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Augustinus Lexikon Aaron Conuersio

Author : Cornelius Petrus Mayer
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"The Augustinus-Lexikon is both a conceptual and a real dictionary. In alphabetical order, it covers concepts, people and things that are of importance for the life, work and teachings of Augustine."--

Religious Polemics and Encounters in Late Antiquity

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This volume explores the intricate identarian formation and negotiations of early encounters of the Abrahamic religions. Its aim is to understand the ever-pressing challenges arising from polemical inter-religious encounters by analyzing the dynamics of apologetic debate, the negotiation and formation of boundaries of belonging, and the argumentative thrust for persuasion and conversion.

The Cambridge Companion to Augustine s City of God

Author : Fr. David Vincent Meconi, S.J.
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Augustine of Hippo's The City of God is generally considered to be one of the key works of Late Antiquity. Written in response to allegations that Christianity had brought about the decline of Rome, Augustine here explores themes in history, political science, and Christian theology, and argues for the truth of Christianity over competing religions and philosophies. This Companion volume includes specially-commissioned essays by an international team of scholars that provide new insights into The City of God. Offering commentary on each of this massive work's 22 books chapters, they sequentially and systematically explore The City of God as a whole. Collectively, these essays demonstrate the development and coherence of Augustine's argument. The volume will be an invaluable resource for students and scholars of ancient and contemporary theology, philosophy, cultural studies, and political theory.

Augustinus Lexikon

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Fallen Angels in the Theology of St Augustine

Author : Gregory D. Wiebe
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This book ventures to describe Augustine of Hippo's understanding of demons, including the theology, angelology, and anthropology that contextualize it. Demons are, for Augustine as for the Psalmist (95:5 LXX) and the Apostle (1 Cor 10:20), the "gods of the nations." This means that Augustine's demons are best understood neither when they are "spiritualized" as personifications of psychological struggles, nor in terms of materialist contagions that undergird a superstitious moralism. Rather, because the gods of the nations are the paradigm of demonic power and influence over humanity, Augustine sees the Christian's moral struggle against them within broader questions of social bonds, cultural form, popular opinion, philosophical investigation, liturgical movement, and so forth. In a word, Augustine's demons have a religious significance, particularly in its Augustinian sense of bonds and duties between persons, and between persons and that which is divine. Demons are a highly integrated component of his broader theology, rooted in his conception of angels as the ministers of all creation under God, and informed by the doctrine of evil as privation and his understanding of the fall, his thoughts on human embodiment, desire, visions, and the limits of human knowledge, as well as his theology of religious incorporation and sacraments. As false mediators, demons are mediated by false religion, the body of the devil, which Augustine opposes with an appeal to the true mediator, Christ, and the true religion of his body, the church.

Passions and Moral Progress in Greco Roman Thought

Author : John T. Fitzgerald
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This book contains a collection of 13 essays from leading scholars on the relationship between passionate emotions and moral advancement in Greek and Roman thought. Recognising that emotions played a key role in whether individuals lived happily, ancient philosophers extensively discussed the nature of "the passions", showing how those who managed their emotions properly would lead better, more moral lives. The contributions are preceded by an introdution to the subject by John Fitzgerald. Writers discussed include the Cynics, the Neopythagorians, Aristotle and Ovid; the discussion encompasses philosophy, literature and religion.

Augustinus Lexikon fasc 1

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Theology and the Quest for Truth

Author : Mathijs Lamberigts
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In 2001, three research groups from the field of systematic theology and church history at the Faculty of Theology, K.U.Leuven, decided to join forces in an interdisciplinary project, entitled: "Orthodoxy: Process and Product". The main aim of this project consists of a "church-historical and systematic-theological study of the determination of truth in church and theology". Senior and junior scholars from the three groups agreed to take this theme as the starting point and leading question from which the many research projects they are engaged in, could be brought into relationship and - as far as possible - integrated. Although the question for theological truth already structured the research being conducted in the three groups to a significant degree, joining forces promised the realisation of a surplus-value, and this both through the gathering of a considerable critical mass (in total more than thirty junior and senior researchers) and the interdisciplinary design of the project. In this volume a first collection of contributions to this project, from a diversity of angles and research subjects, is presented. In these contributions scholars from the participating research groups investigate the implications of the overall research question for their particular line of research and research methodologies, and suggest how from this specific research the overall question may be refined and elements of answering it can be provided.


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Historical Social Research

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