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The Awakening of Zen

Author : Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki
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Essays on Zen Buddhism from the renowned scholar cover a wide range of topics, from the relationship between Zen Buddhism and Western psychology to the influence of Zen on Japanese culture and history. Original.

Awakening to Zen

Author : Roshi Philip Kapleau
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When Roshi Philip Kapleau returned to the United States in 1966, after thirteen years of training in Japan with two of the country's greatest masters of Zen, he "did not come home empty-handed -- he brought us a living word of Zen," Kenneth Kraft has said. The first Westerner fully and naturally at home with Zen, Roshi Kapleau has made it his life's work to translate Zen Buddhism into an American idiom, to take Zen's essence and plant it in American soil. Four decades later, the seeds of Zen that Roshi Kapleau planted have blossomed. Zen flourishes and Roshi Kapleau continues to help people find enlightenment and fulfillment within, not outside, their daily lives. "True awakening," Roshi Kapleau has said, "is not a 'high' that keeps one in the clouds of an abstract oneness, but a realization that brings one solidly down to earth into the world of toil and struggle." Kapleau has written a number of books in his lifetime, The Three Pillars of Zen the most well known among them, but the heart of his work, his teachings to his students, has never before been made available. Awakening to Zen extracts the vital threads of Roshi Kapleau's teachings and braids them into a strong yet supple cord that readers may follow toward a deeper understanding of the enlightened life. Roshi Kapleau's warm, sometimes humorous but always grounded lessons touch on every aspect of daily reality; they capture his power, too, to transform the lives of not just practicing Buddhists, but all people who seek to experience in a more authentic way the bond they share with the world around them. One way or another, Roshi Kapleau has spent the past forty-three years of his life helping make Zen practice and its fruits accessible to anyone of sincere intent. Awakening to Zen offers a crucial and never-before-published aspect of his life's work.

Awakening to Zen

Author : Roshi Philip Kapleau
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The author had 13 years of formal training in Zen Buddhism and translated his knowledge for Westerners.

Zen Awakening to Your Original Face

Author :
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Awakening and Insight

Author : Polly Young-Eisendrath
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Buddhism first came to the West many centuries ago through the Greeks, who also influenced some of the culture and practices of Indian Buddhism. As Buddhism has spread beyond India, it has always been affected by the indigenous traditions of its new homes. When Buddhism appeared in America and Europe in the 1950s and 1960s, it encountered contemporary psychology and psychotherapy, rather than religious traditions. Since the 1990s, many efforts have been made by Westerners to analyze and integrate the similarities and differences between Buddhism and it therapeutic ancestors, particularly Jungian psychology. Taking Japanese Zen-Buddhism as its starting point, this volume is a collection of critiques, commentaries, and histories about a particular meeting of Buddhism and psychology. It is based on the Zen Buddhism and Psychotherapy conference that took place in Kyoto, Japan, in 1999, expanded by additional papers, and includes: new perspectives on Buddhism and psychology, East and West cautions and insights about potential confusions traditional ideas in a new light. It also features a new translation of the conversation between Schin'ichi Hisamatsu and Carl Jung which took place in 1958. Awakening and Insight expresses a meeting of minds, Japanese and Western, in a way that opens new questions about and sheds new light on our subjective lives. It will be of great interest to students, scholars and practitioners of psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, and analytical psychology, as well as anyone involved in Zen Buddhism.

Zen Awakening and Society

Author : Christopher Ives
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Zen Awakening and Society considers the relationship between Zen and social ethics by examining ethical facets of Zen practice and satori, as well as the traditional socio-political role of Zen in Japan, ethical reflection by key Zen thinkers, those resources and pitfalls in Zen relevant to ethics, and possible avenues along which Zen Buddhists could begin to formulate a self-critical, systematic social ethic.

Awakening to Your True Self

Author : Zensho W. Kopp
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In this wonderfully formulated text, Zen Master Zensho shows us a direct path to experiencing our true, intrinsic nature. He lifts us up above our habitual, limited perspectives so that we become able to experience the peace and joy of our indwelling, divine self. Thus from out of our identification with the unreal, we attain the absolute reality of our true self. Through this we experience a liberating transformation to a deeper and all-embracing cosmic consciousness. In this book we feel the direct presence and realisation of one of the great enlightened masters of our time. His profound sayings are exceptionally clear and universally valid.

Tending the Fire

Author : Dale Verkuilen
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Tending the Fire is dedicated to the study and cultivation of transformation through an innovative systematic approach for working with conditioned states, the third aspect of Dukkha--cause of suffering. It blends Zen training with an original Western psychological method of introspection called the Resolution Sequence and introduces a symbolic means of conveying information that assists practitioners with structuring, organizing, and understanding the process of awakening.Tending the Fire is offered as a skillful means for studying the constituents of self before and after transformative experiences. Original.


Author : Yogi Brahmasamhara
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This is a book on meditation that takes people beyond where most other such books have taken them. It is a book of wisdom - wisdom for its understanding of human nature, wisdom for its answers to the unhappiness in modern life, and wisdom for the person-to-person way in which it is written.

Living Zen

Author : Jay Ingram
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Zen Master Jay Ingram has helped students answer the questions: What makes life work? How do I become the best "me" and find the right "other"? How do I raise children to be happy and mentally stable? How do I learn to flow with life rather than feel I'm swimming upstream? In understandable style, the way of Zen is communicated to be used today, right now. A guide to feeling life rather than thinking life, helps you get to know yourself and like yourself while using your latent skills and strengths to develop your intuitive nature.

The Old Zen Master

Author : Trevor Leggett
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Stories, parables, and examples have been a favoured way of conveying spiritual insights and truths since time immemorial, and Trevor Leggett was a master at it. He had the knack of pointing out the spiritual implications of practical events which everyone can relate to. This volume contains stories based on Buddhism and referring to martial arts, music, chess and incidents in ordinary life. He describes this as a freewheeling book: `I am trying to give a few hints which have helped me and which can be of help to others, ' he said. For those who know nothing of Buddhism or Zen in particular, this is an ideal introduction, but is nevertheless relevant to long-term practitioners. As the author points out, occasionally a new slant, a new angle or a new illustration - especially if it is an unexpected one - can be a help in absorbing practice, study and devotion. Trevor Leggett (1914-2000) lived for a considerable time in Japan. He was the first foreigner to obtain the Sixth Dan (senior teachers degree) in judo from Kodokan and has written several well-known books on the subject. He has also written extensively on Zen, including A First Zen Reader, The Warrior Koans, Zen and the Ways, Yoga and Zen, Fingers and Moons, and this final work The Old Zen Master.


Author : Gregory P. A. Levine
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Transmitted from China to Japan in the 13th century, Zen Buddhism not only introduced religious practices but also literature, calligraphy, philosophy, and ink painting to Japanese disciples. This elegant book discusses these fields as they combined to encompass the evocative practice of figure painting within Zen Buddhism in medieval Japan. Focusing on forty-seven exceptional Japanese and Chinese paintings from the 12th to the 16th centuries––which together illustrate the story of the “awakening” of Zen art––the book features essays by distinguished scholars that discuss the life and art within Zen monastic and lay communities. The authors explore the ideology underlying the development of Zen’s own pantheon of characters created to imagine the Buddha’s wisdom and offer fresh insights into the role of the visual arts within Zen practice as it developed in Japan in close dialogue with the Asian continent.

The Zen Teaching of Instantaneous Awakening

Author : Hui Hai
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A complete translation of the teaching of the Chinese Ch'an Master Hui Hai by Blofeld, this moment of truth and awakening and its 8th-century message are universal and timeless.

Hidden Zen

Author : Meido Moore
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Discover hidden practices, secretly transmitted in authentic Zen lineages, of using body, speech, and mind to remove obstructions to awakening. Though Zen is best known for the practices of koan introspection and "just sitting" or shikantaza, there are in fact many other practices transmitted in Zen lineages. In modern practice settings, students will find that Bodhidharma's words "direct pointing at the human mind" are little mentioned, or else taken to be simply a general descriptor of Zen rather than a crucial activity within Zen practice. Reversing this trend toward homogeneous and superficial understandings of Zen technique, Hidden Zen presents a diverse collection of practice instructions that are transmitted orally from teacher to student, unlocking a comprehensive path of awakening. This book reveals and details, for the first time, a treasury of "direct pointing" and internal energy cultivation practices preserved in the Rinzai Zen tradition. The twenty-eight practices of direct pointing offered here illuminate one's innate clarity and, ultimately, the nature of mind itself. Over a dozen practices of internal energetic cultivation galvanize dramatic effects on the depth of one's meditative attainment. Hidden Zen affords a small taste of the richness of authentic Zen, helping readers grow beyond the bounds of introspection and sitting to find awakening itself.

The Awakening of a New Consciousness in Zen

Author : Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki
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Commentary on the Song of Awakening by Yoka Daishi

Author : Kodo Sawaki
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Translated from Japanese, this is a beautiful 7th century poem by a Chinese Chan master that expresses the wonder of his experience of enlightenment.

Instant Zen

Author : Chʻing-yüan
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This first English translation of a great Zen master's work introduces the liberating force of Zen practice in everyday experience. Demonstrating how the words of Ch'an Master Foyen apply to contemporary life, Instant Zen introduces the teachings of the 11th-century master in clear, practical language.

Zen Camera

Author : David Ulrich
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Zen Camera is an unprecedented photography practice that guides you to the creativity at your fingertips, calling for nothing more than your vision and any camera, even the one embedded in your phone. David Ulrich draws on the principles of Zen practice as well as forty years of teaching photography to offer six profound lessons for developing your self-expression. Doing for photography what The Artist’s Way and Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain did for their respective crafts, Zen Camera encourages you to build a visual journaling practice called your Daily Record in which photography can become a path of self-discovery. Beautifully illustrated with 83 photographs, its insights into the nature of seeing, art, and personal growth allow you to create photographs that are beautiful, meaningful, and uniquely your own. You’ll ultimately learn to change the way you interact with technology—transforming it into a way to uncover your innate power of attention and mindfulness, to see creatively, and to live authentically.

Robert Powell s The Great Awakening

Author : Robert Powell
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You Are the Awakening

Author : Zen Gardner
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This first book of a series is a compilation of updated articles regarding the awakening to a more fully conscious awareness of who we are and why we are here. I've selected my more appropriate essays to help empower and encourage anyone who is on this wonderful path of realizing our infinite potential, highlighting the fact that any change we seek in the world around us begins with each of us individually. We cannot expect the true reality we know in our hearts to come to fruition without full conscious awareness on an individual basis. Otherwise, any effort to reform or transmute the world of suffering around us will only reinforce the same constructs and limited understanding that created it. The dynamics of the awakening are much different from the programmed approach of this world we were born into. In order to tap into the limitless source of our full potential we have to step aside from the severely limited ways of thinking we are accustomed to and apply entirely new seemingly unstructured principles. The only way to find these dynamic forces awaiting us is by letting go of our previous notions, even so-called logic in many cases, as well as a host of reflexive mind sets and emotional responses. These only cloud the heart from realizing itself in our lives. I liken this awakening process to unhooking a type of velcro attachment to our souls one hook and loop at a time. The process is continual, but as we free ourselves we grow more awake and aware and hence empowered to pursue this process which in turn inevitably leads to a changed world view and detached yet empowered lifestyle, as well as feeling compelled to help inspire the same in others. This happens via accessing information, inner realizations and taking action on what we have come to learn. Synchronistic thoughts and events begin to manifest more frequently and as we take these cues seriously and put them into effect, a glorious new life blossoms in the rich soil of our hearts. The articles are arranged in sections but each one is a stand alone entry so they can be read in sequence or individually. It's meant to serve as a sort of empowerment handbook you can easily reference in full, by section or by particular article anytime you'd like to help encourage all those embarking on this wonderful journey. May these words inspire and empower you. Much love, Zen