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If I Could Turn Back Time

Author : Talia Cadman
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Take Back Your Time

Author : John de Graaf
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Take Back Your Time is the official handbook for TAKE BACK YOUR TIME DAY, a national event. Organizers have enlisted the support of colleges, universities, religious organizations, labor unions, businesses, activist groups, and non-profit organizations to create events that will take place across the country, calling attention to the ways overwork and lack of time affect us-at home, in our workplaces, and in our communities-and to inspire a movement to take back our time. In Take Back Your Time, well-known experts in the fields of health, family therapy and policy, community and civic involvement, the environment, and other fields examine the problems of overwork, over-scheduling, time pressure and stress and propose personal, corporate and legislative solutions. This book shows how wide-ranging the impacts of time famine in our society are, and what ordinary citizens can do to turn things around and win a more balanced life for themselves and their children.

Take Back Your Time

Author : Jan Jasper
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For every successful person in a perpetual-crisis mode--swimming in papers, overrun with complicated new technology, hamstrung by details, and starving for time--Jan Jasper's Take Back Your Time offers simple, practical strategies for getting back your desk, your peace of mind, and most of all your time. At last, a clear, practical, and supportive guide to getting out from under the memos, Post-its, catalogs, magazines, e-mail messages, old clothes, and other clutter taking over your space and our lives. Written with a generous understanding of why we hold on to clutter and other self-defeating habits, the book covers: -Conquering desktop clutter -Taking your personal time inventory -Beating procrastination -Managing information overload- -Using technology sanely -Using a day planner to maximum benefit -And much more. The result of more than a decade of helping high-powered clients get organized, this is a very useful guide to taming the electronic (and paper) tiger, and regaining control over your life.

The Back Inn Time Series Books 1 4

Author : Stephenia H. McGee
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An exciting time travel romantic adventure! The Back Inn Time series books are fun, faith-filled stories of what it might be like to suddenly experience life in a different time. These clean historical romances are packed with humor and adventure. Perfect for fans of dual timeline or time slip stories and Christian historical romance, these books answer the question every historical fiction fan wonders—what would it be like if I went back to that time? If you enjoy the wholesomeness of Amish, Western, or frontier fiction and adore romantic comedies, then visit a seaside Victorian inn where you can “step back inn time and leave your troubles behind!” In this stirring Christian time-travel series, readers are swept away on romantic adventures throughout history. Each book features new characters who find love in the most unexpected places and can be read in any order. Book One: A Wagon Train Weekend Book Two: Falling for the Fifties Book Three: A Colonial Courtship Book Four: A Castle for Christmas About Book One: It was just one night at a Victorian B&B. Until they woke up in 1857. Collette Donaldson never should have taken her boyfriend to her cousin’s wedding. Or introduced him to her parents. After a disastrous weekend, all she wants is to get back home and sort out the mess that had once been their relationship. A heartbreaking fight, a flat tire, and an inconvenient storm force her and Seth to stay the night at a quaint bed and breakfast. But when Collette finds an antique photograph of herself, circumstances quickly shift from weird to unimaginable. Seth Stone was ready to propose. Now he isn’t sure if he and Collette even have a relationship. People he'd never want to be his in-laws, an irritable girlfriend, and now he has to spend the night in a creepy old Victorian inn. He should have never wondered how things could possibly get worse. When they wake up stranded on a wagon train in 1857, Seth is determined to get home. But the only way to get out of the past is to face the problems stealing their future. Don't miss these other titles from Bestselling Christian author Stephenia H. McGee Ironwood Plantation Family Saga The Whistle Walk Heir of Hope Missing Mercy The Accidental Spy Series *previously The Liberator Series An Accidental Spy A Dangerous Performance A Daring Pursuit Stand Alone Historical In His Eyes Eternity Between Us The Heart of Home The Secrets of Emberwild Stand Alone Time Travel Her Place in Time The Hope of Christmas Past The Back Inn Time Series A Wagon Train Weekend Falling for the Fifties A Colonial Courtship A Castle for Christmas Contemporary The Cedar Key (2021 Faith, Hope, and Love Award Winner)

The American Biology Teacher

Author :
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We Meet Again an adventure through time

Author : Emily J. Garrett
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Sara ́s strange nightly dreams began right before meeting Mary Jo. They seemed to mirror the uncomfortable situations she faced each day. Her real dreams of becoming a writer were getting lost in the shuffle, as she coped with a murderer following her around town. How would she and Mary Jo solve this when they didn ́t really know who he was and couldn ́t prove he did it? It was unfortunate that he knew they suspected him. This is what they thought was the mystery, until the real mystery unfolded right under their noses. Chapter 1 Late one afternoon, Sara had started to feel tremendous vibrations underneath her feet. Although she realized the implications, she felt a certain calm inside. She went to find Athena. Sara waited outside the room until Athena ́s next patient came out. Then she went inside. "You noticed it too, I guess," sighed Athena. "It would be difficult to ignore the intensity." "Yes, I noticed it," replied Athena with concern. "I wonder how much longer we have left." "Not much longer I imagine," said Sara. "Do you think we...." Just then Lucas rushed in. "You must come to the solarium with me. It is urgent." They quickly followed Lucas. "What ́s going on in the solarium?" asked Athena, as she tried to keep up with him. "There is no time to explain," said Lucas. "You will see for yourself as soon as we get there," he added abruptly as they hurried down the hallway. As soon as they reached the doorway Athena and Sara knew what Lucas meant. The once beautiful sunny sky had changed to a dark and gloomy afternoon. The ocean was enraged. The treacherous waves were crashing against the shore, provoked by the powerful eruptions of the nearby volcano. The three friends knew that the disastrous end to their time on Poseidia had come. Outside they could see people running around in the streets. The water was quickly rising up over the land and everyone was scrambling to reach higher ground. It was everyone for himself, just as it had always been. Lucas, Athena, Sara and their friends sat solemnly by the great window and watched. They had done all that was possible and now had to accept their own limitations. When the island of Poseidia finally went in to the sea, many drowned. Some had fled to other areas, for there were several occurrences of destruction in Poseidia before that final one. When the time came, Athena and Sara and Lucas and the others let their spirits withdraw from their bodies and rose above it all to watch, wishing that more of the others could have joined them. They looked on as the once-beautiful island was completely, and finally, consumed by the immense and powerful ocean. The only evidence that life had ever existed here was the glowing embers of the burnt remnants of the city. This had been their home, and now floated gently upon the surface of the water. "It ́s so sad to see the demise of our own community," said Athena wistfully. "Yes," said Lucas sadly. "But we ́ve known it was coming for a long time. And we ́ll be back." Sara sat straight up in bed, her eyes wide open now. "What was that all about?" she wondered. She looked at the clock. "2 AM," Sara thought to herself. She took a deep breath and lay back down, but did not close her eyes................

Time Is Irreverent 2 Jesus Christ Not Again

Author : Marty Essen
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◆ Marty Mann and Nellie Dixon are back for another irreverent, liberal, twisty, time-travel comedy! This time they have Jesus Christ, the actual guy, on their side. The timeline correction Marty Mann and Nellie Dixon accomplished in their first episode was successful. . . . Or was it? When the two humans and their Krichard friends, Chrissie and Tina, return to year 2020 Earth to verify the change, they find an advanced, peaceful planet. The four friends move into Marty’s new timeline home and the next morning head out for a flying car tour of Oodlelakeolis. The city, which was Minneapolis in the previous timeline, is beautiful from the air, but when they swoop down to land, the Colorless Ones, a cult of religious extremists from the planet Krichardia, reverse the timeline change and abduct Chrissie and Tina. Instantly, President Handley is back to dropping nuclear bombs, and once again, Marty and Nellie must find a way to stop him. After our heroes gain possession of the Krichards’ time-traveling Chromosphere Cruiser, they return to AD 31 with plans to restore the advanced timeline by wowing the locals with the Holy Smokin’ Hot Nellie act. Unfortunately, an unexpected event forces them to return to the year 2020, but they have a stowaway—Jesus Christ! Can Marty Mann and Nellie Dixon save the world and rescue Tina and Chrissie with snark being their only superpower? Can a dark-skinned Jesus with a fondness for profanity and a disdain for religious hypocrisy thrive in the twenty-first century? And who are the Soldiers of the White Jesus, and what will they have to do with any of this? These questions and more will be answered in this unforgettable episode. Time Is Irreverent 2: Jesus Christ, Not Again! is a hilarious, thought-provoking satire with unpredictable twists, colorful and colorless aliens, the outrageous Holy Smokin’ Hot Nellie, and a juicy role for Jesus Christ, the actual guy! Reviews: “Time Is Irreverent 2 is a madcap blasphemous comedy of the most delightful sort. Recommended for those whose tastes incline that way; if you loved Time Is Irreverent, run, don’t walk, to consume this perfect sequel.”—Tom Flynn, editor, Free Inquiry magazine “An excellent follow-up to the original, and this from someone who typically hates sequels! All the same great characters and more, plus Jesus—although not your mama’s Jesus. The funny is funnier, the crazy crazier, and the politics even more in your face (in the good way!). If you loved the first, you’ve got to read the second. Well done, Marty!”—Jeff Abugov, writer, producer, director “For those aficionados of entertaining, optimistic sci-fi, who have been avidly waiting for another Time Is Irreverent adventure—your wait is over. Marty Essen has produced a fine follow-up to his first time traveling escapade and I hope that the likeable characters he has created will get many future outings. A great addition to a currently gloomy, pessimistic genre. I do not hesitate to recommend it.”—Charles Remington, Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews Publisher's Warning: This book is intended for a liberal audience and features satirical content that may not be appropriate for Donald Trump supporters or those who are offended by views that challenge traditional religious beliefs. Common side effects include wide smiles, sudden laughter, and occasional snorts. Reader discretion is advised. This is the second book in the Time Is Irreverent series. Each novel is a stand-alone adventure, and a humorous prologue quickly gets readers up-to-date.

Physical and Chemical Examination of Paints Varnishes Lacquers and Colors

Author : Henry Alfred Gardner
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West s federal supplement First Series

Author :
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Legislative Record Senate and House of Representatives

Author : Washington (State). Legislature
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