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The Babysitters Club Collection

Author : Ann M. Martin
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Kristy's just had her best idea ever! But things don't always go to plan, and sometimes babysitting's only half the trouble ... Who is the mysterious phantom caller that terrifies Claudia? And how can the babysitters club help Stacey with her secret problem?

The Babysitters Club Collection 19

Author : Ann M. Martin
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Three fantastic Babysitter titles in one With attractive new cover. Jessi's Gold Medal, Keep Out Claudia and Dawn Saves the Planet

Babysitter s Club Collection

Author : Ann M. Martin
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When Kristy Thomas has the great idea to form a baby-sitters club--a chance to earn money and spend time with her friends, all the while doing something they each love to do--she has no idea how much the club will change everything. See where it all began, with the first four books in the Baby-sitters Club series. Baby-Sitters Club #1: Kristy's Great Idea Baby-Sitters Club #2: Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls Baby-Sitters Club #3: The Truth About Stacey Baby-Sitters Club #4: Mary Anne Saves the Day

Mary Anne s Book The Baby Sitters Club Portrait Collection

Author : Ann M. Martin
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Well, we all had to do it. Write our autobiographies, that is. And this is mine. I dug way back in my memory and came up with lots of stories. There was the fateful time in kindergarden when I didn't know whom to invite to our Mother's Day tea party. There was the time I desperately wanted glasses, and of course there were the adventures with my friends Kristy and Claudia. But mostly I remember my father, because he's always been there for me. Always and forever.

Stacey s Book The Baby Sitters Club Portrait Collection

Author : Ann M. Martin
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Can you believe it? Everyone in the eighth grade of my school has to write an autobiography. So I've been looking through photo albums and trying to remember the past--the good and the bad. Like when I was five and got to be in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. And when I was eight and Laine and I got in BIG trouble. I've been writing about my life before diabetes, before the divorce, and even before Stoneybrook and the BSC. In fact, everything right up until this minute. So this is my life--welcome to it!

Ann M Martin A Biography

Author : Laura Nalgan
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The stories about children who discovered a love of reading when they read The Baby-sitters Club are the ones that have had the greatest impact on me as a writer. - Ann M. Martin, Scholastic Despite having written over 400 books, Ann M. Martin is still best known for creating The Baby-Sitters Club, a popular series from 1986-2010. The series of 132 books focuses on the friendships and adventures of a group of middle-school students who transform their after-school baby-sitting jobs into a successful business.

The British National Bibliography

Author : Arthur James Wells
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Babysitters Club

Author : Virginia Loh-Hagan
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Babysitters' Club guides students as they set up and operate their own babysitters' club for their community. The considerate text includes easy-to-follow lists and will hold the readers' interest, allowing for successful mastery and comprehension. Written with a high interest level to appeal to a more mature audience, these books maintain a lower level of complexity with clear visuals to help struggling readers along. A table of contents, glossary with simplified pronunciations, and index all enhance achievement and comprehension.

The Baby Sitters Club Retro Set

Author : Ann M. Martin
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Kristy s Big Day The Baby sitters Club Graphic Novel 6 A Graphix Book

Author : Ann M. Martin
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Kristy's mom is getting married, and Kristy is going to be a bridesmaid! The only trouble is, fourteen kids are coming in town for the wedding. Kristy, Claudia, Mary Anne, Stacey, Dawn, and Mallory think they can handle it, but that's before they spend a week changing diapers, stopping arguments, solving mix-ups, and planning activities. It's the biggest job the BSC has ever had, but they'll work together to make sure Kristy's big day is a success!

The Complete Guide to the Baby Sitters Club

Author : Ann M. Martin
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A guide to the popular series contains a map of Stoneybrook, along with eight sections of facts about the club, the club's members, and the families of Stoneybrook.


Author : Miriam Forman-Brunell
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Choice Outstanding Academic Title 2002 Once the egalitarian passions of the American Revolution had dimmed, the new nation settled into a conservative period that saw the legal and social subordination of women and non-white men. Among the Founders who brought the fledgling government into being were those who sought to establish order through the reconstruction of racial and gender hierarchies. In this effort they enlisted “the fair sex,”&#;—white women. Politicians, ministers, writers, husbands, fathers and brothers entreated Anglo-American women to assume responsibility for the nation's virtue. Thus, although disfranchised, they served an important national function, that of civilizing non-citizen. They were encouraged to consider themselves the moral and intellectual superiors to non-whites, unruly men, and children. These white women were empowered by race and ethnicity, and class, but limited by gender. And in seeking to maintain their advantages, they helped perpetuate the system of racial domination by refusing to support the liberation of others from literal slavery. Schloesser examines the lives and writings of three female political intellectuals—;Mercy Otis Warren, Abigail Smith Adams, and Judith Sargent Murray—;each of whom was acutely aware of their tenuous position in the founding era of the republic. Carefully negotiating the gender and racial hierarchies of the nation, they at varying times asserted their rights and demurred to male governance. In their public and private actions they represented the paradigm of racial patriarchy at its most complex and its most conflicted.

Baby Sitters Classic Collection

Author : Ann Martin
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Kristy, Mary-Anne, Claudia and Stacey share their adventures in this awesome, eight-book collection!

No Mexicans Women or Dogs Allowed

Author : Cynthia E. Orozco
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Founded by Mexican American men in 1929, the League of United Latin-American Citizens (LULAC) has usually been judged according to Chicano nationalist standards of the late 1960s and 1970s. Drawing on extensive archival research, including the personal papers of Alonso S. Perales and Adela Sloss-Vento, No Mexicans, Women, or Dogs Allowed presents the history of LULAC in a new light, restoring its early twentieth-century context. Cynthia Orozco also provides evidence that perceptions of LULAC as a petite bourgeoisie, assimilationist, conservative, anti-Mexican, anti-working class organization belie the realities of the group's early activism. Supplemented by oral history, this sweeping study probes LULAC's predecessors, such as the Order Sons of America, blending historiography and cultural studies. Against a backdrop of the Mexican Revolution, World War I, gender discrimination, and racial segregation, No Mexicans, Women, or Dogs Allowed recasts LULAC at the forefront of civil rights movements in America.

Sleeping with Beauty

Author : Donna Kauffman
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At twenty-eight, elementary-school teacher Lucy Harper still feels more like a wallflower than the sex goddess she knows is trapped inside her. In fact, she can barely remember the last time she actually had sex. She claims she’s content with her life, but she doesn’t even realize she’s slipping into a coma–a sex coma, that is. Until It arrives: the invitation to her ten-year high school reunion. Lucy’s childhood pals Jana and Grady are baffled by her decision to attend. But they’ve managed to put geek-hood behind them. This may be Lucy’s last chance to lose her loser reputation and knock her ex-classmates’ socks off–thanks to the modern-day fairy godmothers at Glass Slipper, Inc. For a not-so-small fee, they promise to bring out the princess in any woman. If only Lucy’s friends were more supportive, especially Grady. After all, he loves her like a sister. Doesn’t he? Soon Lucy is under the scrutiny of eccentric self-made diva Vivian dePalma. And the diagnosis is dour: Lucy has slipped into the final stage of Sleeping Beauty Syndrome–meaning her love life is near death. Can Vivian rouse her in time for the reunion? And will a kiss from her teen crush really be enough to awaken her? For Lucy hasn’t quite opened her eyes to one important truth: the soul mate she’s been dreaming of has never left her side. From the Trade Paperback edition.


Author : Lani Woodland
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Yara is beginning to understand just how much her life will change now that her Waker abilities have emerged. She has come to terms with the fact that seeing ghosts is part of her life, but she isn’t ready to let being a Waker dictate her choices. All she wants is a ghost-free senior year with her boyfriend, Brent, and her best friend, Cherie. But Yara soon discovers that there are more dark secrets in her school’s history than just the curse she broke. While an angry ghost makes Yara question everything she thought she knew about spirits, she and Brent learn that there are long reaching consequences to last year’s adventures. As new enemies emerge and old ghosts resurface, Yara finds herself in the center of another deadly mystery, and this time she has to contend with the living as well as the dead.

My Diary

Author : Thom Aubrey
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Format : PDF, ePub
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Set in Boofer County, Missouri, his mental stability was put into question after he was arrested. The presiding judge asked that a full psychiatric evaluation be performed on Mr. Aubrey. His sentence suspended pending this evaluation, his psychiatrist asked Thom to keep a daily journal of the happenings in his daily life. The results are what you will find in the pages of this book. Join Thom as he tells about his adventures as a traveling staple salesman, his time with his Lady, handles the business side of a local celebrity (his feline companion), offers fatherly advice to his friend Suelo and her one-legged-talent-pageant-hopeful daughter Erma, his multiple visits to see his cannibalistic incarcerated father, on-going feuding with his arch-nemesis (local gynecologist Oedipus Prime)and a slew of other characters and tales.

Spring Vacation Collection

Author : Josi S. Kilpack
File Size : 51.2 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Six Award-Winning Authors have contributed new stories to A Timeless Romance Anthology: Spring Vacation Collection. Readers will love this collection of six sweet contemporary romance novellas, centered on a Spring Vacation, all with one thing in common: Romance. In Moonlight Kiss, a delightful story by Josi S. Kilpack, Sarah is looking forward to the company retreat, namely because she’ll finally meet Clint—the man she’s been Instant Messaging for a few months. As a single mom, Sarah gets out . . . well, never. So adding vacation days onto the retreat so she can spend time with Clint is daring, yet exciting. She just hopes that the suave on-line Clint will live up to the man she hopes to share her heart with. In Annette Lyon’s charming novella, Chasing Tess, Tess had been patiently waiting through three years of law school for James to pop the question. The night has finally arrived—at his graduation party. But his big announcement turns out to be completely unexpected . . . and devastating. Tess flees the party, promising herself she’ll never let herself waste time on James again. But as she makes a desperate cross-country drive, James makes his own plans on how to win her back. Dancing at the Flea Market is a sweet romance by Heather Justesen. Mara, fresh out of the cold North Dakota tundra, spends her spring break in Texas with close friend, Anna. When the two women run into Carter, an impatient man with a painful past, it takes hearing Mara’s stunning voice at the local Karaoke club to thaw his heart. But as Mara gets to know Carter, she has to decide if the distance between their lives and homes is worth trying to bridge. In Sarah M. Eden’s captivating novella, The Best Laid Plans, Madison gives up a vacation to Cancún with her office friends to return home and babysit her mother, who is in another sketchy relationship. The only problem with returning home is running into Derek, her ex-boyfriend who she decided to break up with before he could break up with her—Madison believes in always being one step ahead. When Derek teams up with Madison to investigate whether her mother is dating the right guy, Madison has a hard time ignoring what her heart is telling her about giving Derek another chance. Picture Perfect, an exciting story by Heather B. Moore, follows Gemma who has never done anything out of the ordinary, until her boyfriend Randy starts to ignore her. But even cutting and dyeing her hair doesn’t get his attention. She decides to join her old high school friends for spring vacation, only to be faced with Drew, her best friend who suddenly seems interested in her as more than a friend. Gemma must determine if her heart is on the rebound or if it’s finally met its true match. In Aubrey Mace’s enchanting romance, The Science of Sentiment, Rosie will do anything to forget Kevin, his completely perfect kisses, and the fact that he dumped her. When she arrives at her grandfather’s mountain cabin for a spring getaway, she discovers her worst nightmare—Kevin has been invited to stay the weekend too. Since there is only room for one in such a small space, Rosie is determined to kick Kevin out. But Kevin has other plans . . . which might include a reminder of why he’s the perfect kisser.

Asian American Short Story Writers

Author : Nelson O'Ceallaigh Ritschel
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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Looks a the life and works of forty-nine Asian American short story writers.

Crash Course in Children s Services 2nd Edition

Author : Penny Peck
File Size : 29.4 MB
Format : PDF
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Useful for newcomers to the children's library staff as well as longtime children's librarians, the second edition of this popular handbook provides easy-to-follow instructions to make innovations in children's library materials work for you. • Covers new technologies and Common Core standards in addition to traditional areas of children's services • Allows any library staff to comfortably assist children searching for reference and homework help, offer effective readers' advisory assistance, and perform basic promotion of books to children • Supplies information that is useful for newcomers to the children's library staff and those who substitute at the children's desk as well as longtime children's librarians or experienced staff taking on new responsibilities