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Robbins Basic Pathology

Author : Vinay Kumar
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Get the pathology knowledge you need, the way you need it, from the name you can trust! Robbins Basic Pathology has helped countless students master the core concepts in pathology. This 8th Edition continues that tradition, providing outstanding, user-friendly coverage of the latest information in the field. Clinicopathologic correlations highlight the relationships between basic science and clinical medicine, while state-of-the-art gross and photomicrographic illustrations help you understand complex principles. What's more, access to the complete contents online at enables you to study more powerfully than ever before! Get a rich understanding of all essential pathology concepts with expert guidance from an all-star editorial team. Grasp the connections between basic science and clinical medicine with clinicopathologic correlations throughout. Master complex principles visually with the aid of more than 1,000 high-quality, full-color illustrations, photographs, and photomicrographs. Understand all the key points with NEW Summary Boxes in every chapter. Access the complete contents of the book online at, anywhere you go...perform quick searches...add your own notes and bookmarks...follow Integration Links to related bonus content from other STUDENT CONSULT titles...and reference all of other STUDENT CONSULT titles you own online, too-all in one place! Summary boxes highlight key information throughout each chapter. Illustrations have been improved and simplified throughout providing improved visual clarification of important concepts. A plethora of extras available on Student Consult including self assessment questions, Pathology case studies and Virtual Microscope functionality for most of the high quality photomicrographs. Valuable Instructor teaching resources on EVOLVE including all of the images from the book and a test bank with page references to the text.

Basic Electronics

Author : Debashis De
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Basic Electronics, meant for the core science and technology courses in engineering colleges and universities, has been designed with the key objective of enhancing the students' knowledge in the field of electronics. Solid state electronics, a rapidly-evolving field of study, has been extensively researched for the latest updates, and the authors have supplemented the related chapters with customized pedagogical features. The required knowledge in mathematics has been developed throughout the book and no prior grasp of physical electronics has been assumed as an essential requirement for understanding the subject. Detailed mathematical derivations illustrated by solved examples enhance the understanding of the theoretical concepts. With its simple language and clear-cut style of presentation, this book presents an intelligent understanding of a complex subject like electronics.

Basic Orthopaedic Biomechanics Mechano biology

Author : Van C. Mow
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Biomaterials / Ahmed El-Ghannam and Paul Ducheyne -- Biomechanics of the spine / Ian A. F. Stokes and James C. Iatridis -- Biomechanics of fracture fixation and fracture healing / Lutz E. Claes and Keita Ito -- Biomechanics and preclinical testing of artificial joints: the hip / Rik Huiskes and Jan Stolk -- Biomechanics of total knee replacement designs / Peter S. Walker.

Basic Statistics

Author : B L Agarwal
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Basic Statistics Covers A Wide Range Of Statistical Theory Taught In Almost All Faculties. Theory Followed By Relevant Formulae Is Fully Explicated Through Solved Numerical Problems. Mathematical Derivations And Proofs Of The Formulae Are Largely Absent. The Book Presupposes No Advance Knowledge Of Mathematics.Basic Statistics Fully Covers The Syllabi Of Statistics Courses Running In Various Universities In The Faculties Of Commerce, Arts, Master Of Business Management, Agriculture, Home Science, Pharmacy, And For Students Appearing In C.A. (P.E.-I), I.C.W.A. (Inter.), Etc. This Book Provides Exhaustive Matter In A Simple, Lucid And Exact Manner For Inquisitive Minds.Fourth Edition Of Basic Statistics Is Fully Revised And Enlarged. The Addition Of Two Chapters Entitled Research Processes And Experimental Research Designs Has Made The Book Complete In Its Own Sense. Variety Of Large Number Of Theory And Numerical Questions At The End Of Each Chapter Is A Boon To Achieve One S Own Goal. A Reader Will Find The Book Very Useful And Better Than His Expectations.

Electronic Structure

Author : Richard M. Martin
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The study of the electronic structure of materials is at a momentous stage, with the emergence of computational methods and theoretical approaches. Many properties of materials can now be determined directly from the fundamental equations for the electrons, providing insights into critical problems in physics, chemistry, and materials science. This book provides a unified exposition of the basic theory and methods of electronic structure, together with instructive examples of practical computational methods and real-world applications. Appropriate for both graduate students and practising scientists, this book describes the approach most widely used today, density functional theory, with emphasis upon understanding the ideas, practical methods and limitations. Many references are provided to original papers, pertinent reviews, and widely available books. Included in each chapter is a short list of the most relevant references and a set of exercises that reveal salient points and challenge the reader.

Gray s Basic Anatomy E Book

Author : Richard Drake
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Depend on Gray's Basic Anatomy, 2nd Edition to deliver superbly illustrated, authoritative, interactive content preferred by both students and faculty. Easy-to-read and concise, it has a strong clinical focus that’s ideal for readers who need an efficient, high-yield anatomy textbook offering coverage of the most important anatomical concepts. Part of the renowned Gray’s family of references, featuring outstanding full-color artwork praised for its utility and clarity, relevant and accurate content, a strong clinical focus, and interactive online features. Easy-to-use format New figures throughout, including explanatory artwork of the cranial nerves. New Imaging Apps boxes, including OCT, provide even more student-friendly exposure to clinical content. New Clinical Apps boxes detail clinical implications.

Basic Rights

Author : Henry Shue
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I. Three Basic rights


Author : Ernst Niedermeyer
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Established in 1982 as the leading reference on electroencephalography, Drs. Niedermeyer's and Lopes da Silva's text is now in its thoroughly updated Fifth Edition. An international group of experts provides comprehensive coverage of the neurophysiologic and technical aspects of EEG, evoked potentials, and magnetoencephalography, as well as the clinical applications of these studies in neonates, infants, children, adults, and older adults. This edition includes digital EEG and advances in areas such as neurocognition. Three new chapters cover the topics of Ultra-Fast EEG Frequencies, Ultra-Slow Activity, and Cortico-Muscular Coherence. Hundreds of EEG tracings and other illustrations complement the text.

Organizing and Financing Basic Research to Increase Food Production

Author : United States. Congress. Office of Technology Assessment. Food Program Staff
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Basic Electronics

Author : United States. Bureau of Naval Personnel
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Multilevel Analysis

Author : Tom A B Snijders
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The Second Edition of this classic text introduces the main methods, techniques and issues involved in carrying out multilevel modeling and analysis. Snijders and Bosker's book is an applied, authoritative and accessible introduction to the topic, providing readers with a clear conceptual and practical understanding of all the main issues involved in designing multilevel studies and conducting multilevel analysis. This book provides step-by-step coverage of: • multilevel theories • ecological fallacies • the hierarchical linear model • testing and model specification • heteroscedasticity • study designs • longitudinal data • multivariate multilevel models • discrete dependent variables There are also new chapters on: • missing data • multilevel modeling and survey weights • Bayesian and MCMC estimation and latent-class models. This book has been comprehensively revised and updated since the last edition, and now discusses modeling using HLM, MLwiN, SAS, Stata including GLLAMM, R, SPSS, Mplus, WinBugs, Latent Gold, and SuperMix. This is a must-have text for any student, teacher or researcher with an interest in conducting or understanding multilevel analysis. Tom A.B. Snijders is Professor of Statistics in the Social Sciences at the University of Oxford and Professor of Statistics and Methodology at the University of Groningen. Roel J. Bosker is Professor of Education and Director of GION, Groningen Institute for Educational Research, at the University of Groningen.

The Basic Problems of Phenomenology

Author : Martin Heidegger
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Continues and extends explorations begun in Being and Time.

Special notice concerning basic agreements

Author : United States. Automated Data and Telecommunications Service. ADP Procurement Division
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Basic Education in Developing Countries

Author : United States. Congress. House. Select Committee on Hunger. International Task Force
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Basic Color Terms

Author : Brent Berlin
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Explores the psychophysical and neurophysical determinants of cross-linguistic constraints on the shape of color lexicons.

A Basic Course in Algebraic Topology

Author : William S. Massey
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This textbook is intended for a course in algebraic topology at the beginning graduate level. The main topics covered are the classification of compact 2-manifolds, the fundamental group, covering spaces, singular homology theory, and singular cohomology theory. These topics are developed systematically, avoiding all unnecessary definitions, terminology, and technical machinery. The text consists of material from the first five chapters of the author's earlier book, Algebraic Topology; an Introduction (GTM 56) together with almost all of his book, Singular Homology Theory (GTM 70). The material from the two earlier books has been substantially revised, corrected, and brought up to date.

Basic Biomechanics of the Musculoskeletal System

Author : Margareta Nordin
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This title presents an overview of biomechanical principles for use in the evaluation and treatment of musculoskeletal dysfunction.

The Basic Pathology and Specific Treatment of Diphtheria Typhoid Zymotic Septic Scorbutic and Putrescent Diseases Generally

Author : George Jacob Ziegler
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Author : Ronald Hoffman
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This leading text reflects both the new direction and explosive growth of the field of hematology. Edited and written by practitioners who are the leaders in the field, the book covers basic scientific foundations of hematology while focusing on its clinical aspects. This edition has been thoroughly updated and includes ten new chapters on cellular biology, haploidentical transplantation, hematologic manifestations of parasitic diseases, and more. The table of contents itself has been thoroughly revised to reflect the rapidly changing nature of the molecular and cellular areas of the specialty. Over 1,000 vivid images, now all presented in full color for the first time, include a collection of detailed photomicrographs in every chapter, selected by a hematopathology image consultant. What's more, this Expert Consult Premium Edition includes access to the complete contents of the book online, fully searchable and updated quarterly by Dr. Hoffman himself. - Publisher.

Basic Nutrition

Author : Lori A. Smolin
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