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Asperger Syndrome in the Inclusive Classroom

Author : Stacey Waldman Betts
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Based on the successful experiences of classroom teachers, and written from a teacher's perspective, this title provides creative and easy-to-apply strategies that support and encourage Asperger Syndrome students in the mainstream classroom.

Teaching Students with Autism and Asperger s Syndrom in the Inclusive Classroom

Author : Paula Kluth
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Increasingly, special and general education teachers are collaborating in inclusive settings to educate students with Autism and Asperger's Syndrome. Furthermore, educators are finding that the differentiation of instruction for these students often results in better outcomes for all. This reference guide, written by Paula Kluth, author of You're Going to Love This Kid and noted presenter/consultant on topics of Autism Spectrum Disorder, provides a wide range of ideas for differentiating lessons, addressing behavior, fostering relationships, handling transitions and adapting the general education classroom for those students who present with the characteristics of Autism and Asperger's Syndrome. It includes essential information on the teaching of literacy and math, as well as tips to assist with homework. Valuable website/media/print resources are also provided.

Inclusive Programming for High School Students with Autism Or Asperger s Syndrome

Author : Sheila Wagner
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Offers information on successful high school inclusion for students with autism or Asperger's syndrome, including how caregivers can help students foster the executive functioning skills they will need as adults.

Asperger Syndrome

Author : Matt Winter
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A fully revised edition shares concise, accessible summaries of current understandings about Asperger's Syndrome while outlining practical strategies for adapting to the educational needs of students with AS, in a volume that includes new material about the needs of older students. Original.

Common SENse for the Inclusive Classroom

Author : Richard Hanks
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This book condenses everything the mainstream teacher needs to know about Special Educational Needs into one short volume, allowing them to pick and choose teaching methods that suit them and each individual student. Following a revolutionary 'a la carte' concept, the book acts first and foremost as a teaching menu, offering a variety of options that teachers can use as they see fit. Written in a jargon-free, accessible style, the author gets to the heart of issues associated with teaching mixed ability classes, offering more flexible alternatives to traditional teaching strategies and suggesting helpful approaches that really work. Maintaining that teachers are usually far more capable of handling situations than they believe themselves to be, the book allows them to choose methods that suit their own personal style and the specific needs of their students. Essential background information on special educational needs including dyslexia, dyspraxia, Asperger's Syndrome and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is included throughout. Combining practical methodology with factual information about learning difficulties, this guide will be an invaluable resource for non-specialist teachers supporting children with special educational needs in inclusive classrooms.

The Language of Inclusive Education

Author : Elizabeth Walton
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The Language of Inclusive Education is an insightful text which considers the writing, speaking, reading and hearing of inclusive education. Based on the premise that humans use language to construct their worlds and their realities, this book is concerned with how language works to determine what we know and understand about issues related to in/exclusion in education. Using a variety of analytical tools, the author exposes language-at-work in academic and popular literature and in policy documents. Areas of focus include: What inclusive education means and how it is defined How metaphor works to position inclusive education How textbooks construct inclusive education How we use language to build what we understand to be difference and disability, with particular reference to AD(H)D and Asperger’s Syndrome Listening to children and young people as a means to promote inclusion in schools Woven through this volume is the argument for a more critical awareness of how we use language in the field that we call ‘inclusive education’. This book is a must-read for any individual studying, practicing or an interest in inclusion and exploring the associations with language.

Behavior Solutions for the Inclusive Classroom

Author : Beth Aune
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Each year there is a growing emphasis on the inclusion of students with special needs into the general education population. Some students may come with a diagnosis: Learning Disability, Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, or ADHD. Others may not, leaving teachers unsure how to teach them. This book is a tool for teachers who have a student or students in their classroom whose behaviors are impeding their learning. If they see a particular behavior, they can quickly look up an in-the-moment solution, and then read more about what could be causing that behavior. A must-have for every inclusive classroom!

More Behavior Solutions in and Beyond the Inclusive Classroom

Author : Beth Aune
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Quickly find an in-the-moment solution! Now more than ever, states are mandating that children with special needs be included in the general education classroom. As a result, all educational professionals, from teachers to administrators, need specific training on how to handle unusual behaviors.This book builds on the success of the first one by expanding the focus from within the classroom to all areas of the school environment—in the hallways, cafeteria, and auditorium, on the playground, and in therapy sessions during the school day. See a particular behavior? Look it up!Director of special education Peter Gennaro, occupational therapist Beth Aune, and special needs mom and advocate Beth Burt collectively address and solve problematic behaviors relating to:Leaving the classroom without permissionLack of focus in whole group instructionOut-of-seat behaviorIn-seat behaviorDifficulty completing independent workMeltdownsDifficulty organizing materialsClassroom celebrationsUnsafe or inappropriate use of equipment“Aggressive” behavior on the playground or during PEDifficulty joining in group activities/isolatingChallenges with turn-takingBeing a poor sportAnd many others!

Inclusive Programming for the Middle School Student with Autism Asperger s Syndrome

Author : Sheila Wagner
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Middle school presents unique challenges to those with autism / Asperger's, but it can also be exciting and rewarding. Inclusive Programming addresses transitioning to and from middle school, and everything in between: hormones, cliques, bullying, aggression, and "fitting in." The ingredients for success are pre-planning, frequent monitoring of progress, teacher training, and regular communication between all concerned. Add committed teachers, peer mentors/tutors, sensible allowances for individual students' needs (extra test time, visual/oral format, concrete language, less or different homework, a sensory-safe environment, social skills training) as called for, and you have a recipe for success. You'll find many helpful charts/resources in the Appendices. Helpful chapters include: Autism in a Nutshell Inclusion Discussion Profiles and Characteristics of Middle School Students Formation of an Individual Education Plan (IEP) Behavior Programming in Middle School Academic Issues of Middle School Students Social Programming Collaborative Roles

Teaching Adolescents with Autism

Author : Walter Kaweski
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Award-winning educator Walter Kaweski offers secondary teachers practical strategies and heartfelt insights based on his extensive experience as an autism specialist, inclusion coordinator, and father of a son with Asperger syndrome. Students with special needs often require extra support as they adjust to middle and high school and the changes that accompany adolescence. Without support, this time can be overwhelming. Teaching Adolescents with Autism offers hundreds of valuable ideas to help teachers: • Understand the causes and manifestations of autism • Solve adolescent behavior challenges • Support students with diverse needs • Implement academic and behavioral interventions • Help students adjust to social situations • Understand special education policy Each chapter offers numerous personal stories that illustrate and reinforce strategies in a tangible way. Important concepts are augmented with bulleted lists, tables, figures, photographs, and cartoons drawn by a student with autism. This unique book takes the mystery out of teaching adolescents with autism and inspires teachers to appreciate the individuality of each student.

Successful Inclusion for Students with Autism

Author : Sonja R. de Boer
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Offers step-by-step guidance for creating successful inclusion programs for children with autistic spectrum disorders, and includes information on such key topics as educator roles, ongoing program assessment, and evaluating student progress.

Creating Inclusive Learning Environments for Young Children

Author : Clarissa Willis
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This book provides information on common disabilities and practical strategies for creating inclusive environments and building student relationships.

Inclusive Programming for Elementary Students with Autism

Author : Sheila Wagner
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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Maximize your child or student's potential with a child-centered education program! Winner of the Autism Society of America's Literary Work of the Year Award, this first book in Sheila Wagner's Inclusive Programming series provides an inclusion program for students with autism spectrum disorders. Teachers, parents, and students alike will benefit from Sheila's insight and presentation as she outlines both theories and applications of inclusive programming for elementary school students. Her engaging and readable style, coupled with her extensive knowledge and classroom practice, make this book indispensable for professionals and nonprofessionals alike.

Supporting Social Inclusion for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Author : Cathy Little
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Drawing together contributions from experts at the forefront of research in the field, Supporting Social Inclusion for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders demonstrates that social inclusion is a defining feature of successful education of students with a spectrum disorder. Divided into three parts, this book begins by proposing a contemporary and operational definition of social inclusion that will help facilitate active engagement by all stakeholders involved in supporting social inclusion within educational settings. The relationship between well-developed social skills and positive social outcomes is also explored, and subsequent chapters explicate and contextualize social inclusion across a range of educational settings. The final chapters present case studies and viewpoints from stakeholders central to the successful social inclusion of students with the disorder. Through discussion of its findings, this book provides the reader with a deep understanding of social inclusion and confirms its importance in facilitating positive educational outcomes for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. A unique contribution to the field, this book will be of key interest to postgraduates, researchers and academics in the area of inclusive education and Autism Spectrum Disorder. It will also appeal to those who research, study and work in the areas of special and inclusive education, and developmental psychology.

Life Journey Through Autism

Author : Danya International, Inc
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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From Home to School with Autism

Author : Kay Al-Ghani
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Beginning school is a challenging time for most young children. For those with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) the significant change this entails can be overwhelming, and everyone involved will be in need of guidance to make the transition as smooth and as stress-free as possible. This positive and practical book arms schools with a wealth of essential information, easy-to-implement strategies and photocopiable resources that will help to make early schooldays an enjoyable experience for young children on the spectrum. Constructive suggestions, such as introducing visual schedules and accommodating sensory issues, will help children with ASD to feel comfortable in school, and activities including making a 'happy scrapbook' and a home-school diary will support staff home liaison. From Home to School with Autism is essential reading for education professionals seeking to encourage and inspire greater confidence in young children with ASD as they embark on school life.

Getting Beyond Bullying and Exclusion PreK 5

Author : Ronald Mah
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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Examines why children with special needs are bullied, how teachers can prevent bullying, ways to work with overprotective parents, and how a self-esteem prescription plan can help.

The Autism Checklist

Author : Paula Kluth
File Size : 26.83 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A practical resource filled with information, tips, andchecklists for helping kids with autism This useful, accessible guide offers teachers and parents abetter understanding of children on the autism spectrum andprovides them with the kinds of support and intervention they need.Written in an easy-to-read checklist format, the book is filledwith up-to-date research, practical advice, and helpful resourceson a wide range of topics. The book covers five areas: basicinformation on autism, checklists for parents, checklists forteachers, effective support strategies, and helpful resources. Provides vital, accessible information for parents and teachersworking with children in the autism spectrum Contains a wealth of useful strategies, information, andresources A volume in the popular Jossey-Bass Checklistseries Offers a comprehensive yet affordable resource Kluth is the bestselling author of You're Going to Love ThisKid!: Teaching Students with Autism

Creating Inclusive Classrooms

Author : Spencer J. Salend
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The fifth edition of "Creating Inclusive Classrooms: Effective and Reflective Practices for All Students" goes beyond the typical inclusion text in its reflective discussions on how to teach students with varying (earning abilities. This text contains a(( of the core information that an inclusion text requires and then takes the reader to a higher (eve( by including issues of gender, race, ethnicity, language, socioeconomic status, and family structures. Features of the fifth edition include: Principles of effective inclusion as a framework for the text. The following principles are integrated into each chapter and demonstrate that inclusion is not just a government mandate, but a principled philosophy for reflective and effective teaching "for all students: " all learners and equal access; individual strengths and needs; reflective practices and differentiated instruction; and community and collaboration. "Classroom-based examples and case studies of teachers implementing effective inclusive educational practices." These examples and cases are integrated throughout the chapter narrative and with the CD-ROM that accompanies the text. "Inclusive Classrooms: Video Cases on CD-ROM." This new CD-ROM provides access to living classroom examples of teaching and learning strategies for inclusion. Each video case (4 cases) depicts scenarios that clearly show the impact of inclusion on supporting students with challenging behaviors (preschool), classroom climate (elementary), assessment and planning (middle), and partial participation and cooperative (earning (secondary). "Using Technology to PromoteInclusion." A new feature that uses a variety of formats to present issues, strategies, and resources for using technology to help students gain access to and succeed in inclusive classrooms. "The integration of CEC, PRAXIS, and INTASC professional standards." Each chapter summary demonstrates where chapter content aligns with these standards.

Seeing the Spectrum

Author : Robert Rozema
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Format : PDF, ePub
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With 1 in 59 children being diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), odds are that students on the spectrum will be in many classrooms across every subject area. Seeing the Spectrum argues that secondary English teachers are uniquely equipped to prepare students with autism for future success, both in school and in life. Writing for preservice and current English language arts teachers, Robert Rozema offers practical, evidence-based strategies for teaching literature, informational texts, writing, and communication to students on the spectrum. These strategies are appropriate for inclusive classrooms with both neurotypical students and students with autism. The final chapter includes a complete unit plan on Of Mice and Men, illustrating how curriculum focused on commonly taught literary works can be reimagined to accommodate the needs and draw on the strengths of students on the spectrum. Book Features: In-depth treatment of historical and contemporary research on autism, including original case studies of adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Specific, ready-to-use strategies for teaching literature, informational texts, writing, and communication in the inclusive English language arts classroom. Alignment with the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts Standards, grades 6–12.