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European Social Integration and the Roma

Author : Cerasela Voiculescu
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In the field of political sociology and European studies, there has long been a discussion on transnational neoliberal development and ethnic groups’ self-governance. Notwithstanding, there has been limited exploration in relation to modes of knowledge production associated with neoliberal governance of the Other (e.g. ethnic and indigenous groups), which capture its idiosyncratic modes of political expression and empowerment. Drawing on Michel Foucault’s political philosophy, this book discusses European social integration as transnational neoliberal governmentality and challenges its epistemologically constituted subaltern subject. Neoliberalism is questioned in relation to its programs of securitisation of poverty and authoritarian models of self-governance associated with instrumentality of the market. In this context, the book’s rich political historical ethnography develops a new framework for the study of social power. Furthermore, inspired by Jacques Rancière's radical philosophy, European Social Integration and the Roma proposes a new mode of knowledge production about populations excessively subjected to neoliberal governmentality, heralding the epistemological decolonisation of the neoliberal subject. Presenting an insightful new prospect in critical sociology as well as the conceptualization of power and the application of theories of governmentality, this book will appeal to scholars interested in the areas of political sociology and anthropology, international relations, social and political theory/philosophy and post-development studies.

Contextual Identities

Author : Leo Loveday
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By bringing the concepts of “identity,” “comparativism,” and “communication” together, this volume invites a reinterpretation of these defining concepts of postmodernism. Composed of contributions from Australia, Azerbaijan, Japan, Romania and the Ukraine, this interdisciplinary and intercultural book investigates the multiple identities activated in broader discursive contexts. This collection of nineteen chapters opens with an introductory overview followed by two parts: the first, focusing on Plural identities and comparativism, contains a series of “case studies” that can be subsumed within imagology and comparativism; the second, Communication and discourse, illustrates two directions of research: literary communication and terminology. In spite of the methodological and thematic polyphony of its contributions, the volume adopts a unified and coherent tone. By integrating the study of contextual and discursive identities, this book will be of interest to all those involved in image and literary studies, in both linguistics and culture.

Romania during the World War I Era

Author : Kurt W Treptow
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One of the most dramatic periods in modern history, the World War I era also marked a turning point in Romanian history. This volume is a collection of studies presented by Romanian, American, and British scholars at the Fourth International Conference of the Center for Romanian Studies held in Iasi and Focsani, Romania, from 22-27 June 1998, on the occasion of the eightieth anniversary of the end of the great world conflict.Articles included: Mark Axworthy, Through British Eyes: Romanian Military Performance in World War I; Catalin Turliuc, Major Factors which Determined the Conduct of the “Great War”; Valeriu Florin Dobrinescu, Ion I.C. Bratianu: The Genius of Greater Romania; Diana Fotescu, Regina Maria si razboiul de intregire nationala; Constantin Hlihor, Romania within the Geopolitics of the Great Powers of Europe between 1918-1919; Nicholas M. Nagy-Talavera, Iorga’s Role during the Great War (1914-1918); Demetrius Dvoichenko de Markov, The Anti-Communist White Guards and Romania, 1918; Ernest H. Latham, Jr., We Will Do Business: Romania and the Baldwin Locomotive Works; Kurt W. Treptow, John Reed and Romania in 1915; Costica Prodan, Unele consideratii privind participarea Romaniei la primul razboi mondial (1916-1918); and many others.

Literature Atmosphere and Society

Author : Mariana Neț
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The Scintillating Life of Iulia Hasdeu

Author : Constantin Manolache
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The Scintillating Life of Iulia Hasdeu presents the life and literary works of the Romanian child genius of the 19th century.Iulia Hasdeu was the daughter of Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu, one of the greatest literary and political figures in modern Romanian history. She started reading at two years old and she wrote her first historical study at the age of six. At eight years old she was fluent in French, German, and English. She graduated from the Bucharest Conservatory at eleven with excellent accomplishments in piano and canto, after which she left for Paris and started studying at Sévigné College. She was the first Romanian woman to be accepted at Sorbonne University.During her short life, before she was ultimately taken by an incurable illness, Iulia wrote countless poems, short stories, and plays. Her drawings and her letters also survived the passing of time, allowing us a glimpse into her tragic childhood and adolescence, her emotions, and her most intimate thoughts.The Scintillating Life of Iulia Hasdeu is a premiere for international readers. Aside from being a biography, it contains English translations for many of her works and letters. The author, Constantin Manolache (b. 1883) was a military prosecutor, chief of military justice, and professor at the University of Bucharest. After retirement, he became a writer. This volume contains an introduction by A.K. Brackob, a specialist in Romanian history, author of Mircea the Old and Scanderbeg: A History of George Castriota and the Albanian Resistance to Islamic Expansion in Fifteenth-Century Europe. Translation from the original text by Diana Livesay, an independent journalist, and translator from Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Pirin Planina

Author : George Topirceanu
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In Pirin Planina: Tragic and Comic Episodes from Captivity, Romanian poet and writer George Topirceanu (1886-1937) described his experiences as a soldier during World War I. Despite his bleak surroundings and vivid descriptions of death and tragedy that he witnessed, Topirceanu managed to find humor in the most unusual circumstances, making Pirin Planina a truly unique account of the War. His experiences will leave the reader perplexed. Topirceanu's unique blend of drama, tragedy, and humor will immerse the reader into the world of a soldier during World War I.

Nicolae Iorga

Author : Nicholas M Talavera
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The Romanian historian Nicolae Iorga played a critical role in the history of his country for more than fifty years until his tragic death in 1940. The author of more than 1,200 books and 20,000 articles, Iorga was one of the most prolific scholars of all time. In recognition of his academic achievements, he received honorary doctorates from universities around the world. Nicolae Iorga is the first comprehensive biography of one of the most important European cultural and political personalities of the first half of the twentieth century. It considers Iorga not only as a historian, politician, journalist, literary critic, playwright, writer, poet, and linguist, but also as an orator, teacher, and a human being.Written by Nicholas M. Nagy-Talavera, a leading American scholar, and based on archival sources and family documents, this is the first biography to present a complete portrait of the world-renowned historian Nicolae Iorga.

An Anthology of Romanian Women Poets

Author : Kurt W Treptow
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Poetry has always been an essential aspect of cultural expression in Romania. One will find few countries where poetry has been such a force both culturally and politically. This volume fills an important gap as it is the first to attempt to present systematically some of the most important Romanian women poets of the past two centuries. For too long their contribution has been under-appreciated. This anthology is an effort to correct this oversight and to make their work known to an international audience. The selections in this volume represent several generations of poets, from Veronica Micle and Matilda Cugler-Poni in the nineteenth century, to Magda Isanos in the inter-war period, to such important contemporary poets as Ana Blandiana and Daniela Crasnaru, and younger poets such as Mariana Marin and Carmen Veronica Steiciuc.

The Forest of the Hanged

Author : Phoebe Cho
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This classic Romanian novel lends valuable psychological insight into the tragic situation confronting minorities in the Austro-Hungarian Empire during World War I. It is the story of Apostol Bologa, a middle-class Romanian officer serving in the Austro-Hungarian army who undergoes a transformation as his sense of national consciousness awakens, leading him to make a critical choice that many faced during this era.The novel is based on the life of the author' s brother, Emil Rebreanu, a Romanian officer in the Austro-Hungarian army, to whom he dedicated The Forest of the Hanged. The inner struggles confronted by Bologa as he grapples with the savagery and injustice of war are emotionally portrayed by the author.The Forest of the Hanged is rightfully considered one of the greatest novels in Romanian literature. Liviu Rebeanu (1885-1944) was one of Romania' s most distinguished literary figures. This edition of Rebreanu' s famous novel, illustrated by talented young artist Phoebe Cho, includes an introduction by A.K. Brackob.

A Bach Concert

Author : Hortensia Papadat-Bengescu
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One of the first successful novels written by a female author in Romania, Hortensia Papadat-Bengescu's A Bach Concert remains a classic work of Romanian literature. Originally published in 1927 in Romanian, the novel follows the life of the Hallipa family. The main plot revolves around a Bach concert organized by Elena Hallipa-Draganescu for the elite society of Bucharest. It's a story of high society intrigue, family tragedy, East European urban life after World War I, and culture.Published for the first time in English, Hortensia Papadat-Bengescu's realistic novel will delight its readers with stories of this long-forgotten era.