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Athena Mentor

Author : Marlena Corcoran
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International Baccalaureate and international students need special advice to maximize their chances of admission to top colleges and universities in the United States and United Kingdom. This book provides you with a year-by-year plan to get you from seventh grade through a gap year--and into college in the U.S. or U.K.

The Homeric Epics and the Chinese Book of Songs

Author : Fritz-Heiner Mutschler
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The Homeric epics and the Book of Songs are not just the fountainheads of the Western and Chinese literary traditions; for centuries they played a central role in education and communal life, and thus exercised a lasting influence on both civilizations. This volume presents the first systematic comparison of the two corpora. Part One analyzes their genesis and their reception, while Part Two discusses their characteristics as poetic creations. The book brings together Chinese and Western sinologists and classicists, and so promotes significant interdisciplinary and intercultural dialogue. Though the contributors rank among the leading experts in their fields, the essays here are accessible not only to their peers, but also to the interested ‘general reader’, and so to all those who seek a deeper understanding of Chinese and Western civilizations, their common human basis and their characteristic differences.

Sexual Harassment A Reference Handbook

Author : Merril D. Smith
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Providing an indispensable resource for high school and college readers investigating sexual harassment in the United States, Sexual Harassment: A Reference Handbook is a comprehensive summary of history, current events, possible solutions, and resources. Sexual Harassment: A Reference Handbook provides readers with a comprehensive overview of the topic and connected issues. In addition to discussing the background and history of sexual harassment, it analyzes related problems and controversies and gives possible solutions. It also provides additional perspectives on sexual harassment by contributors and sketches of people and organizations, as well as documents, resources, and a timeline. This volume covers workplace harassment; street harassment; harassment in schools, the military, and prisons; and cyber harassment. The format gives readers a well-balanced perspective on this timely topic with multiple viewpoints showcased in essays by contributors who have experienced sexual harassment, adding depth and relevance. The volume discusses the history of sexual harassment and brings the topic to the present day, and additionally covers recent events and people who have been in the news while putting them in context. Readers can see how laws and awareness of sexual harassment have changed. Additional resources are provided to guide those who wish to further investigate the topic. Provides readers with an understanding of what sexual harassment is, enabling a deeper understanding of the issue and how prevalent it is within American society, workplaces, and institutions. Suggests possible solutions to reduce sexual harassment, including educating people and giving women more opportunities in leadership positions, which can benefit the U.S. society and economy. Provides additional perspectives in personal essays on how sexual harassment affects people and how people handle their experiences, giving an additional relevance to the topic. Provides resources so readers can find additional information on the topic or seek help for themselves or others.

The Story of Myth

Author : Sarah Iles Johnston
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Sarah Iles Johnston argues that the nature of myths as gripping tales starring vivid characters enabled them to do their most important work: sustaining belief in the gods and heroes of Greek religion. She shows how Greek myths--and the stories told by all cultures--affect our shared view of the cosmos and the creatures who inhabit it.

Cheiron s Way

Author : Justina Gregory
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This book studies the social and ethical formation of youthful figures in Homer, Sophocles, and Euripides. Every fictional character comes with a past attached, a presumed personal history that is both implicit and explicit; for the youthful heroes and heroines of epic and tragedy, early education figures significantly in that past. Cheiron's Way takes as its point of departure the words of Homer's Phoenix to Achilles, who claims, "I made you the man you are" as he pleads with his former pupil to let go of his anger. The book begins by exploring topics relevant to heroic and tragic education: age classes, rites of passage, verbal modes of instruction, social conditioning, mentoring, peer role models, and the controversial balance between nature and nurture. It introduces the first teacher in the Greek tradition, Cheiron the centaur, who founded a school for young heroes in his Thessalian cave and instructed Achilles, Jason, and others with mixed success. Next it turns to the Iliadic Achilles, who achieves maturity by way of successive crises-a crisis of disillusionment with the assumptions that shaped his heroic education, followed by a crisis of empathy for his adversary-and who becomes an influential prototype for tragedy. Examination of the Odyssey suggests that while Odysseus received a normative heroic upbringing and Nausicaa internalizes social expectations for young women, Telemachus is more of an outlier. In tragic representations of education Sophocles' Ajax and Neoptolemus replicate the Achillean pattern only partially and unsuccessfully, as does Euripides' Hippolytus; only Achilles and Iphigenia in Euripides' Iphigenia in Aulis achieve an emotional maturity commensurate with the Iliadic Achilles'. Yet all these texts confirm, as elegantly argued in this book, the perennial lure, despite uncertain results, of the educational enterprise for communities, students, and teachers.

The Human Stain

Author : Philip Roth
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Coleman Silk is a respected professor at a New England college who suddenly finds his life unraveling after a comment he makes about some African-American students is misinterpreted as a racial slur. As the scandal heats up, Nathan Zuckerman, a writer researching a biography of Silk, begins to dig deeply into Silk's life. Eventually, matters are made worse when Coleman's affair with a young married janitor named Faunia Farley is exposed. But amid the controversy, Silk must struggle to keep his greatest secret, a secret he's held for the majority of his life, from becoming made public.

Mythos and Voice

Author : Charles Underwood
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Charles Underwood focuses on mythos and voice in the Odyssey to illuminate the characters’ journeys from social displacement through discovery and recovery. He explores how the epic narrative illustrates an ancient tradition’s understanding of how one learns to make one’s way as an active agent in an uncertain world.

Strategies for Resisting Sexism in the Academy

Author : Gail Crimmins
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This book harnesses the expertise of women academics who have constructed innovative approaches to challenging existing sexual disadvantage in the academy. Countering the prevailing postfeminist discourse, the contributors to this volume argue that sexism needs to be named in order to be challenged and resisted. Exploring a complex, intersectional and diverse arrangement of resistance strategies, the contributors outline useful tools to resist, subvert and identify sexist policy and practice that can be deployed by organisations and collectives as well as individuals. The volume analyses pedagogical, curriculum and research approaches as well as case studies which expose, satirise and subvert sexism in the academy: instead, embodied and slow scholarship as political tools of resistance are introduced. A call for action against the propagation of sexism and gender disadvantage in the academy, this important book will appeal to students and scholars of sexism in higher education as well as all those committed to working towards gender e/quality.