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Bacon Masonry

Author : George V. Tudhope
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Contents: the Lost Word; Hiram Abif; the Name of the Lost Word; Bacon's Fraternities in Learning; the Original Meeting Place of Freemasons; the Acception Masons; Symbols of Freemasonry; Emblems Regarding Bacon's Life; Anderson's Constitution of t.

The Discovery of Francis Bacon s Cipher Signatures in James Anderson s Constitutions of the Free Masons

Author : George V. Tudhope
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Covers the facts about Francis Bacon and his secret societies, also the great part played in the colonization of America.

Francis Bacon Poet Prophet Philosopher Versus Phantom Captain Shakespeare the Rosicrucian Mask

Author : William Francis C. Wigston
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That Masonic Lost Word

Author : George V. Tudhope
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A Course of Severe and Arduous Trials

Author : Lynn Brunet
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The artist Francis Bacon (1909-1992) and the writer Samuel Beckett (1906-1989) both convey in their work a sense of foreboding and confinement in bleak, ritualistic spaces. This book identifies many similarities between the spaces and activities they evoke and the initiatory practices of fraternal orders and secret societies that were an integral part of the social landscape of the Ireland experienced by both men during childhood. Many of these Irish societies modelled their ritual structures and symbolism on the Masonic Order. Freemasons use the term 'spurious Freemasonry' to designate those rituals not sanctioned by the Grand Lodge. The Masonic author Albert Mackey argues that the spurious forms were those derived from the various cult practices of the classical world and describes these initiatory practices as 'a course of severe and arduous trials'. This reading of Bacon's and Beckett's work draws on theories of trauma to suggest that there may be a disturbing link between Bacon's stark imagery, Beckett's obscure performances and the unofficial use of Masonic rites.


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Francis Bacon s Personal Life story

Author : Alfred Dodd
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Freemasonry Came to America With Captain John Smith in 1607

Author : George V. Tudhope
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Bacon clearly reveals the name & meaning of that divine word, the Masonic lost word, the divine plane, the plan freemansonry was designed to imitate. Learn why that lost word is the Masonic main goal, mankind's main goal, and this goal the highest mankin.

Sir Francis Bacon s Journals

Author : Lochithea
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Be calm good wind, blow not a word away for this is a meticulous account of Sir Francis Bacon's lifetime, written as journal entries, and with his style: I have no more made my book, than my book has made me: 'tis a book consubstantial with the author, of a peculiar design, a member of my life, and whose business is not designed for others, as that of all other books.

Shakespeare s Secret Booke

Author : David Ovason
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As David Ovason reveals, many leading esoteric writers - alchemists, occultists and Rosicrucians -contributed to this 'Secret booke'. Among the more outstanding English literary figures who used the code were the mysterious adviser to Elizabeth I, John Dee, the turbulent author of The Alchemist, Ben Jonson, and the more classically-minded Edmund Spenser, whose poem 'The Faerie Queene' is the best-known esoteric work of the period. Shakespeare's Secret Booke reveals many other literary figures who together form a remarkable underground literary movement, including the most influential esotericist of the period, Jacob Boehme, and alchemists such as the English polymath Robert Fludd. Another was Shakespeare's contemporary, the youthful Johann Valentin Andreae, credited as author of The Chymical Wedding - a Rosicrucian work replete with sophisticated examples of encoding. --