Arvo PÄrt


Author: Paul Hillier

Publisher: Clarendon Press

ISBN: 0191590487


Page: 232

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World-famous, Estonian-born composer Arvo P--auml--;rt is a unique voice in today's music. From his own extensive experience of working with P--auml--;rt, Paul Hiller here provides the first full-length study of the composer's music. - ;The music of the Estonian-born composer Arvo P--auml--;rt is a unique and powerful voice in the contemporary world. Using a tonal idiom based on a mixture of scales and triads, P--auml--;rt created a style that he calls `tintinnabuli'. Listening to it, one is reminded of the passionate tranquillity of some Russian icon, or of certain memorable scenes in the films of Andrei Tarkovsky. In this book, the first full-length study of P--auml--;rt, Paul Hillier explores the tintinnabuli works in considerable depth. He also examines the music of P--auml--;rt's earlier, somewhat neglected serial period, and charts the composer's steady evolution towards the `abstract tonality' of his later years. In addition, a biographical chapter and discussion of topics such as Russian Orthodox spirituality, minimalism, and the influence of early music, combine to make this a substantial introduction to P--auml--;rt's music. Hillier also draws on his own experience of working with the composer to offer thoughts on various performance issues. -

The Cambridge Companion to Arvo Pärt


Author: Andrew Shenton

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1107495660

Category: Music

Page: 272

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Arvo Pärt is one of the most influential and widely performed contemporary composers. Around 1976 he developed an innovative new compositional technique called 'tintinnabuli' (Latin for 'sounding bells'), which has had an extraordinary degree of success. It is frequently performed around the world, has been used in award-winning films, and pieces such as Für Alina and Spiegel im Siegel have become standard repertoire. This collection of essays, written by a distinguished international group of scholars and performers, is the essential guide to Arvo Pärt and his music. The book begins with a general introduction to Pärt's life and works, covering important biographical details and outlining his most significant compositions. Two chapters analyze the tintinnabuli style and are complemented by essays which discuss Pärt's creative process. The book also examines the spiritual aspect of Pärt's music and contextualizes him in the cultural milieu of the twenty-first century and in the marketplace.

Arvo Pärt's Tabula Rasa


Author: Kevin C. Karnes

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0190468998

Category: Music

Page: 128

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One of today's most widely acclaimed composers, Arvo Pärt broke into the soundscape of the Cold War West with Tabula Rasa in 1977, a work that introduced his signature tintinnabuli style to listeners throughout the world. In the first book dedicated to this pathbreaking composition, author Kevin C. Karnes tells the story of Tabula Rasa as one of Pärt and of Europe itself, traced over the course of a quarter-century that saw momentous transitions in European culture and politics, history and memory. Beginning at the site of the work's creation in the Estonian SSR, and drawing extensively upon a range of previously unexamined archival materials, Karnes recounts Pärt's discovery of tintinnabuli amidst his experiments with the music of the Western and Soviet avant-gardes. He examines Tabula Rasa in relation to modernist conceptions of musical structure, the ascetic practice of Orthodox Christianity, postwar experiences of electronic music, and the polystylistic approaches to composition that have become emblematic of the Soviet 1970s. Tracing the export of Tabula Rasa to the West and Pärt's emigration in 1980, the book reveals intersections of critical commentary with visions of the "end of history" that attended the collapse of European communism to suggest that it was in this confluence of listening, discovery, and geopolitical reordering that enduring lines of conversation about Pärt and his music took shape.

Arvo Pärt's White Light


Author: Laura Dolp

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1107182891

Category: History

Page: 250

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One of the most frequently performed contemporary composers, Arvo Prt has become a phenomenon whose unusual reach is felt well beyond the concert hall. This ground-breaking collection of essays investigates both the causes and the effects of this success. Beyond the rhetoric of 'holy minimalism' that has accompanied the composer's reception since the mid-1980s, each chapter takes a fresh approach toward understanding how Prt's music has occupied social landscapes. The result is a dynamic conversation among filmgoers (who explore issues of empathy and resemblance), concertgoers (commerce and art), listeners (embodiment, healing and the role of technology), activists (legacies of resistance) and performers (performance practice). Collectively, these studies offer a bold and thoughtful engagement with Prt as a major cultural figure and reflect on the unprecedented impact of his music.

Arvo Pärt's Resonant Texts

Choral and Organ Music 1956–2015


Author: Andrew Shenton

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1107082455

Category: Music

Page: 315

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Statistically the most performed and listened to contemporary composer in the world, Arvo Prt is a musical and cultural phenomenon. This book is an essential resource for anyone interested in his extraordinarily innovative and uniquely appealing music. Andrew Shenton surveys the full scope of Prt's oeuvre, providing context and chronological continuity while concentrating in particular on his text-based music, analysing and describing individual pieces and techniques such as tintinnabulation. The book also explores the spiritual and theological contexts of Part's creativity, and the challenges of performing his work. This volume is the definitive guide for readers looking to engage with the form, content, and context of Prt's compositions, as Shenton situates Prt in the narrative of metamodernism and suggests new ways of understanding this unique and beautiful music.

Arvo Pärt in Conversation


Author: Leopold Brauneiss,Saale Kareda,Robert J. Crow

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781564787866

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 182

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This collection of essays and interviews is an ideal guide to the work and thought of one of the world's greatest and most original living composers. In Enzo Restagno's extensive interview, P?rt gives an intimate description of his work and life in Soviet Estonia, his emigration, his artistic odyssey, and his worldview. Then, Arvo P?rt's compositional technique is the focus of a musicological essay by Leopold Brauneiss. Finally, Saale Kareda explores the spiritual aspects of the composer's approach to his works. Two acceptance speeches, delivered by P?rt on receiving major European prizes, complete this fascinating and illuminating portrait.

Arvo Pärt

Out of Silence


Author: Peter Bouteneff

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780881415124

Category: Music

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Postmodern Medievalisms


Author: Richard J. Utz,Jesse G. Swan,Paul Plisiewicz

Publisher: DS Brewer

ISBN: 9781843840121

Category: Literary Criticism

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Studies of texts from the late middle ages to the contemporary moment, together they indicate, broadly, directions both in postmodern studies and studies in medievalism.