Attracting Your Perfect Body Through the Chakras


Author: Cyndi Dale

Publisher: Celestial Arts

ISBN: 9781580911740

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 138

View: 1414

Best-selling author Cyndi Dale shows how to analyze your chakras-the body's centers of energy-to identify your personality type and achieve your ideal body. For each of the 11 types, she suggests complementary lifestyle habits to produce perfect physical and spiritual health.An interactive guidebook to understanding chakras and how to use them to improve your physical health and self-image.Details 11 major chakra body types with ideas for diet, exercise, style, attitude, and spiritual principles tailored to each type.Dale's books have sold more than 100,000 copies.

The Subtle Body Practice Manual

A Comprehensive Guide to Energy Healing


Author: Cyndi Dale

Publisher: Sounds True

ISBN: 1622030494

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 366

View: 7345

Cyndi Dale's The Subtle Body has become the go-to reference guide for anyone who wants to learn about the many varieties of energy healing. With The Subtle Body Practice Manual, she offers an equally valuable resource: a practical instruction manual for putting energy healing into action. Filled with lucid information, step-by-step guidance, diagrams, and key insights, here is an expansive how-to manual that covers practices from a vast range of holistic healing and energy medicine traditions, including: The six core energy techniques that every healer should know Energetic diagnosis practices to determine which kind of modality will be most effective for specific health issues Setting strong and flexible energetic boundaries, with special guidance for those in the healing professions Techniques for working with the subtle aspects of the body, emotions, and the subconscious mind Dozens of practices for healing through the chakras, the meridians, chi, breathwork, auric fields, sacred geometry, acupressure, music, and much more As Cyndi Dale writes, all medicine is energy medicine—which is why subtle energy practices can be used to complement and enhance any approach to healing or self-care. Presented with Cyndi Dale's thorough scholarship and clear writing style, The Subtle Body Practice Manual provides professionals and laypersons alike with an indispensible resource on the many varieties and applications of energetic care—so you can begin using these powerful practices in your own life.

The Complete Book of Chakra Healing

Activate the Transformative Power of Your Energy Centers


Author: Cyndi Dale

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide

ISBN: 0738715026

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 430

View: 2504

Cyndi Dale's New Chakra Healing established a new standard for healers, intuitives, and energy workers worldwide. It expanded the seven-chakra system to thirty-two, including twenty spiritual points serving as catalysts for dynamic change. This comprehensive expanded edition of her classic guide, with more than 150 pages of new information, features an abundance of original material and illustrations: —A new introduction with true stories from Cyndi Dale's healing practice —Illustrations of the energetic nature of diseases, so they can be better understood and addressed —Detailed descriptions of energetic bodies and fields found nowhere else, such as the energy egg, zones of existence, a three-part kundalini system, and dozens of others —A wealth of information on healing the earth as you heal yourself The Complete Book of Chakra Healing will help you integrate the powerful forces of your energy body into your everyday life for better health, increased happiness and creativity, and a stronger awareness of your life's true purpose.

The Subtle Body

An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy


Author: Cyndi Dale

Publisher: Sounds True

ISBN: 1591798272

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 516

View: 1514

Welcome to the first comprehensive encyclopedia of the human energetic anatomy. Here is a reference that no personal or professional health-care library should be without—an in-depth, illustrated guide to the invisible energies of the spirit, psyche, and consciousness that influence every aspect of our well-being. Whether you are looking for the right complementary medicine to enhance your own healing practice, seeking perennial wisdom about your body’s energetic nature from world traditions, or exploring the quantum edge of intention-based care, The Subtle Body is an indispensible companion for exploring virtually any facet of holistic healing. Created for healing professionals and patients alike, this volume provides a lexicon of terms, illustrations, and detailed entries about our energetic biology and how it relates to our physical being. This invaluable information will help you enhance any form of health care and give you the knowledge you need to develop an integrated approach for your clients’ well-being—or your own. All healers are "energetic" healers, whether they know it or not. Because every health issue has a physical and an energetic component, even a simple physical treatment like bandaging a cut also impacts the body's spiritual, mental, and emotional welfare. The Subtle Body is a comprehensive encyclopedia devoted to the critical world of our invisible anatomy, where so much of healing actually occurs. Compiled by intuitive healer and scholar Cyndi Dale, this 500-page full color illustrated reference book covers: What is the "subtle body"? New scientific understanding of our quantum-state existence and the unseen fields that determine our physical condition True integrative care: how combining Eastern energetic modalities with Western scientific rigor yields optimum results The meridians, fields, and chakras: detailed information and diagrams about the role of these energetic structures in our overall health Energy-based therapy principles from the world's healing traditions--including Ayurveda, Qigong, Reiki, Quabalah, and many more For professionals who want to make the leap from being good healers to great ones, one thing is clear: we need to care for every facet of our well-being. With The Subtle Body, practitioners and patients alike now have an unprecedented resource for understanding the physical, energetic, and spiritual elements of human health--for an informed, complete approach to healing.

Illuminating the Afterlife

Your Soul's Journey Through the Worlds Beyond: Easyread Super Large 20pt Edition


Author: Cyndi Dale


ISBN: 1427099618

Category: Fiction

Page: 536

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Jeff Herman's Guide to Book Publishers, Editors & Literary Agents 2007

Who They Are! what They Want! and how to Win Them Over!


Author: Jeff Herman

Publisher: N.A


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 966

View: 3137

Presents a guide to the names and specialities of American and Canadian publishers, editors, and literary agents, including information on the acquisition process and on choosing literary agents.

Creating on Purpose

The Spiritual Technology of Manifesting Through the Chakras


Author: Anodea Judith,Lion Goodman

Publisher: Sounds True

ISBN: 1604079150

Category: Self-Help

Page: 280

View: 8070

You may have seen the movies and read the books about manifestation, but your power to create your dreams still seems to be missing the mark. Don't throw in the towel yet—there's a radically new approach that may reveal the missing piece of the puzzle. With Creating on Purpose, innovative teachers Anodea Judith and Lion Goodman present a comprehensive, systematic method for realizing your highest aspirations. Shared with thousands in their popular nationwide workshops, this unique, step-by-step approach guides us through a rich study of the inner self, the outer world, and how to connect the two to make your dreams come true. Manifestation is the process of bringing the spiritual and material together to create a better life for yourself, your family, and your community, explain Anodea and Lion. At the heart of this work are the energy centers known as the chakras, which offer us a profound formula for wholeness, a template for transformation, and a sacred map for manifestation. Learn how to make use of the top-down flow of energy between chakras—an ancient key to effective change, and a way of aligning our desires with our highest good, as you explore: Chakra Seven: Consciousness Creates—Receive guidance and grace, clarify ideas into intention, and clear limiting beliefs Chakra Six: Vision Vitalizes—Imagine possibilities, discover your purpose, and visualize your path to fulfillment Chakra Five: Conversation Catalyzes—Tell your story, refine your mission, and set goals to chart your course Chakra Four: Love Enlivens—Find the right relationships, establish your network, and co-create with beauty and love Chakra Three: Power Produces—Become proactive, strengthen your will, and handle distractions and obstacles Chakra Two: Pleasure Pleases—Ride the river of passion, balance masculine and feminine energies, and attract what you want and need Chakra One: Matter Matters—Honor your commitments, inhabit your body, and complete every cycle “When you align your heavenly wisdom with the love in your heart and combine your future vision with your unique skills and abilities,” write Anodea and Lion, “you can begin to drive your vehicle toward your destiny, giving your gifts for the benefit of all beings.” Here is your opportunity to participate in this important work through Creating on Purpose.

The Law of Attraction and Self Help

7 Books in 1 - Third Eye Awakening, Reiki Healing, Chakras for Beginners, Kundalini Awakening, Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, Empath, the Law of Attraction


Author: Mark Madison

Publisher: Independently Published

ISBN: 9781795750875


Page: 640

View: 5354

The Law of Attraction and Self Help: 7 Books in 1Book 1: Third Eye AwakeningYou might have heard about the benefits of awakening your third eye, but what does it actually take to get started on your journey towards enlightenment? This guide is designed to walk you through the entire process from start to finish so that you can connect to your chakras to realize your full potential and enjoy the benefits of a regular meditation practice.Book 2: Reiki HealingReiki is quickly becoming one of the most popular alternative healing methods out there, but can it really live up to the hype? This thorough guide will answer all of the questions you've ever had about Reiki so that you can go to your first session with confidence and truly reap the benefits of your practice.Book 3: Chakras for Beginners Are you hurt? Diseased? Ill? Distressed? How about anxious, depressed, sad, or emotionally a mess? Are you experiencing a "crisis in faith" or a "midlife crisis?" Do you just feel "off?" If any of those questions seemed right or close to what you are experiencing, chances are your energy system is out of balance. And it also means that this book is the perfect fit for you. Chakras for Beginners: Guided Meditation to Awaken and Balance Chakras, Radiate Positive Energy and Heal Yourself with Chakra and Reiki Healing is your essential guide to understanding, activating, healing, and balancing your body. You can explore your chakras as a whole or dive into each one individually. You can follow the flow of the chapters or pick up where you need to. If all else fails, jump to the quick-reference guides in chapter 13 to help you on your path to homeostasis during the odyssey of your life. Book 4: Kundalini Awakening Are you curious about the phenomenon and mystery of kundalini awakening? Do you want to reach the zenith of life and transformation? Or are you struggling with your own personal power, voice, energy, or happiness? This book is written for you. When you understand the process and reactions that occur during your kundalini awakening, you can enjoy an increasingly spiritual and healthy life. Book 5: Yoga Sutra of Patanjali The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali has long been shrouded in mystery and confusion. That's because existing translations rely on confusing language and outdated interpretations. The process can be so frustrating that it seems that only yoga instructors or dedicated gurus are committed to studying this ancient text, the Yoga Sutra. Book 6: Empath Being an empath in a world that is regularly deemed "harsh" and "cruel" can be extremely challenging and even painful at times. If you are an empath who regularly finds yourself feeling as though you are at the mercy of the world around you, you might feel as though you are constantly struggling to engage in society. Since society is a fairly crucial part of life, feeling this struggle can lead you to feel isolated, cast aside, forgotten about or even shunned by the world around you. Book 7: The Law of Attraction Are you ready to live a more positive life? Are you ready to enjoy more success, better health, and stronger relationships? Well, then you need to read the Law of Attraction: The Complete Self Help Guide on How to Manifest Anything In Life and Attract Wealth, Health, and Happiness. Grab your copy NOW!