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At Risk Youth

Author : J. Jeffries McWhirter
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This text provides the conceptual and practical information on key issues and problems that students need to prepare effectively for work with at-risk youth. The authors describe and discuss the latest prevention and intervention techniques that will help future and current professionals perform their jobs successfully and improve the lives of young people at risk. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Programs for At risk Youth

Author : Graeme Withers
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Faith based Outreach to At risk Youth in Washington

Author : Jeremy White
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Reclaiming Youth at Risk

Author : Larry Brendtro
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A balance of wisdom drawn from Native American philosophies and Western psychology, this book offers a unique perspective for connecting with troubled students. It challenges educators to see youth at risk through new eyes and offers compelling, concrete alternatives for reclaiming them.

A Guide to Case Management for At risk Youth

Author : Christopher Kingsley
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Early Identification of at Risk Youth in Latin America

Author : Wendy Cunningham, Emilie Bagby
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A new literature on the nature of and policies for youth in Latin America is emerging, but there is still very little known about who are the most vulnerable young people. This paper aims to characterize the heterogeneity in the youth population and identify ex ante the youth that are at-risk and should be targeted with prevention programs. Using non-parametric methodologies and specialized youth surveys from Mexico and Chile, the authors quantify and characterize the different sub-groups of youth, according to the amount of risk in their lives, and find that approximately 20 percent of 18 to 24 year old Chileans and 40 percent of the same age cohort in Mexico are suffering the consequences of a range of negative behaviors. Another 8 to 20 percent demonstrate factors in their lives that pre-dispose them to becoming at-risk youth - they are the candidates for prevention programs. The analysis finds two observable variables that can be used to identify which children have a higher probability of becoming troubled youth: poverty and residing in rural areas. The analysis also finds that risky behaviors increase with age and differ by gender, thereby highlighting the need for program and policy differentiation along these two demographic dimensions.

Residential Education as an Option for At Risk Youth

Author : Jerome Beker
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Residential Education as an Option for At-Risk Youth explores recent residential programs in Israel, draws comparisons with their European counterparts, and recommends practical approaches for the revitalization of such programs in the United States. This volume refutes the conventional professional “wisdom” in the United States that residential group care programs for children and youth are intrinsically flawed and counterproductive. Instead, it delivers effective models for the implementation of effective residential services. The editors and authors demonstrate the growing need for residential programs, given the overburdened family foster care resources, swelling numbers of “zero-parent” families, and homeless youth. Though the United States helped launch and develop residential services in Europe in the aftermath of World War II and has produced many excellent thinkers in the domain of quality residential group care, American programs have languished in recent decades. This book is designed to accelerate and facilitate progress in revamping and establishing excellent residential group care. The authors examine residential education as a developmentally based alternative to the more clinically and correctionally oriented programs for marginal children and youth dominating this field in the United States. The authors present their material in the context of appropriate theoretical principles, yet in practical ways that will permit program developers and managers to implement it effectively. Some of the specific areas chapters discuss are: exemplary Israeli programs as observed by visiting American professional in social work and allied fields important program variables and the cultural influences that may affect them African American experience for such programs a conceptual model for building successful residential education programs key organizational and management considerations Residential Education as an Option for At-Risk Youth serves as a vital resource for ambitious program developers and managers wishing to reconceptualize and enrich their programs. It will also benefit advanced students, practitioners, and decision makers who have had, heretofore, few resources to rely on when seeking to promote more effective programs for socially marginal children and youth.

Law Enforcement Referral of At risk Youth

Author : Phelan A. Wyrick
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Improving Programs Designed to Protect At risk Youth

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Ways and Means. Subcommittee on Human Resources
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Five Case Studies for Youth at risk Project

Author :
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At risk and Delinquent Youth

Author : United States. General Accounting Office
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Breaking New Ground for Youth at Risk

Author :
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At Risk Youth

Author : Robert F. Kronick
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First Published in 1997. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Twelve Weeks to Change a Life

Author : Max A. Greenberg
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Hailed as a means to transform cultural norms and change lives, violence prevention programs signal a slow-rolling policy revolution that has reached nearly two-thirds of young people in the United States today. Max A. Greenberg takes us inside the booming market for programming and onto the asphalt campuses of Los Angeles where these programs are implemented, many just one hour a week for 12 weeks. He spotlights how these ephemeral programs, built on troves of risk data, are disconnected from the lived experiences of the young people they were created to support. Going beyond the narrow stories told about at-risk youth through data and in policy, Greenberg sketches a vivid portrait of young men and women coming of age and forming relationships in a world of abiding harm and fleeting, fragmented support. At the same time, Greenberg maps the minefield of historical and structural inequalities that program facilitators must navigate to build meaningful connections with the youth they serve. Taken together, these programs shape the stories and politics of a generation and reveal how social policy can go wrong when it ignores the lives of young people.

At Risk Youth

Author : Mary Fink
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Youth at Risk and Youth Justice

Author : Russell Charles Smandych
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Youth at Risk and Youth Justice offers an engaging and relevant introduction to youth crime and deviance in Canada. Written by experts from across the country to offer a range of perspectives on the patterns, theories, and emerging topics related to youth justice, this text blends empiricalresearch with critical analysis, while incorporating youth voices throughout.

The Real Adventures of Captain85

Author : Henderson Vaughan
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Lost and Found

Author : Nathan Harvey
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Dancing at the Crossroads

Author : Lorna Czarnota
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Addressing Practitioners who work with At-Risk Youth in need of character formation and mainstreaming

Helping At risk Youth

Author : Elaine Morley
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States the need for community-based, integrated services to meet the many needs of at-risk youth and their families. Discusses services integration, case management, parental involvement, tutoring, mentoring, fund-raising, and monitoring program outcomes.