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Author : Kathie Denosky
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Ever since she was a girl, Katie had dreamed of becoming a mother. Katie had given up on getting married but still desired a child. Since she lived in a small town where all the men are married, her only hope for having a child was to use a sperm bank. Or it was until tall, handsome Jeremiah moved into town. She gathered up her courage and asked him to help her make a baby. The very next day he agreed to help her, but under one condition?that they get pregnant the old-fashioned way…

A Baby of Convenience

Author : Lena Skye
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Elena Parker loves her work as an artist but she has been struggling to pay the bills for a long time and is now desperate for a way to make ends meet. So much so that she finds she is ready to take on the unexpected role of a surrogate mother for a rich man who desires a child. Billionaire businessman Neal is the man offering Elena $1 million dollars to produce an offspring for him and he needs this baby to be born as soon as possible. On the face of it, this should be a simple "Baby Of Convenience" arrangement for Neal and Elena however it soon becomes anything but that. When Elena discovers Neal's true motive for wanting a child she discovers she has gotten herself mixed up in a dark world full of dark people who are willing to do anything to get what they want. And for Elena and her baby there might be no way out....

Baby of Convenience

Author : Diana Whitney
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Marriage—For Baby's Sake When Laura Michaels tracked her wayward cat to millionaire Royce Burton's estate, she never dreamed her kitty would save her son. For Laura needed a powerful husband to keep custody of her baby—and Royce needed a wife. So the elusive entrepreneur and the down-on-her-luck lady struck a marriage deal—which would remain strictly business, of course. Except the newlyweds soon found their "hands-off" union did not account for the blossoming feelings developing between them. But Royce had no use for sugary sentiment and gooey emotions! Still, the lovely woman's haunting smile triggered an unfamiliar emotion in Royce—a burgeoning love?


Author : Kim Lawrence
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Nurse Dervla is married to Gianfranco, an entrepreneur who rules the financial world and who has both an impressive pedigree and good looks. However, he won’t allow for love or children in their marriage. Dervla really wants to have his child, but it can never happen because she is barren. So when she finds out there may be a small chance she could get pregnant, she tells Gianfranco about the treatments. He, however, becomes angry, telling her she must not get pregnant! Is it because he doesn’t love her that he doesn’t want to have a child with her?

Baby at His Convenience Out of Uniform

Author : Kathie DeNosky
File Size : 34.13 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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In 'Baby at his Convenience' Katie Andrew's biological clock was counting down loudly when Jeremiah Gunn breezed into her cafe. He fitted the bill to father her child, trouble was he old fashioned when it came to parenting. In 'Out of Uniform' an injured marine didn't want a nursemaid, especially not his estranged wife."

The Tycoon s Convenient Bride and Baby

Author : Shoshanna Evers
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Mack Hansen isn't the marrying kind. Hell, he'll do whatever it takes to keep his heart safe from heartbreak. Instead, he channels all of his passion into his work. But when his business partner and his wife go missing and leave their baby girl orphaned, Mack will do anything to keep the child safe. Which includes marrying the one woman who was always off-limits...his partner's sister. Lauren Peters never imagined she'd be able to have a family of her own. Instead, tragedy hands Lauren the two things she's always wanted: a baby and Mack Hansen. Yet as she gives herself wholly to the pleasure of her new husband's touch—and their undeniable sexual chemistry—Lauren knows the painful truth. Mack sees their relationship as a business transaction. That is, until their marriage of convenience is threatened by the one thing that could save

Their Convenient Baby Plan

Author : Katie Dowe
File Size : 22.88 MB
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A complete story, brought to you by Katie Dowe of BWWM Club. High-powered PR rep Jessica has everything she could want in life. Well, almost. What Jessica would love is a child, but with her career taking up so much of her time she doesn't know how to have one. Enter Joel; a handsome billionaire whom Jessica meets as a potential client, and a man who might just have the solution to her problem. Joel also wants a child, and when he finds himself immediately attracted to Jessica's classic beauty and blunt personality, he thinks she might be just the right person to be the mother of his child... No strings attached! But will their arrangement stay purely business? Or will it turn out to be more than both Jessica and Joel had ever bargained for? Find out in this sexy billionaire pregnancy romance by Katie Dowe of BWWM Club. Suitable for over 18s only due to sex scenes so hot, you'll want your own billionaire to fall in love with.


Author : Maxine Sullivan
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Gemma and Tate, a billionaire, spent a night together after falling madly in love. However, the dreamlike days of passion lasted only a month. Out of nowhere, Gemma was accused of an affair she never had and kicked out of Tate’s penthouse. She then realized she was pregnant and began to raise their son on her own. A year later, a coincidental meeting between the two made Tate realize the child was his. To keep his son and reputation, Tate will force Gemma into a marriage of convenience without a trace of love. His doubts about Gemma may not fade, but he is still prepared to wed her. Must Gemma marry this man who despises her?

Aristides Convenient Wife

Author : Jacqueline Baird
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Leon Aristides believes in money, power and family. So when his sister dies, leaving a son, he acts quickly and ruthlessly. He finds the woman who has guardianship of his nephew and insists she marry him! Helen knows that Leon believes her to be a money-hungry, experienced woman of the world—until their wedding night reveals otherwise! But Helen wants more than an incredible lover…she wants a loving husband!

The Amish Bachelor s Baby and Their Convenient Amish Marriage

Author : Jo Ann Brown
File Size : 81.72 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Family and faith in Amish country The Amish Bachelor’s Baby by Jo Ann Brown Working in Caleb Hartz’s shop fits perfectly with Annie Wagler’s plan to match him with her twin sister. But with his business, his farm, and now his teenage runaway cousin and her baby, Caleb has no time for romance. But working together to care for mother and child, Caleb and Annie may both need to protect their hearts… Their Convenient Amish Marriage by Cheryl Williford The last thing widowed single mother Verity Schrock expects is to find her former sweetheart back in town—with a baby. Now the bishop and Leviticus Hilty’s father are insisting the two marry for their children’s sake. But the wounded warrior hurt her once before. Can a marriage of convenience lead Verity to forgive and risk her heart again?

Her Baby and Her Beau

Author : Victoria Pade
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A KID FOR A CAMDEN? Schoolteacher Kyla Gibson spends her days keeping kids in line, but it's not quite the same as having a family of her own. But when Kyla is named guardian to her newly orphaned infant goddaughter, she becomes an insta-mommy! Soon, though, she's in over her head—and she's stunned when her SOS is answered by the last man she ever expected to see… Former marine Beau Camden is shocked to see Kyla again—and with a baby! It's been fourteen years since their last night together, after which she went AWOL. But the time for old grievances is past, and Kyla desperately needs his magic touch with little Immy. Can the soldier and his former sweetheart heal old hurts to create a future together, Camden-style?

The Baby Sleep Solution

Author : Suzy Giordano
File Size : 36.55 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Suzy Giordano, affectionately known as "The Baby Coach," shares her highly effective sleep-training method in this step-by-step guide to let both baby and parent enjoy long, peaceful nights. Full of common sense and specific tips, the Baby Coach's plan offers time- and family-tested techniques to help any baby up to the age of 18 months who has trouble sleeping through the night. Originally developed for newborn multiples, this sleep-training method worked so well with twins and triplets that families with singletons and older babies began asking Suzy to share her recipe for success, resulting in: regular feeding times; 12 hours' sleep at night; three hours' sleep during the day; peace of mind for parent and baby; and less strain on parents - and their marriage. This edition includes a new chapter on implementing the program with babies up to 18 months.

Your New Baby

Author : Eva Marie Stasiak
File Size : 86.30 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Provides advice for expectant mothers on how to establish and live on a budget, buy the most cost effecetive supplies, including second-hand materials, and safely and economically provide food, diapers, clothing, toys, and other needs.

The New Experience of Childbirth

Author : Sheila Kitzinger
File Size : 37.12 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Everything the expectant mother needs to know about childbirth, from one of the foremost experts in the field. Childbirth is one of the most important and powerful events in a woman's life - and yet many women look back on it as an ordeal. Sheila Kitzinger, acknowledged around the world as an expert in the psychological, social and physiological aspects of birth, has rewritten her first book for today's women. Herself a mother of five, all born at home, she believes that birth can be a positive and deeply satisfying experience. She co-created the teacher training scheme of the National Childbirth Trust, and was the first person to introduce couple's classes, pregnancy and postnatal counselling, and birth companions to give personal support and help in childbirth. Written with warmth, elegance and understanding, THE NEW EXPERIENCE OF CHILDBIRTH explores emotional as well as the physical elements in childbirth and is essential reading for every mother- (and father-) to be.

Not an Empty Promise

Author : Joyce Anne Trebilco
File Size : 35.20 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Not an Empty Promise gives first-hand accounts of the authors experiences during her mission in war-torn Vietnam, in Indonesia, and in a ministry to Asian immigrants in California. It was a time of wonderful fulfillment of Jesus Christs promise to his followers: Lo, I am with you always Is it true? Is it possible? Is it a faithful promise? The question is worth pondering: was He there as He promised during times of serious illnesses, uncertainties, or devastating grief as well as times of blessing and joy? Author Joyce Trebilco addresses these questions as she strives to make us all more keenly aware of His presence and care, even in difficult times.

Happy Mommy Happy Baby

Author : Elizabeth L. Rojo R.N.
File Size : 53.82 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Happy Mommy Happy Baby is a short book about the importance of creating a routine for you and your baby while keeping in mind that there are certain needs that are first and foremost, essential to raising a baby and toddler, such as eating, sleeping and hygiene. Elizabeth forces mothers and fathers to take a look at the fact that a baby coming into their world is doing exactly that, coming into their world. It is up to them to decide what their babys needs are while still being able to focus on their own needs, each other and the needs of other children and responsibilities they may have. No matter if you are a stay at home mother or a part-time working mother or a full time working mother, the way in which your baby is cared for and what kind a routine he or she may need is up to you. No two mothers and fathers have the same lifestyle but the importance of creating a routine and sticking to it is imperative to create a sense of security for your baby and make things easier for you.

Eight Bundles of Joy Outback Baby Miracle Marriage for Baby The Duke s Baby The Rancher s Doorstep Baby Her Baby His Proposal The Baby Bind Daddy on Call The Midwife s Little Miracle

Author : Melissa James
File Size : 32.49 MB
Format : PDF
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Eight Bundles of Joy Collection Outback Baby Miracle by Melissa James

Easy Weaning

Author : Sara Patience
File Size : 26.79 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Weaning your child has never been so confusing: the government says one thing, an expert says another; some people are into baby-led weaning, some swear by purées. Easy Weaning cuts through the noise and provides clear, realistic advice drawn from Sara’s work with thousands of families as a health visitor, nutritionist and nurse. Without seeking to promote one weaning method over another, Easy Weaning equips you with all the information you need to confidently wean and feed your child. · Step by step advice for all the key stages of weaning · How to establish healthy eating patterns · Simple, delicious recipes that all the family can enjoy · Detailed chapters on fussy eating, allergies and intolerances, problem-solving and more!

Her Convenient Cowboy

Author : Lacy Williams
File Size : 42.3 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Do You Take This Cowboy? A blizzard traps rancher Davy White in his family's secluded cabin with Rose Evans…and she's nine months pregnant! Help is miles away, and Davy must work to keep them both alive. As the storm rages outside, he comes to care for the vulnerable widow. Enough that he's willing to offer her his name—against his family's objections. Rose will do anything for her baby, but she's recently widowed. She doesn't know if she can trust the feelings she has toward Davy. And she refuses to come between him and his family. But the more time they spend together, the less she can resist the comforting, caring cowboy. Wyoming Legacy: United by family, destined for love

The Boss s Baby Affair

Author : Tessa Radley
File Size : 39.74 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Widowed billionaire Nick Valentine should have known the new nanny was too good to be true. And when Candace Morrison revealed her hidden designs on his baby daughter, Nick was ready. The sexy schemer would definitely get what was coming to her, but that wouldn't include Nick's child. Candace knew Nick had been deceived—but not by her. She was stunned by her boss's fierce response to the truth—and to their undeniable chemistry. Now she'd stop at nothing to prove her shocking claims about the little Valentine heiress. But would it make them a family…or tear them apart?