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Golden Keys to Ascension and Healing

Author : Joshua David Stone
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This volume represents the wisdom of the ascended masters condensed into concise keys that serve as a spiritual guide. There are 420 golden keys that present the multitude of methods, techniques, affirmations, prayers, and insights Dr. Stone has gleaned from his own background in psychology and life conditions and his thorough research of all the ancient and contemporary classics that speak of the path to God realization. The teachings of Sai Baba and other ascended masters are at the core of these keys, and the author has also drawn up on various spiritual scriptures such as the Bhagavad-Gita and the Bible. Especially valuable are practical methods to support the ascension process, such as journal writing and spiritual logs, as well as meditations and prayers.

The Ascended Masters Light the Way

Author : Joshua David Stone
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This book is dedicated to the saints and spiritual masters of all the religions and spiritual paths that have graced this planet. The lives and teachings of thirty-nine of the world's greatest spiritual beacons provide a blueprint for total self-realization. Inspiring guidance from those who have learned the secrets of mastery in their lifetimes.

Divine Intervention IV A Guide To Healing Within And Living Without

Author :
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Channelled Messages for the World Today

Author : Linda Matamani & Beulah Sai Kumari
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All texts in this book are medial messages and come from the Spiritual World of the Ascended Masters. A number of these masters have formed a Karmic Council and guide Mother Earth from their higher realms of Light. The messages from the Karmic Council to the people living in these times of change are contained in this book. Topics such as the expansion of awareness, healing, photonic light rays, future areas of learning, evolutionary process of the heart, compassionate love, life and death, as well as body, spirit, and soul are elucidated. At present, the Ascended Masters are directing the Earth especially through the evolutionary process for which it is now designated. For the reader, the messages serve as a guide and explanation to comprehend the next few years on Earth. They contain information that increases the awareness of every reader through the inherent energies.

Lady Master Pearl My Teacher

Author : Peter Mt. Shasta
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Biography of an American woman who achieved a high level of mastery, and at her death achieved ascension to a higher realm. Also, this is a chronicle of the transition of esoteric teachings in the West from theoretical, mental teachings, to direct transmission of consciousness. Through the openness of her heart, she was able to transmit the Christ Consciousness. She taught over 12,000 people, all of whom came to her by word of mouth. This is a personal account by one of her protégées, Peter Mt. Shasta. She taught him how to invoke the Law of Attraction and Manifestation through the use of I AM Affirmations. She also taught how to receive inner guidance by tuning in to one's own heart. Pearl was a student of the ascended master Saint Germain, and personal assistant to Godfre Ray King, founder of the Saint Germain Foundation. Through a series of seemingly miraculous events, she becomes a vehicle for the Great Masters of Wisdom, and a beloved teacher of many. In this loving biography we read of her adventures on the path, how she was saved by a Lady Ascended Master, her adventure with the yellow diamonds she used to help transmute negative energies during the building of the Golden Gate Bridge, and how she came to be present at the signing of the United Nations Charter in San Francisco. We also hear of her relationship with her Twin Ray and the other two men in her life. This beautiful book is an excellent introduction to the spiritual teachings of the Ascended Masters, and contains many inspiring stories that show how Pearl achieved mastery through daily life. She was not a "guru" or famous workshop leader, yet though her innocence and simplicity gained exceptional wisdom and the ability to transform people through her love.

Your Ascension Mission

Author : Joshua David Stone
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We are all as unique as individual snowflakes, intricately designed so that no two are alike, yet when observed as a whole, we form the blended essence of lightworkers, merging into vaster and fuller aspects of God, the one great whole. Each of us holds a very specialized piece of the divine puzzle of God, or the whole. The more attuned we become to God, the more we are called to find and fulfill that specialized piece of the puzzle belonging to ourselves alone. When we find this puzzle piece and embrace it, we are then able to fulfill our divine mission on this Earth.

Soul Psychology

Author : Joshua David Stone
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There are tens of thousands of self-help books on psychology and human relationships; however, there are very few that integrate the topics of the soul and spirit into the picture. Most books on this subject focus on personality-level self-actualization. The new wave in the field of psychology is transpersonal or soul psychology, which will lead to monadic psychology for the more advanced students of the path. The entire understanding of psychology is completely changed when the soul is properly integrated. It has been said that personality-level self-actualization brings happiness, soul-level self-actualization brings joy, and monadic- and spiritual-level self-actualization bring bliss.

How to Be Financially Successful

Author : Joshua David Stone
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Your business can become more successful than you've ever imagined if you integrate the spiritual and the financial. Incorporating spiritual, psychological and physical perspectives on business, this new book by Dr. Joshua David Stone teaches you how to do just that.

How to Teach Ascension Classes

Author : Joshua David Stone
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This book serves as an ideal foundation for teaching ascension classes and doing workshops. The inner-plane ascended masters have guided Dr. Stone to put together this book, using his Easy-to-Read Encyclopedia of the Spiritual Path as its foundation. Here you will find an entire one- to two-year program of classes for teaching from one to hundreds of student initiates. Teaching or setting up a class in your home to facilitate ascension realization is one of the most important services one could offer one's friends, students and even family. With this book it is easy. Details on how to start and end every class are given, as well as outlines for 132 classes. Also included are suggestions on how to observe the major holy days that the inner-plane ascended masters would like us to celebrate on Earth. Using his teaching experience, Dr. Stone has also outlined all the logistical and third-dimensional considerations that will come up. The only tools a class leader needs would be his books and meditation tapes.

I Am Light

Author : Gary Layman
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The biblical story of the Prodigal Son is one of redemption, forgiveness, and compassion. In it, a young man leaves home and squanders his inheritance on sinful desires. He later returnsembarrassed and pennilessexpecting to be thrown out by a hostile patriarch. Instead, his father is happy to find his son safe and longing to return. He welcomes him back with open arms and prepares a feast in celebration. Although the biblical tale is poignant in view of a sons relationship to his father, the journey is much more than a picture window into humanity. At its deepest, the story of the Prodigal Son is a metaphor for the story of mans relationship with a welcoming Godor higher powerthat longs to reach out and embrace humankind. But first, humankind must realize its own limitations. Author Gary Layman, upon hitting his own emotional wall, cried out to the skies for inspiration. He found it, and he shares it in I Am Light: The Journey on the Prodigal Path. Seemingly ordinary events of our daily lives can lead to transcendent awareness. Through channeled writings, poetry, and bits of autobiography, Layman illuminates the way back to a higher power. Our return home will not lead to punishment but instead, personal liberation.