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Art of Newborn Photography

Author : Melanie East
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Photographing newborns is a uniquely special experience and capturing the beauty of a newborn baby requires specific skills. In this practical book, Melanie East, one of the UK's leading newborn photographers, shares her secrets, from preparing for the newborn session through to post-production work. Advice is given on posing newborn babies using tried and tested techniques, while emphasizing the baby's safety at all times. Also Melanie gives clear instruction on choosing and using equipment near babies. Supported by her inspiring images, it is invaluable reading for photographers new to the genre, as well as professionals wishing to hone their skills. Contents: Advice on posing newborn babies using tried and tested techniques, while emphasizing the baby's safety at all times; Clear instruction on choosing and using equipment near babies; Tips on lighting, textures and tones, and using props to create interest in the newborn portrait; Ideas for taking beautiful and enchanting images that parents will adore. This practical book will be of special interest to family and portrait photographers and is beautifully illustrated with 153 colour photographs.

The Art of Newborn Photography

Author : Hector M Melendez
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The photographic artist, Hector M. Melendez, delights us with his photos of newborns and reveals his secrets to achieve striking images with his techniques for taking photos with natural light in a dramatic way.This book is intended for people with a basic knowledge of photography to further expand their understanding of how to achieve better compositions in the art of newborn photography.The book helps improve the sense of composition, and how a session should flow for photos to tell a story. There are techniques to make it appear that the subjects are alone, with images in a familiar, warm and charming style.If you want to start in this photographic world of newborns or just want to admire a beautiful gallery of babies, this book should not be missing from your repertoire.

Bellies and Babies

Author : Sandy Puc'
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Learn to master the art of maternity and newbornphotography Maternity and newborn photography is an exciting newphotographic specialty with a growing market. In this book byprofessional photographer and Canon Explorer of Light Sandy Puc,you will find both information and inspiration. This book coverstechnical aspects such as equipment, lighting techniques, andcomposition, but also examines the human side of the equation: howto make moms comfortable during the shoot, tips on photographingnewborns, suggestions for props and poses for children under a yearof age, and much more. Additionally, it will include businessstrategies for photographers who are looking to expand into thisbourgeoning market. Addresses what photographers need to know to venture into thispopular specialty Provides technical information about equipment, lighting,composition, camera settings, and printing Explains how to make expectant mothers feel comfortable andattractive during the shoot, how to work with newborns, techniquesfor posing children younger than a year, tips on using props, andmore Illustrated with dozens of the author's maternity and newbornportraits Bellies and Babies: The Art of Maternity and NewbornPhotography offers photographers both the information and ideasthey need to successfully photograph expectant mothers andnewborns.

The Art of Pregnancy Photography

Author : Jennifer George
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Capturing the beauty of pregnancy through photographs is an increasingly popular trend, and this timely guide covers the basics of maternity photography from both artistic and business standpoints. The details of creating a successful maternity portrait are addressed, including how to select a meaningful location, what props and fabrics to use, how to pose the subject, and how to produce a flattering lighting scheme. Helpful digital effects that can enhance skin tone and impart a wide variety of polished and artistic effects are discussed, as are tactics for incorporating other family members in the portrait. Also included are tips for building a strong connection with the subject that can lead to a profitable, lifelong client relationship.

The Art of Emotion

Author : Amanda Custer
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How to create emotional, and timeless newborn portraits with baby led posing and natural light. Natural newborn photography.

The Purest Love

Author : Marcela Limon
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Every baby that sleeps in front of my lens makes me pause for a moment and stare in awe. There's something mesmerizing about these tiny humans, new to the world, unaware of who they're going to be. I see these new lives as miracles. Precious little dreams that materialized to bring love and hope to our lives. A new parent can stare at their newborn baby for hours, stroking their cheeks and counting their eyelashes. It must be hard to do anything else. How can they? Newborns are miniature perfections. And yours. They are wonderfully made and they are yours. For some of us, holding our babies is just a dream. And that makes us marvel even more at their purity and perfection. This book was created to celebrate all the little details that make newborn babies so special.

Photographing Newborns

Author : Mimika Cooney
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Acclaimed photographer and photography-business guru Mimika Cooney shows you how to build a successful boutique business photographing newborns. This starts by attracting clients through strategic development of your “Love Brand,” a comprehensive professional identity carefully crafted to bring in the customers you want—and keep them coming back for more. Once you’ve booked a session, Cooney shows you how to make the most of it and deliver heartwarming images of your smallest clients alone or with their families. From there, savvy products and packaging keep parents enthralled and coming back for more. Partnered with a comprehensive system of client contact through mail, social media, and more, you can convert each portrait customer into a client for life—building a lasting demand for your skills and a devoted following of loving fans!

A Labor of Love

Author : Anne Geddes
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Beginning with early childhood memories and continuing through her 25-year career, Anne Geddes reveals the events, emotions and images that have shaped her life.

Wilson s Quarter Century in Photography

Author : Edward Livingston Wilson
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Power Composition for Photography

Author : Tom Gallovich
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In this book, Tom Gallovich shows readers how to use their camera’s exposure controls (aperture, shutter speed, ISO) to establish the focal point of the image and create the overall mood of the shot and choose a particular lens or focal-length setting to massage the way elements in the original scene will appear within the frame. Next, he presents chapters on using shape, color, lines, and arrangement to strengthen the intended visual message. Readers will learn how to best place their primary subject (and in some cases secondary subject) for maximum impact and will discover artistic strategies that reinforce that decision through careful use of color, tone, highlight and shadow, leading lines, curved shapes, and relative size—qualities that will contribute to the overall mood in the image. Copious illustrations emphasize the impact that putting these concepts into play will have on your images—and these are often coupled with images that show how ineffective images are when those important compositional needs are not attended to.