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Aura Reading for Beginners

Author : Richard Webster
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Fully comprehend those around you by learning to read their aura, the energetic manifestation of the soul. Watch for a dirty red haze around those who have just lost their temper, or an expanded aura for those doing philanthropic deeds. Learn to see auras through the proven methods taught by Richard Webster in his psychic training classes, including exploring the chakra system and learning how to restore balance. Then, begin to imprint your desires into your aura to attract what you want in your life. These proven methods for seeing and reading auras will help you: —Interpret the meanings of colors in the aura —Find a career that is best suited for you —Relate better to the people in your life —Enjoy excellent health —Discover areas of your life that you need to work on —Imprint what you want in your future into your aura —Discover the signs of impending ill health, drug abuse, and pain —Change the state of your aura and stimulate specific chakras through music, crystals, color

Aura Reading

Author : Theo Lalvani
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Guide to Auras: How to read them & what there colors mean!

Read anyone s Aura

Author : Krishna Mohan Avancha
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This book is dedicated to any person who wishes to read any one's aura to learn more about them. An aura reading can also help tarot cards and other occult science students and practitioners as it tells them what could possibly be wrong with the person visiting them.


Author : Mark Smith
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That is a brave claim to make, especially in the title of a book. But it's true. When you practice the ten easy steps in this book, you will be able to quickly and easily see the aura. Dr. Raymond A. Moody, author of the famous book, Life After Life, read this book and wrote, "Hallelujah! I can finally see [auras] for myself. And I suspect many others will be probing this realm, too, with this guidebook in their hands." Mark Smith, the author of Auras: See Them in Only 60 Seconds! (previously published as In A New Light), has hosted numerous seminars on auric vision. Now you can learn ó in the safety, privacy, and comfort of your own home ó what he has refined over years of study, practice, and teaching. In just one minute you will be able to see auras. The appendix shows you the ten steps to develop your auric vision and make it stronger, and gives a special way for you to see your own aura. Learning to see the mysterious glow that surrounds the body is just the first step. As you rapidly increase your abilities you will be able to see a wide range of colors in the aura. The colors provide an amazing amount of information about a person. You will learn how to interpret the aura to determine everything from the physical health level of a person to how charismatic that person is. If you want to learn to see and read the aura, this book is a must.


Author : Eliza Swann
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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If you want to explore the energy and beauty of auras, simply start here! Auras: The Anatomy of the Aura is a modern illustrated guide to the ancient practice of aura reading. The latest title in The Start Here Guide Series, this is the perfect book to introduce readers to the power and beauty of auras. These layered veils of energy surround all physical things and reflect the state of their internal energy flow. Author and teacher Eliza Swann demystifies the world of auras and brings an ancient tradition into the modern era, teaching readers: - What an “aura” is from both mystical and scientific perspectives - Techniques for learning to perceive auras - The history of the concept of auras - An in-depth explanation of the layers of the human aura - An extensive glossary of terminology relating to the human aura - How to heal the human aura Black and white illustrations throughout the book help readers visualize the techniques as they read. Packed with information yet always fun and accessible, Auras is the ultimate beginners guide!

Ancient Teachings for Beginners

Author : Douglas De Long
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Ancient Teachings for Beginners by Douglas De Long reveals the mysteries from the distant past and how they can lead to a brighter future in the New Age. It begins with a brief history of spiritual development from before ancient Egypt right up to the present. It continues by explaining the secrets of the aura and the chakras. In this section you'll learn about the importance of the third eye chakra. It is related to the pineal gland and the third eye. Opening the third eye aids intuition, creativity, and psychic abilities. You can do this easily by "toning," "doing vibrational work" or chanting Thoh (rhymes with "toe") at a middle or high "C" note. This triggers a vibration in the pineal which cause the third eye and its chakra to open. The exact techniques are included in the book. If you open the crown chakra (associated with the pituitary gland) you can improve some of your natural psychic abilities, including clairaudience, clairvoyance, and clairsentience. Vibrational work for this chakra uses the sound May. Breathing techniques and the exact way of toning to open the chakra are fully explained. You'll also learn how to see the aura and interpret its colors, as well as how to open all of the chakras. The book also explains techniques to send the mysterious kundalini energy through the chakras. But this book has more! It includes the secrets of channeling, such as working with angels and spirit guides. It goes on to share methods of astral projection and then reveals the secrets of reincarnation. Ancient Teachings for Beginnersis easy to understand and the techniques are a snap to use. If you are looking for an introduction to the secrets of the teachings of the ancient mystery schools, this book is for you!

The Human Aura

Author : Davina DeSilver
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Human Aura: Reading Auras & Colors This book goes beyond the entertainment of aura and chakra colors, uncovering for the first time some of the intensely personal and relevant information that sits in the human aura. With powerful case studies and sensitively written, it is a delight to read that will interest and intrigue many. It opens a doorway to an unseen world, a world of energy and color, which has implications on every area of life. Have you had an aura reading & want to know more about auras and chakras and what the colors mean? Maybe you've had an aura photograph & want to understand what it says about you. This book will show you how to read auras & interpret the information that many people miss. Naturally improve your own psychic abilities and psychic development by reading auras. Working with the aura and the energy of the human body you quickly and effortlessly start to expand your own psychic awareness. "This is a language of color that is very easy to learn and interpret." Discover How to sense energy What the aura colors mean The Magic Matrix -a tool that makes reading auras easy How to improve your own intuitive, psychic ability How to protect your energy Aura Colors Covered: The Red Aura The Orange Aura What Does a Yellow Aura mean? Do you have a Green Aura? What's the main thing people with a Blue Aura need to be aware of? The Indigo & Violet Auras The Crystal Aura What Brown & Pink in the Aura mean Do have the passion of red, the sensitivity of blue or the loving heart of green in your aura? How about your friends and family - what colors are they? Understand the seven main chakras, the energy centers in the human aura and the association they each have with us on a mental, physical emotional and spiritual level. When you understand the aura you can manage your energy and take your well-being to a whole new level.

How to See and Read the Aura

Author : Ted Andrews
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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"Anyone can learn to see and experience the aura more effectively." -Ted Andrews If you''ve ever felt immediately comfortable-or uncomfortable-around someone you''ve just met, you''ve probably sensed a person''s aura. Now you can learn to actually see the aura-the energy field that surrounds the human body. Popular author Ted Andrews presents simple and effective techniques for not only seeing auras, but also deciphering what the aura reveals about a person''s physical, emotional, and spiritual self. Discover how to: See the colors of the aura and interpret their meanings Make simple tools to measure the aura Cleanse, strengthen, and protect your own aura Increase your sensitivity and intuition Boost your energy and improve your health

Numerology for Beginners

Author : Gerie Bauer
File Size : 27.44 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Within a few minutes, learn to assess vibrations surrounding a specific year, month, and day--even a specific person--through this numerology guide.

Astral Travel for Beginners

Author : Richard Webster
File Size : 37.66 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The exercises in this book are carefully graded to take readers step-by-step through an actual out-of-body experience.


Author : Estelle Reder
File Size : 75.59 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Learn to See Auras. Learn to Read Auras. Meditation on Auras. How to Strengthen Your Aura. How to Clear Auras. How to Protect Your Aura. Easy Ways to See Auras. Easy Ways to Read Auras. Contrary to popular belief, one does not have to be born with the talent to be able to see auras. The techniques to learn how to see auras are easy to learn. You can learn how to read auras well enough to understand what they mean. This book shows you how to see and read auras - step by step. It's very easy and fun, too. You can impress your friends when you can see their auras and tell them the meaning of the colors that you see around them. What is the aura? The aura is the physical manifestation of the electric field surrounding all matter - be it person, animal, plant or object. For example, when we see pictures of Jesus Christ, we often see a light around him. This is the aura. It's easy to start seeing auras. You can practice on all things - as simple an object as a rock. Or you can start by placing your whole hand on a white paper. Relax your eyes. Don't stare at your hand - rather, look at the areas around the fingertips and fingers. It is best to do this in soft lighting; a lamp works great. After a while, if you are relaxed enough, you will begin to see a soft haze around your hand. If you look at it long enough, you will start to see colors. Beginners can usually make out only one color, but as you get better, you will be able to see more at one time. Another exciting way to see your aura is mirror watching. This is a great technique to practice reading your own aura. This book gives you the steps to follow to be able to do this. This book is easy to use, and easy to understand. It makes a great reference tool as well. The white inner-auras always the first thing you should see when you begin reading auras. As you progress and develop your skill, it will become easier for you to see the other layers. You will be able to distinguish the different colors on different parts of the body. Finally, you will be able to interpret the meaning of the various colors, as to your health. You will learn how to clear negativity from the aura, protect your aura from negative people, and how to revitalize and strengthen your aura. You will also learn a meditation for your aura, based on the OM - which is the most powerful mantra of all. OM is the Sanskrit word for the spark of life itself, that part of the divine imprisoned within our physical life. This mantra acts as a protective force within the aura. It strengthens all energy reserves and helps to keep you from being drained or being taken advantage of. This book also shows you how to measure your aura, using dowsing methods. It gives you a step-by-step approach to making your own dowsing tool, and how to measure your own and your friends' auras. This is a great fun thing to do at a party to amaze your friends, while making them aware of how far their auras extend, and how to protect the aura from being drained by others. See auras around trees and plants. Look at the top of a tree with the sky as a background. You should look a little past the tips of the limbs or leaves of the tree/plant. Let your eyes go a little out of focus and just relax while doing this. You will see a cloud (almost glowing) like image that moves in and out from the tree/plant. This skill is easy to learn, and will provide years of fun and enlightenment about the aura and the other unseen energies that surround us on this planet. One of the most common color you will see is Red. Red is the color of strength, strong passion and will. Dark red may symbolize one who has a quick temper, is nervous or impulsive - someone with a pre-disposition to high-blood pressure. Knowing this will help you by showing you alternatives. Great little book. Easy read.

The Little Book of Aura Healing

Author : Laura Styler
File Size : 25.77 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Awaken your personal power--easy techniques to understand, read, and heal your aura The Little Book of Aura Healing is your beginner's guide to what your aura is and how you can heal and maintain it for better well-being. Begin with a brief background on how auras work before diving into specifics of each color, each layer, and practical aura balancing techniques that anyone can do. The Little Book of Aura Healing illuminates how your aura is connected to your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. Start healing your aura right away with: Practical techniques--Explore simple practices for reading, healing, and strengthening your aura, with friendly language and helpful illustrations. Learn the signs--Discover ways to identify an aura that's imbalanced and how to align the energy of your thoughts, emotions, intentions, and actions for greater aural symmetry. The seven layers--Learn about the color, size, chakra, and personality traits associated with each of the seven main layers of your aura, and how to heal the ones that need your attention most. This book is your ultimate guide to auras and their colors as well as simple practices to read, cleanse, and heal them.

Angels for Beginners

Author : Richard Webster
File Size : 20.36 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Discover how to connect to divine guides and guardians, from archangels to specialist angels of healing and abundance. World-renowned author Richard Webster shows you how angels have helped people throughout history and provides simple ways you can apply those lessons to your own life. You don't have to follow any particular spiritual path to communicate with and understand angels. They work for people of different faiths and backgrounds all around the world, and sometimes they come to you in unexpected ways. Learn how to identify the signs and symbols they send, explore ways to work with the angelic realms, and enjoy fascinating and heartwarming stories of angelic visitations. With this book's help, you'll receive many amazing messages and lead a sacred life.

Aura Reading

Author : Cassandra Eason
File Size : 68.70 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Everyone has an aura and can learn to read their own and those of the people around them. In Aura Reading Cassandra Eason provides a clear and accessible introduction to an increasingly popular subject. Packed with practical examples and simple user-friendly exercises.


Author : Valerie W. Holt
File Size : 75.54 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Master the Art of Reading Auras Valerie has bundled together her best-selling, two-book, Aura series. Learn everything you need to know to start seeing, feeling, and knowing Auras. When you purchase this book you're getting Auras for Beginners, and Auras: Tips and Tricks. The #1 Aura Guide to Seeing Feeling, and Knowing Auras Discvoer the Realm of Auras In this book, Valerie will discuss how you can start seeing, feeling, and knowing people, specifically their auras, at a moments notice! Here's a peek at what you'll learn from this book: What Auras Tuly Are The 7 Layers that Make Up Auras How to See Auras How to Feel Auras How to Know Auras Practicing Your Perceptions And More... Learn the Fundamentals of Auras. Discover How to Read and See Energy Fields Have you been learning about the realm of Auras, but want to get a deeper understanding of each color's meaning? In this book, Valerie goes over not only the meanings of the colors but also the effect fear and stress have on auras and ways to protect your aura from these harmful effects. Here's a peek at what you'll learn from this book: Aura Color Meanings The Effect Fear has on Auras How to Protect Your Aura Psychic Development and Aura Relation And more... Learn all the tips and tricks!

How to Do Clairvoyant Aura Reading

Author : James David Rockefeller
File Size : 57.63 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Have you ever been able to witness a glow around another person? Have you ever looked into a mirror and seen a field of energy surrounding your body? If yes, you have already witnessed an aura. In the field of Intuition Medicine, this field of energy is simply called an aura and is believed to shield and protect your subtle non-physical body. The aura appears like a glow around your physical body. It protects your energy system from the harmful effects of the environment. You will notice an aura around every living being. The health and well-being of your aura will determine how happy, joyful, and peaceful you feel mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It also affects how healthy or unhealthy your physical body is. If your aura is unhealthy, it will begin to have a negative effect on various aspects of your life. This is why you need to cleanse and heal your aura regularly to keep the energy flowing uninterruptedly and to keep yourself protected. This book will help you learn about what an aura is. It will tell you about how you can read the aura and heal it for a healthier and more joyful you.

Auras Clairvoyance and Psychic Development

Author : Crystal Muss
File Size : 81.13 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Gain Wisdom, Protection, and Healing Through the Power of Auras! Have you ever wondered about auras? Do you know how to detect them? Would you like to be able to gain insight into people by reading their auras? If so, then Auras is the book for you! Are you curious about auras? Would you like to know: How Auras Have Been Depicted and Studied Since Ancient Times? The Benefits and Significance of Auras The Meanings of Aura Colors How to Detect Auras in Others How to Cleanse and Protect Your Aura You'll even learn the relation of auras and their colors to chakras and healing! Purchase Auras Now for Instant Reading by Scrolling Up and Clicking the Buy Button Heal yourself and others, gain wisdom and insight, and explore the colorful world of aura visualization!

Your Aura and Your Chakras

Author : Karla McLaren
File Size : 52.42 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Auras and chakras are natural human boundary and energy systems. This guidebook by a therapist is an examination of the aura and chakras, providing material on each of the chakras, and on defining, cleansing and protecting a personal aura. It is designed to demystify the subject and empower all readers.

The Beginner s Guide to Sex in the Afterlife

Author : David Staume
File Size : 28.4 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Beginner's Guide to Sex in the Afterlife is the follow-up to David Staume's quirky and popular Beginner's Guide for the Recently Deceased. It assumes, as did his first book, that the reader is dead, and takes the reader on a "tour" of the subject. With humor and intelligence, this guidebook explores the origin, purpose, and potential of sexual energy. It explains how sexual energy moves through our solar system and through us. Readers will also learn how to work with sexual energy for a richer and more fulfilled life, balance their masculine and feminine energies, and improve the quality of their love.

French Reading for Beginners

Author :
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