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Back from Africa

Author : Corinne Hofmann
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In The White Masai, Corinne Hofmann told the incredible story of how she fell in love with and married Lketinga, a Masai worrior, and lived with his family in Kenya. Now, in Back From Africa, she describes her return to Switzerland and the difficulties that faced her there, detailing how she built a new life for herself and her daughter and overcame all obstacles wth the same courage and optimism with which she faced the demands of her life in the Kenyan outback. With her previous two books Hofmann has proved herself to be an acute observer and an effective storyteller, and her astonishing and compelling tale speaks for itself.


Author : Черноватий Л. М.
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Перший том посібника охоплює розділи англійської граматики (речення, іменник, прикметник, прислівник, займенник, категорія кількості, прийменник, система часу та способу дієслова), засвоєння яких передбачено програмою навчання на рівні факультетів іноземної філології, і ґрунтується на положеннях теорії педагогічної граматики, що розробляється авторами. Зокрема, враховані психологічні закономірності формування іншомовних граматичних навичок, важливість позитивного емоційного довкілля в класі та адекватного орієнтування студентів. Комплекс вправ, що включає як одномовні, так і перекладні вправи, створює сприятливі умови для ефективного засвоєння змісту посібника та розвитку граматичних навичок під час аудиторних занять та при роботі вдома. Для студентів вищих закладів освіти, що спеціалізуються у галузі іноземної філології.

Into Africa

Author : Thomas Sterling
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When the explorer René Caillié returned to France from Africa in 1828, he published a sketch of the legendary city he had discovered - Timbuctoo. But neither that simple drawing nor his matter-of-fact description gave Caillié's countrymen a sufficiently colorful picture to match their preconceptions of how Africa should look. They turned their backs on the young explorer, ignored his accomplishments, and let him die neglected. Here are the epic adventures of the European explorers who opened Africa – from Mongo Park and Vasco da Gama to Francis Burton and David Livingstone and Henry Stanley.

Emails from Africa

Author : Trish Boland
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From Nairobi, Kenya to Cape Town in South Africa this story tells of my travel through the Dark Continent, warts and all. The book is for those who have been to Africa and want to compare experiences, those who want to go and are looking for a little “real” information and especially for those who want a vicarious African experience shared from the comfort of their armchairs. Have a wonderful time... Trish

A Merciless Place The Lost Story of Britain s Convict Disaster in Africa

Author : Emma Christopher
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This is a story lost to history for over two hundred years; a dirty secret of failure, fatal misjudgement and desperate measures which the British Empire chose to forget almost as soon as it was over. In the wake of its most crushing defeat, the America War of Independence, the British Government began shipping its criminals to West Africa. Some were transported aboard ships going to pick up their other human cargo: African slaves. When they arrived at their destination, soldiers and even convicts were forced to work in the region's slave-trading forts guarding the human merchandise. In a few short years the scheme brought death, wholesale desertions, mutiny, piracy and even murder. Some of the most egregious crimes were not committed by the exported criminals but by those sent out to guard them. Acts of wanton desperation added to rash transgressions as those whom society had already thrown out realised that they had nothing left to lose. As jail and prison hulks overflowed, and as every other alternative settlement proved unsuitable, the British Government gambled and decided to send its criminals as far away as possible, to the great south land sighted years before by Captain James Cook. Out of the embers of the African debacle came the modern nation of Australia. The extraordinary tale is now being told for the first time - how a small band of good-for-nothing members of the British Empire spanned the world from America, to Africa, and on to Australia, profoundly if utterly unwittingly changing history.

Italian Foreign Policy 1870 1940

Author : C. J. Lowe
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First published in 2001. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Escape to Destiny

Author : Helen Hunter
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When the Communist Party took over the government of Czechoslovakia in February 1948, every citizen faced a critical decision — cooperate or resist. Families were torn apart and loved ones became mortal enemies. Some joined the Party and became informants; others suffered persecution; a few managed to escape. Living in the shadow of the Iron Curtain, Helenka Hrushakova’s seeming fairy-tale life is disrupted by intrigue and threats of kidnapping. Through many unexpected twists and turns she struggles to distinguish between what is real and what is illusion. As relationships within her family unravel, she is faced with her own personal crisis: Will she succumb to external pressures and conform, or will she escape and find the life of freedom she longs for? This beautifully written story juxtaposes the dynamics of one woman’s desire for personal freedom, with the havoc it causes her family and her soul, against the backdrop of Czechoslovakia’s forty-year journey to its Velvet Revolution and, eventually, the fall of the Iron Curtain. It poignantly protrays the universal drive of all young people to discover and express their own unique identiy apart from their parents’ control.

The Long Ride Home

Author : Rupert Isaacson
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Heart-breaking, uplifting and full of adventure, The Long Ride Home is the long-awaited sequel to the international bestseller The Horse Boy. Rowan came back from the shamans in Mongolia a changed boy. The three most debilitating effects of his autism - his incontinence, his endless tantruming, and his inability to make friends - were gone. But a year almost to the day since Rowan's improvement he started regressing: the accidents and tantrums reappeared, terrifying his father Rupert. Something had to be done. Father and son embarked on a new quest, journeying from the bushmen of Namibia to the coastal rainforests of Queensland, Australia and finally to the Navajo reservations of the American southwest, where Rowan was transformed - they had begun the Long Ride Home. 'It is probably only once in a critical lifetime that one will be moved almost to tears ... a triumph of the human spirit' Telegraph (on The Horse Boy) 'Magical, miraculous, uplifting' Daily Mail (on The Horse Boy) 'Amazing, astonishing' Sunday Times (on The Horse Boy) Rupert Isaacson is British but lives with his family in Texas, USA. He is an ex-professional horse trainer and founder of The Horse Boy Foundation, which helps to make horses and nature available to other children, autistic or not, all over the world, including the UK. The Horse Boy was a Sunday Times top ten bestseller.

About Levy

Author : Arthur Calder-Marshall
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'Members of the jury, the case is now before you to decide on the evidence . . . There is no alternative plea of manslaughter or justifiable homicide; your verdict varies only between innocence and guilt . . .' It is the final day of the Claude Levy murder trial, about which everyone has an opinion - friends and enemies, bar-stool experts and neighbourhood gossips. The question is clear: did Levy murder his friend and patient Christopher Hall by poisoning him? But the motive is murky: was jealousy over a woman really at the root of events? Prosecution and defence are equally coherent. Gradually, as if through fog, the figure of Levy acquires definition. Meanwhile in the jury room it falls to twelve men and women to decide his fate. Published in 1933, About Levy was the second novel by Arthur Calder-Marshall (1908-92), a rich and brilliant variation on the courtroom drama.

Looking For Africa in America

Author : Ike Okwuonu
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This book is about an African American male frustrated as a result of difficulties he encountered growing up. He found his problem common to majority of peer members of his ethnic group compared to other ethnic peer group members' experience. Johnson attributed his failure to the stripping away of the African American culture by the slave masters. He resolved to recover the "Africa" that was missing in him. Johnson traveled to his origin in Africa and embraced originality after ritualistically dancing with his ancestors at the king's palace. His new way of thinking transformed him into a color-blind successful happy American. Johnson came back from Africa, went to Law school and graduated with honors. He married a white lady, and was elected city mayor.