Barefoot in the Rain


Author: Roxanne St. Claire

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1455508284

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

View: 8340

They say you can never go home again . . . When "Life Coach to the Stars" Jocelyn Bloom is embroiled in scandal, the only place she can hide is the one place she wishes she could forget. She left Barefoot Bay-and the boy next door who knew all her secrets-years ago. Now nothing about the tiny island off the coast of Florida is quite how she remembers it, especially Will Palmer. He's even more gorgeous and tempting . . . and still capable of turning her world inside out. But what if someone is waiting for you? To Will Palmer, Guy Bloom is more than the elderly, senile neighbor he looks after-he's the last connection to Jocelyn, the woman Will loved and lost. But the reunion with Jocelyn doesn't go smoothly. Shocked by the change in her father's personality, Jocelyn struggles to reconcile her dark childhood with the sweet, confused man who has grown close to Will. Jocelyn has guided countless clients to happiness-but can she escape the rainy days of her past for a new sunny future with Will?

Barefoot in Babylon

The Creation of the Woodstock Music Festival, 1969


Author: Bob Spitz

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 0698141946

Category: Music

Page: 480

View: 7985

The perfect gift for music fans and anyone fascianated by Woodstock, Barefoot in Babylon is an in-depth look at the making of 1969’s Woodstock Music Festival—one of Rolling Stone’s “50 Moments That Changed the History of Rock and Roll.” “Mr. Spitz feeds us every riveting detail of the chaos that underscored the festival. It makes for some out-a-sight reading, man.”—The New York Times Book Review Fifty years ago, the Woodstock Music Festival defined a generation. Yet, there was much more than peace and love driving that long weekend the summer of 1969. In Barefoot in Babylon, journalist and New York Times bestselling author Bob Spitz gives readers a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Woodstock, from its inception and the incredible musicians that performed to its scandals and the darker side of the peace movement. With a new introduction, as well as maps, set lists, and a breakdown of all the personalities involved, Barefoot in Babylon is a must-read for anyone who was there—or wishes they were.

Love in the Land of Barefoot Soldiers

A Novel


Author: Frances Vieta

Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 1631580302

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

View: 5803

In this sweeping work of historical fiction, a young woman finds love among the ruins of an ancient empire caught in the grip of modern war. Mourning the death of her father, American archaeology student Ceseli Larson travels to the ancient city of Axum in Ethiopia. While she pursues the secrets of the city’s buried past, where the remnants of the Ark of the Covenant are rumored to rest, the concerns of the modern world threaten to shut down her research. Mussolini’s army is threatening to invade, and Ceseli must obtain the Ethiopian emperor’s permission to continue her work. But her deeply personal journey takes a detour with the arrival of an Italian doctor on a mission to provide aid to citizens of the outmatched nation. As the march of history rumbles ever closer, the young lovers must find a way to persevere against the forces bent on tearing them apart.

A Place in the Rain Forest

Settling the Costa Rican Frontier


Author: Darryl Cole-Christensen

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 0292789769

Category: Nature

Page: 253

View: 8041

In the 1950s, Darryl Cole-Christensen and his family were among the first settlers of the Coto Brus, an almost impenetrable, mountainous rain forest region of southeastern Costa Rica. In this evocative book, he captures the elemental struggles and rewards of settling a new frontier—an experience forever closed to most people in Western, urbanized society. With the perspective of more than forty years' residence in the Coto Brus, Cole-Christensen ably describes both the settlers' dreams of bringing civilization and progress to the rain forest and the sweeping and irreversible changes they caused throughout the ecosystem as they cut the rain forest down. Writing neither to apologize for nor to defend their actions, he instead illuminates the personal and subjective factors that cause people to risk danger and hardship for the uncertain rewards of settling a frontier. In his own words, Cole-Christensen says, "This is a book for the scientist who wants to recapture a sense of an incalculable world departed, for the student who asks: How is it that our forebears changed and restructured this land? For the adventurer who dreams of the expanse of frontiers, for every person who, having passed once through the darkening forest along a path in twilit stillness looks back to find that a blanket of murmurs remains."

In From the Rain


Author: William Efford

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781462049349

Category: Fiction

Page: 340

View: 5980

Devastated after the drowning death of his wife, Suzanne, fifty-year-old Howard Munro resigns his tenure as head of the English department at St. Martin’s College in Toledo, Ohio. Hoping to make a fresh start in his life and with a new job waiting for him in southern California, he strikes out for San Diego in his motor home. En route, he picks up a rain-soaked hitchhiker, Miriam Kovacs, a down-on-her-luck unemployed waitress thumbing her way west. Culturally and socially the two travelers are a study in opposites: the successful, well-educated, and pro-life Munro; and Kovacs, a marginalized high school dropout with a long history of menial jobs and failed relationships—a woman intent on terminating her unwanted pregnancy. Yet despite the differences that divide them, their journey across America will unite them in an unexpected meeting of hearts and minds. The woman provides Munro with the first female companionship since the passing of his wife. The professor gives Kovacs—an unsophisticated woman who has rarely ventured beyond her Philadelphia home—her first glimpse of new horizons and new values. In the process, both people will be changed forever.

The Women of Lilac Street


Author: Annie Murray

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 1447237765

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

View: 2867

Shortlisted for Historical Romantic Novel in the Romantic Novelists Association Books Awards. Birmingham, almost a decade after the end of the Great War, and the women of Lilac Street have had more than their fair share of troubles . . . Rose Southgate is trapped in a loveless marriage. Shy and isolated, she makes the best of life, until she meets a man who changes everything. Jen Green is struggling to make ends meet, with a sick husband and five children to support. Aggie, her eldest daughter, is twelve years old and longs for excitement. But prying into the adult world shows her more than she had bargained for. And Phyllis Taylor is a widow who has managed to put a dark and traumatic past behind her. But the return of her daughter Dolly threatens all that . . . These women find strength in friendship, as they discover that the best way to solve their problems is to face them together, in Annie Murray's compelling The Women of Lilac Street.

The Barefoot Brigade


Author: Douglas C. Jones

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 110147906X

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

View: 838

“One of the best Civil War novels I have read.”—James M. McPherson, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Battle Cry of Freedom From Chickamauga to Spotsylvania, from Gettysburg to Appomattox, The Barefoot Brigade is an unforgettable Civil War novel about the brotherhood of soldiers. War has ripped Martin Hasford’s nation apart, and like many men, he is torn between his devotion to his family and his sense of duty. Leaving his wife and children behind to run the family farm near Elkhorn Tavern, Hasford embarks on a path from which he may never return—and on which he meets men as embattled as himself: the Fawley brothers, young backwoodsmen running from the; Beverly Cass, a son of plantation privilege; Guthrie Scaggs, a judge turned army officer; Sidney Dinsmore, a no-account drunk; and Liverpool Morgan, a Welsh gambler. Together these men form a tight niche in the Third Arkansas Infantry Regiment, trudging from the Ozark foothills, headed east into one cataclysmic battle after another, determined to beat back the Yankees and end the war. A testament to a special breed of American, The Barefoot Brigade is a work of undeniable and lasting power. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Cinders to Satin


Author: Fern Michaels

Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.

ISBN: 1601830769

Category: Fiction

Page: 540

View: 562

An unforgettable novel from the national bestselling sensation Fern Michaels, about a young woman's journey into the heart of the unknown. . . Callie James learned to survive in the squalid back alleys of Dublin. Tough, spirited, and possessed of a singular beauty, she was sent to New York to find her fortune. But everywhere she turned there were men who saw only what they wanted to see in her. Byrch Kenyon offered friendship and encouragement, but he also saw the desirable woman she would one day become. Rossiter Powers, the rich son of a respected family, saw something else in Callie—and nearly destroyed her. Hugh MacDuff, rich only in love and compassion, did his best to save her. But Callie—strong, smart and determined to succeed—insisted on taking charge of her own destiny. Praise for Fern Michaels and Her Novels "Heartbreaking, suspenseful, and tender." —Booklist on Return to Sender "A big, rich book in every way. . ..I think Fern Michaels has struck oil with this one." —Patricia Matthews on Texas Rich 220,000 Words

Nine Lives

In Search of the Sacred in Modern India


Author: William Dalrymple

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1408803410

Category: Travel

Page: 304

View: 8107

Three brothers from a remote village in the Himalayas are driven by poverty to become monks. One becomes a famous masked dancer; the second an accomplished player of the Tibetan temple trumpet; and the third a great Buddhist scholar. A Jain nun tests her powers of detachment as she watches her best friend ritually starve herself to death. A woman leaves her middle class family in Calcutta and her job in a jute factory, only to find unexpected love and fulfillment living as a tantric in a skull-filled hut in remote a cremation ground. A prison warder from Kerala becomes for two months of the year a temple dancer and is worshipped as an incarnate deity; then, at the end of February each year, he returns to prison. An idol maker, the thirty-fifth of a long line of sculptors going back to the legendary Chola bronze makers, regards creating Gods as one of the holiest callings in India, but has to reconcile himself to his son who only wants to study computer engineering. An illiterate goat herd from Rajasthan keeps alive an ancient 200,000-stanza sacred epic that he, virtually alone, still knows by heart. A devadasi - or temple prostitute - initially resists her own initiation into sex work, yet pushes both her daughters into a trade she regards as a sacred calling. Nine people, nine lives. Each one taking a different religious path, each one an unforgettable story.Exquisite and mesmerizing, and told with an almost biblical simplicity, William Dalrymple's first travel book in a decade explores how traditional forms of religious life in South Asia have been transformed in the vortex of the region's rapid change. Nine Lives is a distillation of twenty-five years of exploring India and writing about its religious traditions, taking you deep into worlds that you would never have imagined even existed.