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Artificial Intelligence In Digital Marketing

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Being smart in business means knowing what’s just around the corner. It means thinking ahead and preparing for inevitable changes that will impact the way business is conducted.This is what allows a business to be resilient and to thrive in a changing environment.Digital marketing is no different.It’s affecting the way that SEO works, the tools and software we use, and the way that ads are displayed.As digital marketers, that means thinking about things that could impact on the face of marketing.Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning have the potential to completely change the face of internet marketing, rendering many older strategies obsolete even.

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

Author : Shaik Dadasaheb
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As digital marketers, that means thinking about things that could impact on the face of marketing. And one of the things that could have the biggest impact of all? Artificial intelligence.AI and machine learning have the potential to completely change the face of internet marketing, rendering many older strategies obsolete even. Only by preparing for those changes, can you ensure that your websites manage to hold their position in the SERPs, that your advertising campaigns remain profitable, and that your services remain relevant.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

Author : Maria Johnsen
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Not long ago, Artificial Intelligence (AI) only existed in the realm of science fiction. Today, it’s a reality and is only growing more prominent each day, spreading across both every imaginable industry and countries around the world. But what is the number one AI modern person interacting with on a daily basis? The Internet. While search engine technology has been around for a few years, page-rank algorithms have been revolutionized by the introduction of AI technologies. Because this trend will continue into the foreseeable future, and become increasingly more important as the years go on, any digital marketer, small business owner, or social media user needs to know how it all works—and how you can use it to your advantage. In The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing, you will dive into the details of artificial intelligence (AI) and how it has dramatically affected digital marketing. Documenting the advancement of AI digital marketing, The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing offers proven solutions to mastering digital processes and search engines. The importance of applying empathic machines in digital marketing can’t be overstated—nor can the benefits of using humanized AI digital marketing. Revolutionize your digital marketing world with The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing.

Artificial Intelligence In Digital Marketing

Author : Sanie Fitz
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Being smart in business means knowing what's just around the corner. It means thinking ahead and preparing for inevitable changes that will impact the way business is conducted. This is what allows a business to be resilient and to thrive in a changing environment. Digital marketing is no different.In fact, in his book The Personal MBA, author Josh Kaufman discusses the value of counterfactual simulation. This means imagining future possibilities and then preparing for them.Let's say that you have a big business that is doing well in a specific niche. Maybe you have a company that sells a whey protein shake. The mistake that some big businesses make is to assume that they're too big to fail and to coast along as they are.But what would happen if another company came along and released a better protein shake for a fraction of the price? What if a new source of protein were to be discovered? What if a study revealed that whey protein was bad for us? Any of these things could happen, and could completely shake up even the most established business.The smart company though will already have considered these eventualities and prepared for them. This is a counterfactual simulation: it's thinking about what's just around the corner and then preparing for those possibilities.As digital marketers, that means thinking about things that could impact on the face of marketing. And one of the things that could have the biggest impact of all? Artificial intelligence.

Future 1 0 Your Guide To Rule The Digital Marketing Universe with Artificial Intelligence

Author : Srinidhi Ranganathan
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It’s time to think about where the digital marketing world is actually heading. The answer is quite simple and known to you - “Artificial Intelligence”. The power of Artificial Intelligence for digital marketing usage can be compared to a treasure-house of activities and it cannot be measured instantly, at all. Today, the presence of "Artificial Intelligence”(AI) is common in almost every area - such as self-driving cars, machine learning, using your own personal assistants such as Siri, Alexa and others. In 2020, AI continues to take firm steps to become increasingly integral to our world. Digital marketing is indeed one of the most exciting applications for AI. Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing (AIDM) plays a role in making life simpler for business organisations that deploy marketing. One can rely on AI development resources and tools to simplify, cut costs, reduce manual labor etc. AI tools that function with neural networks are becoming more and more powerful. They aid in search and analysis of consumer behaviour with big data and information. Despite all these incredible technologies, the Internet seemed like a source of confusion for many. Nevertheless, today sophisticated companies are using artificial intelligence to devise digital marketing plans. Some companies use AI to get at the top of their game or grow ahead by devising brilliant digital marketing strategies— and to maintain that level. AI can save companies from spending too much money on time-bound human resources. It can speed up tasks with minimal effort, reduce your spendings on manual labour - at the same time. This book serves to be a brief insight or a very short compilation of 9 years of research that I conducted on Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing (AIDM). It will convey the guided method you can leverage to ‘Enter the Digital Marketing Universe with the Power of Artificial Intelligence’ with Future 1.0 techniques. Nevertheless, AI is not just about chatbots and personal helpers or assistants. You can find various forms of artificial intelligence that enable digital marketers in the field to make increasingly brilliant strategic and marketing decisions. Working on digital marketing with Artificial Intelligence projects require great practice, according to the details and research available, as far as the current scenario is concerned. Artificial intelligence is an amazing and grand asset for your company to simply work wonders. Using digital marketing tactics for AI will help brands offer enhanced customer experience and more efficiently market the brand. In addition, AI digital marketing will change the way we create brands and communicate with clients. So, get ready for Lights. Camera. Action. with Marketing Legend “Srinidhi Ranganathan”.

Digital Marketing in an AI World

Author : Frederick Vallaeys
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Artificial intelligence is radically altering the digital marketing landscape. But if you're a PPC professional, there's no need to panic; the sky isn't falling. Former Google AdWords evangelist Frederick Vallaeys understands what's coming next, and with his expert guidance you'll not only survive, but you'll also thrive in tomorrow's AI world.In this invaluable volume, you'll learn: - What AI and other digital marketing technology can and cannot do- How agency owners can reposition their business in the current environment- New skillsets to develop or look for in potential new hires- Four essential roles digital marketing professionals will continue to play in the future- And moreData isn't everything. Human intuition and creativity will always be essential components of successful marketing. So relax! Read Digital Marketing in an Artificial Intelligence World, and in no time at all you'll be leveraging AI, not competing with it.

The Biggest Goldmine of Free Digital Marketing Courses Ever Created

Author : Srinidhi Ranganathan
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Hello all. My name is Srinidhi Ranganathan. I am the CEO of FirstLookAi company. It is India's Incredible Artificial Intelligence powered Digital Marketing Company. My fans call me “Digital Marketing Legend”. I present to you links of some of the biggest list of Free Digital Marketing Courses ever created. Let’s start booming. This book contains the following: Free Mind-Blowing YouTube Video Course Links Biggest List of Free Digital Marketing Courses available on the Internet Udemy Course Links Happy Learning, folks..

Strategic Innovative Marketing and Tourism

Author : Androniki Kavoura
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This book covers a very broad range of topics in marketing, communication, and tourism, focusing especially on new perspectives and technologies that promise to influence the future direction of marketing research and practice in a digital and innovational era. Among the areas covered are product and brand management, strategic marketing, B2B marketing and sales management, international marketing, business communication and advertising, digital and social marketing, tourism and hospitality marketing and management, destination branding and cultural management, and event marketing. The book comprises the proceedings of the International Conference on Strategic Innovative Marketing and Tourism (ICSIMAT) 2018, where researchers, academics, and government and industry practitioners from around the world came together to discuss best practices, the latest research, new paradigms, and advances in theory. It will be of interest to a wide audience, including members of the academic community, MSc and PhD students, and marketing and tourism professionals.

Blockchain in Digital Marketing

Author : Maria Johnsen
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Back in 2008, when Satoshi Nakamoto launched Bitcoin, the knowledge of blockchain application was limited to cryptocurrencies and digital cash, then more and more industries began using blockchain to utilize its incredible benefits.This book is the result of my years of research and work on artificial intelligence ( A.I ) in digital marketing, A.I Blockchain search engines, Fintech and Blockchain driven social media, CRM systems and marketing automation. Unfortunately many articles that people write on Medium, Forbes and the other highly ranked websites are taken from books about Blockchain without giving any credit to those books’ authors. I have provided relevant sources of information in this field which can be found at the reference section.Digital marketing experts and companies do not take blockchain technology seriously. They rely on their outdated online marketing tools. Times have changed. Things are very different now than they used to be. Current digital marketing methods do not generate leads and sales. This is why online businesses use more money on marketing processes which do not trigger enough sales. The majority of search engines have implemented A.I, machine learning and deep learning in their systems. Digital marketing is one such industry that will massively be benefiting from blockchain. Online marketing processes will be easier to handle if we implement A.I blockchain. In this book, we’ll discuss in detail about how blockchain can alleviate skepticism and build a decentralized environment for their consumers and themselves. We will go through various aspects of blockchain in order to understand the impact of blockchain on online marketing and digital marketing processes.

Enterprise Artificial Intelligence Transformation

Author : Rashed Haq
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Enterprise Artificial Intelligence Transformation AI is everywhere. From doctor's offices to cars and even refrigerators, AI technology is quickly infiltrating our daily lives. AI has the ability to transform simple tasks into technological feats at a human level. This will change the world, plain and simple. That's why AI mastery is such a sought-after skill for tech professionals. Author Rashed Haq is a subject matter expert on AI, having developed AI and data science strategies, platforms, and applications for Publicis Sapient's clients for over 10 years. He shares that expertise in the new book, Enterprise Artificial Intelligence Transformation. The first of its kind, this book grants technology leaders the insight to create and scale their AI capabilities and bring their companies into the new generation of technology. As AI continues to grow into a necessary feature for many businesses, more and more leaders are interested in harnessing the technology within their own organizations. In this new book, leaders will learn to master AI fundamentals, grow their career opportunities, and gain confidence in machine learning. Enterprise Artificial Intelligence Transformation covers a wide range of topics, including: Real-world AI use cases and examples Machine learning, deep learning, and slimantic modeling Risk management of AI models AI strategies for development and expansion AI Center of Excellence creating and management If you're an industry, business, or technology professional that wants to attain the skills needed to grow your machine learning capabilities and effectively scale the work you're already doing, you'll find what you need in Enterprise Artificial Intelligence Transformation.

Artificial Intelligence for Marketing

Author : Jim Sterne
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A straightforward, non-technical guide to the next major marketing tool Artificial Intelligence for Marketing presents a tightly-focused introduction to machine learning, written specifically for marketing professionals. This book will not teach you to be a data scientist—but it does explain how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will revolutionize your company's marketing strategy, and teach you how to use it most effectively. Data and analytics have become table stakes in modern marketing, but the field is ever-evolving with data scientists continually developing new algorithms—where does that leave you? How can marketers use the latest data science developments to their advantage? This book walks you through the "need-to-know" aspects of Artificial Intelligence, including natural language processing, speech recognition, and the power of Machine Learning to show you how to make the most of this technology in a practical, tactical way. Simple illustrations clarify complex concepts, and case studies show how real-world companies are taking the next leap forward. Straightforward, pragmatic, and with no math required, this book will help you: Speak intelligently about Artificial Intelligence and its advantages in marketing Understand how marketers without a Data Science degree can make use of machine learning technology Collaborate with data scientists as a subject matter expert to help develop focused-use applications Help your company gain a competitive advantage by leveraging leading-edge technology in marketing Marketing and data science are two fast-moving, turbulent spheres that often intersect; that intersection is where marketing professionals pick up the tools and methods to move their company forward. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning provide a data-driven basis for more robust and intensely-targeted marketing strategies—and companies that effectively utilize these latest tools will reap the benefit in the marketplace. Artificial Intelligence for Marketing provides a nontechnical crash course to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Digital and Social Media Marketing

Author : Aleksej Heinze
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The second edition of Digital and Social Media Marketing is an up-to-date, industry-led results-driven guide to digital marketing. Mixing academic theory with practical examples from a range of different organisations worldwide, it provides insight into, and techniques to enable, the creation, development and maintenance of a successful digital presence. This highly regarded textbook has been fully revised to bring the content up-to-date with the newest digital technologies. With topics including developing an effective digital presence, search engine optimization, and measuring brand awareness, the new edition also looks at digital ethics, General Data Protection Regulation and privacy, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and voice strategies. New international case studies are explored, including Alibaba and Amazon, as well as revised practical exercises in each chapter, enabling students to see how the concepts underpinning digital and social media marketing support business success. The book’s customisable Digital Business Maturity Model, and the Buyer Persona Spring, offer organisations a clear road map for understanding their own levels of technology adoption and digital strategy development. This accessible textbook provides a hands-on, user-friendly platform to turn skills and knowledge into strategic advantage. It is ideal for advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students of digital marketing and marketing strategy and for practitioners aiming to be at the cutting edge of digital and social media marketing. Alongside electronic resources for each chapter, this new edition also includes digital learning materials, case studies and exercises available in a supporting online learning environment. The online materials further enhance learners’ experience and support a worldwide learning community.

Digital Sales Force

Author : Lisa van Betteraey
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The Intuition Behind the Application of Machine Learning in Marketing Analytics

Author : Mario a Vinasco
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gained tremendous fame and attention during the past 5 years; there are plenty of books, conferences and online resources, and it has become overwhelming and difficult to separate the hype from practical insights.On one side, the math behind AI can be hard to follow; on the other, the hysteria claims that AI can flip presidential elections and feed other conspiracy theories.This book presents the key insights that make AI/ML useful for marketing and demystifies the core technology and illustrates case studies where my team applied the technology.This book is for marketers and executives that want to gain insights about the use and applicability of AI in marketing and I present a simple yet non-trivial explanation of the core principles of AI.I started using machine learning (ML) models at scale in 2012 and have continued doing so. We have used ML models to help the analysis of experiments, identify cross sell opportunities, design attrition prevention initiatives and many other interesting applications.As you have noted, I am not making a distinction between AI and ML, I even include many other iterative algorithms under the umbrella of AI. The book is not a description of state-of-the-art AI, it is an end user's guide to understand its potential.I will refer to my experience during my work in the marketing analytics groups of Facebook and Uber Technologies from the years 2013 to 2019 (present).

Digital Marketing Management Second Edition

Author : Debra Zahay
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This book is for managers and would-be managers who need to upgrade their knowledge of digital marketing. Told from the perspective of marketing strategy, it puts digital marketing in the context of firm strategy selection. The first step in digital marketing is to understand your company and your brand. The next step is to put content and keywords on your web and mobile sites so that they can be found in search. Then use the delivery platforms of digital content, e-mail, social, and mobile, to deploy that content to the customer. The final topics in the book focus on the importance of data management and privacy as well as the emerging roles of analytics, artificial intelligence and marketing automation. Without quality data, no digital marketing program can be successful. This data can then be used in data analytics applications for predictive modeling. After reading this book, the reader will have a good idea of where to start on the path to an integrated digital marketing management strategy. Each chapter concludes with a list of action steps or "what to do next" to get started on implementing a digital marketing strategy as well as review questions and key terminology.

Digital Marketing An Overview

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World is going through a digital transformation era and customers are spending most of their time online. Now most of the people are started using online for purchasing essentials items due to the pandemic situation. People are spending their time online for various purposes like spending time on social media networks and searching in the internet. It also helps them to take purchasing decisions at a faster pace than before. Hence organization needs to have dynamic strategies to understand the needs of the users and convert them as their potential customers. Digital marketing is a broader term which also includes the e-marketing concepts. Digital marketing includes strategies which are related to digital media such as internet, social media, e-mail, digital display boards such as billboards, mobile applications, virtual reality, and databases. Digital media content includes audio, video, text and graphics. Digital marketing analytics plays an important role in the success of digital marketing strategies especially with the use of Machine Learning and Deep Learning models in predicting customer behaviors, purchasing patterns and customer loyalty and retention. This book starts with the introduction of digital marketing and discusses the different types of digital marketing strategies, its positives and areas of weakness. It also helps the users to develop and evaluate the effects of their digital marketing strategies. SUBJECT EXPERT

Digital marketing like a PRO

Author : Clo Willaerts
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Artificial Intelligence for Business Applications

Author : Ethem Mining
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Have you ever wondered how you could increment your business through the appropriate use of the most efficacious tools? Do you want to learn the best digital marketing strategies that allow you to outstand your competitors? Do you want to acquire new clients effortlessly by predicting their needs and requests? Do you want to take advantage of the main companies such as Facebook, Google, or Amazon to reach your goals? The book Artificial Intelligence for Business Applications explains the origins of the AI industry, giving details of how it came about. It details the value of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in today's world. The book discusses the different types of AI available to businesses today and how they can align themselves to benefit from the software. It tackles the promises and challenges of AI, giving the reader a holistic view of the industry. It details how businesses can take advantage of hopes while discussing how to turn the challenges into strengths. You will find information on how AI can benefit economies and will get information on how it is changing business processes, which include acquiring new customers. You will find information on the new types of services that are arising as AI is getting implemented on a global scale and you can find tips on how you can integrate virtual assistants into their business processes. In this book, you will find information on aligning the strategy of a business with AI, evaluating the impact of its implementation and the steps on how to plan their AI business strategy. You should read this book to learn how to predict consumer behavior using AI as it will affect the future of marketing and you will be able to learn about the different levels of predictions available across platforms. This book shares practical tips on how one can promote their Chatbot. Businesses will learn how to reduce their customer service workload using chatbots and autoresponders. One will get practical steps to use in scaling up their businesses using AI, particularly within the marketing context. The book contains the steps that will allow you to exploit the AI of big companies to build and improve your business; the companies discussed include Google, Amazon, Apple, and Facebook. In this book you will learn How to predict consumer behavior using AI The benefits for your business How to evaluate and build AI strategies for your company How to easily acquire new customers How to set up a good email marketing strategy How to promote your chatbots and autoresponders How to use and exploit big companies AI to promote your business You will not need any specific skills. Even if you are a complete beginner, this book will be your starting point to accomplish all of your business goals. Would You Like To Know More? Scroll Up and Click "Add To Cart" NOW.


Author : Deepa Sayal
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The technology adoption on the information highway is supersonic. Digital is perhaps at the crux of this metamorphosis as Digital Transformative best practices hold the centrestage in this decade. Understanding the Digital best practices and strategies would not only open the doors to a number of opportunities but also help understand as to how do we integrate, synergise, blend all the mixes in this concoction in the right proportion along with other factors in order to achieve the best deliverables. This book not only talks of Digital marketing but many of its advanced versions and combinations, that we see soon in the impending decade, albeit in different versions. Whether you are an Individual, entrepreneur, media marketer, brand marketer or a student, this book will help you build your brand. You could Scale your business regionally, nationally and globally. What’s even interesting is that you choose your audience, you choose the genre and You could also generate volumes of customers, converse with them, educate them about your product and engage them like never before. So let’s do this journey together and see where does all this head to? There are plenty of examples that I have cited to understand and comprehend the Digital Transformative practices better. It answers questions such as: Imagine what the Digital world would look like ten years down the lane? What call for a great Digital Marketing strategy? The Role of Data and how it is going to evolve? Would artificial intelligence change digital dynamics? Would it eliminate jobs? What’s the secret and underlying principles to building a great digital business? How deep-seated is Virtual Reality going to become? The role of chatbots in the times to come?

How Are Chatbots Used in Digital Marketing An Introduction

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