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Celebrating the Rest of Your Life

Author : David Yount
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Provides baby boomers with practical strategies for infusing their daily lives with Christian spiritual vitality and hope and, using traditional marriage vows as a blueprint, encourages them to be their own caretakers and to be faithful to themselves. Original.

Encounters With Jesus

Author : Craig Kennet Miller
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Spiritual Marketplace

Author : Wade Clark Roof
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In large chain bookstores the "religion" section is gone and in its place is an expanding number of topics including angels, Sufism, journey, recovery, meditation, magic, inspiration, Judaica, astrology, gurus, Bible, prophesy, evangelicalism, Mary, Buddhism, Catholicism, and esoterica. As Wade Clark Roof notes, such changes over the last two decades reflect a shift away from religion as traditionally understood to more diverse and creative approaches. But what does this splintering of the religious perspective say about Americans? Have we become more interested in spiritual concerns or have we become lost among trends? Do we value personal spirituality over traditional religion and no longer see ourselves united in a larger community of faith? Roof first credited this religious diversity to the baby boomers in his bestselling A Generation of Seekers (1993). He returns to interview many of these people, now in mid-life, to reveal a generation with a unique set of spiritual values--a generation that has altered our historic interpretations of religious beliefs, practices, and symbols, and perhaps even our understanding of the sacred itself. The quest culture created by the baby boomers has generated a "marketplace" of new spiritual beliefs and practices and of revisited traditions. As Roof shows, some Americans are exploring faiths and spiritual disciplines for the first time; others are rediscovering their lost traditions; others are drawn to small groups and alternative communities; and still others create their own mix of values and metaphysical beliefs. Spiritual Marketplace charts the emergence of five subcultures: dogmatists, born-again Christians, mainstream believers, metaphysical believers and seekers, and secularists. Drawing on surveys and in-depth interviews for over a decade, Roof reports on the religious and spiritual styles, family patterns, and moral vision and values for each of these subcultures. The result is an innovative, engaging approach to understanding how religious life is being reshaped as we move into the next century.

Narratives of Baby Boomers

Author : Jane A. Kuepfer
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In this narrative inquiry, first-wave baby boomers (six males and six females born between 1946 and 1955) reflected on their lives and envisioned living into old age. While literature has focused on trends in baby boomer spirituality, issues of aging, and spiritual needs and tasks among elders, this study listened for “spiritual resources.” Initially defined broadly as that which has sustained a person throughout their life and will sustain them in the future, spiritual resources came to be understood as those things, both internal and external, that address deep human need for such spiritual values as love, hope, peace, and joy. Through open-ended interviews, participants' reflections revealed the spiritual resources they have accessed and built up throughout life, and induced wonderings about future resources. One important finding was that first-wave boomers appreciate conversation about spiritual resources, as they grow older. Having been raised in the church, participants in this study reflected on the evolution of their traditional spiritual resources, including scripture reading, prayer, music and spiritual leadership, as well as their openness to explore, learn and embrace diversity in spirituality. For many, faith, rooted in both belief and experience, is a sustaining resource. The themes of “Self,” “Someone,” and “Space” frame these boomers' further reflections on what has sustained and will sustain them. Both participants and the researcher suggest adaptive considerations for spiritual care in long-term care. The findings of this study help define what is meant by “spiritual resources,” encourage further conversation among baby boomers, and inform spiritual care.

Finding Faith

Author : Richard Flory
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Despite the masses still lining up to enter mega-churches with warehouse-like architecture, casually dressed clergy, and pop Christian music, the “Post-Boomer” generation—those ranging in age from twenty to forty—is having second thoughts. In this perceptive look at the evolving face of Christianity in contemporary culture, sociologists Richard Flory and Donald E. Miller argue that we are on the verge of another potential revolution in how Christians worship and associate with one another. Just as the formative experiences of Baby Boomers were colored by such things as the war in Vietnam, the 1960s, and a dramatic increase in their opportunities for individual expression, so Post-Boomers have grown up in less structured households with working (often divorced) parents. These childhood experiences leave them craving authentic spiritual experience, rather than entertainment, and also cause them to question institutions. Flory and Miller develop a typology that captures four current approaches to the Christian faith and argue that this generation represents a new religious orientation of “expressive communalism,” in which they seek spiritual experience and fulfillment in community and through various expressive forms of spirituality, both private and public.

The Long and Winding Road

Author : Thomas C. Ettinger
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If you find yourself seeking a deeper spiritual understanding and discipline, this book will help you get started. The format for each chapter includes: quotes and Scripture readings that help you center, a reflection, a spiritual exercise, and a prayer.

Writings of the Dawn The Spiritual Journey of a Baby Boomer

Author : Steven J. Gold
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Autobiographical writings of Steven J. Gold, (author of Yoga and Judaism, Explorations of a Jewish Yogi; IVRI: The Essence of Hebrew Spirituality; Torah Portion Summaries, With Insights from the Perspective of Jewish Yogi; and Basic Spiritual Principles) describing his early spiritual journey in prose, poetry, art and journal entries. The material is explained and tied together by retrospective narratives.

Caesar Ate My Jesus

Author : Meg Gorzycki
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What the hell happened on the way to making the world a better place? We boomers were told our success would be unlimited. We had democracy and capitalism, and God was on our side. We took our religious teachings seriously, and set out to end bigotry, violence, and destitution. Inevitably, we collided with American Caesars, whose power and wealth was sufficient to dominate national and international affairs. Political and religious Caesars appropriated Jesus and used him to justify war, sexism, racism, dictatorships, and poverty. What were the faithful to do? Lots of boomers I know tossed the spiritual baby out with the religious institution's bathwater, and became cynical about civic engagement. It is not time to abandon hope in our goodness, however, and it is not time to surrender our conscience to Caesar. Our experiences as boomers teach us that it is possible to bring the love of God to bear in our lives, despite Caesar's constant pressure to cherish power, wealth, celebrity, and things more than we cherish people. This book is for folks who are ready to get off Caesar's treadmill and dig deeply into their hearts and minds to see what remains of the Kingdom of God within.

Baby Boomer Spirituality

Author : Craig Kennet Miller
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Blind Spots

Author : John Domenico
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What happens when you never stop questioning what you believe? They say God works in mysterious ways. John Domenico should know. In his 50 plus years, he's embarked on a seeker's journey that has taken him from steadfast Catholicism to born-again Christianity to a unique kind of inclusive spirituality. Blind Spots: The Memoirs of a Baby Boomer on the Rocky Road towards Spiritual Awakening collects his insightful and often humorous thoughts, reflections and critiques on all of them. The result is a deliciously candid and frank book that will appeal to anyone who's ever struggled to understand his or her faith. From early on, it's clear Domenico marched to his own drummer. As a child, he learns to question his family's Catholic faith - and finds plenty of trouble from the nuns and priests in Catholic school. Subsequent to his experimentation in the 1960's and 70's, Domenico settles down and, after initial resistance, discovers Pentecostalism. But eventually he finds cracks in his latest belief system, and he sets out for what will be the most spiritually fulfilling quest of all. Interspersed are compelling asides on his personal life, as well as the politics, major events, personalities and trends that have shaped the last half-century. Throughout it all, Domenico's sensitivity and keen wit masterfully transform an ordinarily timeworn subject, that under his care, is crafted into a thought-provoking, rollicking ride that might just get you questioning your own deeply held beliefs... Reader reviews: "It made me laugh, it made me cry and it made me think so much I don't know what I believe anymore." "I loved it... I think it should be required reading for everyone on the planet." "Domenico tells his story with painful rawness. His courage is rivaled only by his masterful storytelling, revealing much of who we all are in this provocative memoir."

After the Baby Boomers

Author : Robert Wuthnow
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Much has been written about the profound impact the post-World War II baby boomers had on American religion. But the lifestyles and beliefs of the generation that has followed--and the influence these younger Americans in their twenties and thirties are having on the face of religion--are not so well understood. It is this next wave of post-boomers that Robert Wuthnow examines in this illuminating book. What are their churchgoing habits and spiritual interests and needs? How does their faith affect their families, their communities, and their politics? Interpreting new evidence from scores of in-depth interviews and surveys, Wuthnow reveals a generation of younger adults who, unlike the baby boomers that preceded them, are taking their time establishing themselves in careers, getting married, starting families of their own, and settling down--resulting in an estimated six million fewer regular churchgoers. He shows how the recent growth in evangelicalism is tapering off, and traces how biblical literalism, while still popular, is becoming less dogmatic and more preoccupied with practical guidance. At the same time, Wuthnow explains how conflicts between religious liberals and conservatives continue--including among new immigrant groups such as Hispanics and Asians--and how in the absence of institutional support many post-boomers have taken a more individualistic, improvised approach to spirituality. Wuthnow's fascinating analysis also explores the impacts of the Internet and so-called virtual churches, and the appeal of megachurches. After the Baby Boomers offers us a tantalizing look at the future of American religion for decades to come.

The Spiritual Dimension of Ageing Second Edition

Author : Elizabeth MacKinlay
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What does it mean to grow old? What makes later life meaningful? What gives a frail and isolated or institutionalised older person their sense of wholeness and self? This substantially updated new edition of Elizabeth MacKinlay's seminal text presents the latest theory and research to explore these questions in depth, pointing the way towards new ways of thinking about and engaging with the spirituality of ageing. Encompassing the findings of a new research study on baby boomer spirituality, the book presents a wider and more comprehensive view of ageing and spirituality, concluding that spirituality for the baby boomer generation is every bit as important as for the cohorts before them, but also fundamentally different, with fewer being practicing members of a religious faith. Drawing on in-depth interviews with older people, and containing many new ideas whilst also addressing the foundational theories and questions essential to scholarship in this field, the book also includes a new and timely chapter on the spirituality of older people in our increasingly multicultural and multifaith societies. This clear and practical text presents much-needed guidance for health and social care practitioners, chaplains, clergy and others seeking to identify and support the spiritual needs of older people, as well as students and researchers in related disciplines.

Baby Boomers of Color

Author : Melvin Delgado
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Because researchers often treat baby boomers of color as belonging to one group, quality data on the individual status of specific racial populations is lacking, leading to insufficiently designed programs, policies, and services. The absence of data is a testament to the invisibility of baby boomers of color in society and deeply affects the practice of social work and other helping professions that require culturally sensitive approaches. Melvin Delgado rectifies this injustice by providing a comprehensive portrait of the status and unique assets of boomers of color. Using specific data, he grounds an understanding of boomers'financial, medical, and emotional needs within a historical, socioeconomic, cultural, and political context, resulting in tailored recommendations for meeting the challenges of a growing population. His research focuses on African American, Hispanic, Asian/Pacific Islander, and Native American older adults and addresses issues of financial security, employment stability, housing, and health care, which are often complicated by linguistic and cultural differences. Rather than treat baby boomers of color as a financial burden on society and its resources, Delgado recognizes their strengths and positive contributions to families and communities, resulting in an affirming and empowering approach to service.


Author :
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Baby Boom

Author : Rusty L. Monhollon
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This engaging collection of essays explores the many ways Americans of every race, class, gender, and political leaning experienced the Baby Boom. * Separate chapter of primary documents offering insight into the thoughts and experiences of everyday Americans, including excerpts from Dr. Benjamin Spock's The Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care, magazine advertisements, and major social movements of the 1960s * A comprehensive chronology of events during the Baby Boom, tracing the generation from 1945 to the present * Testimonies and oral histories from individuals of the Baby Boom generation

The Spiritual Legacy of Henri Nouwen

Author : Deirdre LaNoue
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In 1969, the year following the death of Thomas Merton, Henri Nouwen published his first book. Who, reading Intimacy: Essays in Pastoral Psychology, at the time could have guessed that its 37 year old Dutch priest-author would become one of the most popular spiritual writers of the 20th-century?Unlike Merton, whose strictly spiritual writings appealed almost exclusively to Roman Catholics, Nouwen had an enormous following among Protestants as well as Catholics. What was it about this man and his work that so resonated with the American psyche over the past thirty years?In The Spiritual Legacy of Henri Nouwen, Deidre LaNoue analyzes Nouwen's voluminous writings in the context of his life and times, providing a key to his more than forty individual books as well as a cogent summary of his contribution to the spiritual lives of millions of people. The book includes a complete bibliography of Nouwen's writings as well as a Scripture index of his books.

Spiritual but not Religious

Author : Robert C. Fuller
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Nearly 40% of all Americans have no connection with organized religion. Yet many of these people, even though they might never step inside a house of worship, live profoundly spiritual lives. But what is the nature and value of unchurched spirituality in America? Is it a recent phenomenon, a New Age fad that will soon fade, or a long-standing and essential aspect of the American experience? In Spiritual But Not Religious, Robert Fuller offers fascinating answers to these questions. He shows that alternative spiritual practices have a long and rich history in America, dating back to the colonial period, when church membership rarely exceeded 17% and interest in astrology, numerology, magic, and witchcraft ran high. Fuller traces such unchurched traditions into the mid-nineteenth century, when Americans responded enthusiastically to new philosophies such as Swedenborgianism, Transcendentalism, and mesmerism, right up to the current interest in meditation, channeling, divination, and a host of other unconventional spiritual practices. Throughout, Fuller argues that far from the flighty and narcissistic dilettantes they are often made out to be, unchurched spiritual seekers embrace a mature and dynamic set of basic beliefs. They focus on inner sources of spirituality and on this world rather than the afterlife; they believe in the accessibility of God and in the mind's untapped powers; they see a fundamental unity between science and religion and an equality between genders and races; and they are more willing to test their beliefs and change them when they prove untenable. Timely, sweeping in its scope, and informed by a clear historical understanding, Spiritual But Not Religious offers fresh perspective on the growing numbers of Americans who find their spirituality outside the church.

Baby Boomer Blues

Author : Gary R. Collins
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A Sociology of Spirituality

Author : Dr Kieran Flanagan
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The emergence of spirituality in contemporary culture in holistic forms suggests that organised religions have failed. This thesis is explored and disputed in this book in ways that mark important critical divisions. This is the first collection of essays to assess the significance of spirituality in the sociology of religion. The authors explore the relationship of spirituality to the visual, individualism, gender, identity politics, education and cultural capital. The relationship between secularisation and spirituality is examined and consideration is given to the significance of Simmel in relation to a sociology of spirituality. Problems of defining spirituality are debated with reference to its expression in the UK, the USA, France and Holland. This timely, original and well structured volume provides undergraduates, postgraduates and researchers with a scholarly appraisal of a phenomenon that can only increase in sociological significance.

Spirituality and Mental Health

Author : Gary W. Hartz
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"This guide for mental health professionals and pastoral counselors provides you with a framework to assess and incorporate client-based spirituality into your practice. The author's unique understanding of spirituality and its relationship to mental health makes the book an ideal educational guide for practitioners striving to understand the impact of faith on their clients' mental health. The insights presented in Spirituality and Mental Health: Clinical Applications will leave you better informed about the complexities of spirituality and make it easier for you to integrate them meaningfully into your clinical work."--Jacket.