from the Puritan condemnation of games as sinful in the seventeenth century to the near deification of athletic contests in our own day.

Spectacular Career of Rev Billy Sunday Famous Baseball Evangelist

Author : Theodore Thomas Frankenberg
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The Locomotive god

Author : William Ellery Leonard
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The author's autobiography in which, by psychoanalysis, he traces the origin of certain mental maladies.

Road Game

Author : Mark H. Burch
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First I D Like to Thank God

Author : simon desmarais-zalob
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Do you ever wonder why athletes always seem to thank God, first and foremost, in post-game interviews? Or why they point to the heavens following a home run or a touchdown? This book takes a look at the relationship between top athletes and religiosity (or spirituality) in a number of different ways. It aims to address the issues of when sport and religion began to merge, whether professional athletes are, in fact, more religious than the rest of the population, how a spiritual mindset might (or might not) benefit athletes, and why wearing the same underwear during a winning streak has anything to do with religious faith. These questions are confronted by looking at psychological and sociological studies, conducting original research, and examining exclusive interviews with professional athletes. So what does a player like Jerry Stackhouse think of the culture of faith in the NBA? How does an agnostic athlete view the religiously themed celebrations in the NFL? Are top performers in other walks of life just as religious as top athletes? The results might surprise you.

The Dixon Cornbelt League and Other Baseball Stories

Author : W. P. Kinsella
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Shortstops who run with the wolves, painted eggs that reveal deeply disturbing meanings, long-dead Hall of Famers who miraculously return to the game, an Iowa minor-league town with a secret conspiracy: these are the elements from which W. P. Kinsella weaves nine fabulous stories about the magical world of baseball.From the dugouts, clubhouses, bedrooms, and barrooms to the interior worlds of hope and despair, these eerie stories present the absurdities of human relationships and reveal the writer's special genius for touching the heart.

Sports Illustrated Baseball

Author : Sports Illustrated
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Writing Baseball

Author : Jerry Klinkowitz
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Cutting across literary genres, the 24 selections in this anthology (selected by literary critic and minor league baseball executive Klinkowitz) address the manifold activities of baseball from sandlot games to the major leagues. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

The Baseball Timeline

Author : Burt Solomon
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Provides stats, records, anecdotes, and re-creations of baseball's historic players, games, and events, from the first baseball uniform of 1849 to Cal Ripkin, Jr.'s record-making achievements of 1995. Original.

Mastering Baseball

Author : Dick Groch
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Running with God

Author : James C. Hefley
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God s Little Devotional Book for Parents

Author : Honor Books
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Parents discover what others like them have to say in this collection of everyday life stories and anecdotes, coupled with parenting wisdom from God's Word. 2-color.