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Die christlichen Lehrer im zweiten Jahrhundert

Author : Neymeyr
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Encyclopedia of Early Christianity

Author : Everett Ferguson
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First published in 1990. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

A Dictionary of Christian Biography Literature Sects and Doctrines

Author : William Smith
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Irenaeus on the Trinity

Author : Jackson Lashier
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In this work, Jackson Lashier provides a fresh reading of Irenaeus' understanding of God, in dialogue with his opponents and sources, revealing a more developed Trinitarian theology than is commonly accorded the second century in general and Irenaeus in particular.

Speeches from Thucydides

Author : Thucydides
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The Works of the Rev Daniel Waterland D D

Author : Daniel Waterland
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Democracy and the History of Political Thought

Author : Patrick N. Cain
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This volume provides a fresh perspective on current democratic theory and practice by recovering the rich evaluations of democracy in the history of political thought. Each author addresses a single thinker’s reflections on the virtues and defects of democracy and the relationship between democracy and other regimes. Together, these essays explore the tensions within the democratic way of life that arise from an attachment to equality, liberty, citizenship, law, and the divine. Above all, this work aims at recovering a more complex understanding of democracy, connecting the perennial questions of political philosophy to the perplexities and crises of modern democracy.

Reincarnation Oblivion or Heaven

Author : Bobby Bose
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What is death? Why do we die? and what happens after we die? Over the centuries, philosophers and theologians of the world’s religions have offered answers to the dilemma of death, yet this subject is rarely given the detailed attention it deserves in the contemporary Christian church. As Christians, how does our view of death impact the communication of the gospel in today’s pluralistic societies? In this study, Dr Bobby Bose not only develops a solid biblical theology of death, he also reviews the teachings of contemporary and historical Christian theologians around the world, and examines the “state-after-death” beliefs of Hindus, Muslims and Secular Humanists. The author shows that “state-after- death” was a central component of conversation in the early church, and is also a major component of God’s mission to rescue humanity. As the East converges with the West, it is vital that Christians develop a missiological approach to “state-after-death” that will encourage positive engagement with people of other faiths and beliefs.

Reconsidering Creation Ex Nihilo in Genesis 1

Author : Nathan J. Chambers
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There is a broad consensus among biblical scholars that creation ex nihilo (from nothing) is a late Hellenistic concept with little inherent connection to Genesis 1 and other biblical creation texts. In this book, Nathan J. Chambers forces us to reconsider the question, arguing in favor of reading this chapter of the Bible in terms of ex nihilo creation and demonstrating that there is a sound basis for the early Christian development of the doctrine. Drawing on the theology of Augustine of Hippo and Thomas Aquinas, Chambers considers what the ex nihilo doctrine means and does in classical Christian dogma. He examines ancient Near Eastern cosmological texts that provide a potential context for reading Genesis 1. Recognizing the distance between the possible historical and theological frameworks for interpreting the text, he illuminates how this doctrine developed within early Christian thought as a consequence of the church’s commitment to reading Genesis 1 as part of Christian Scripture. Through original close readings of the chapter that engage critically with the work of Jon Levenson, Hermann Gunkel, and Brevard Childs, Chambers demonstrates that, far from precluding interpretive possibilities, reading Genesis 1 in terms of creation from nothing opens up a variety of interpretive avenues that have largely been overlooked in contemporary biblical scholarship. Timely and innovative, this book makes the case for a new (or recovered) framework for reading Genesis 1 that will appeal to biblical studies scholars and seminarians.

Diplomats and Diplomacy in the Roman World

Author : Claude Eilers
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This volume of papers offers ten perspectives on the way in which ambassadors, embassies, and the institutional apparatuses supporting them contributed to Roman rule. Understanding Roman diplomatic practices can shed light on a wide variety of historical and cultural trends.