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Art From Intuition

Author : Dean Nimmer
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Practical self-help for artists who want to free their creativity. Art from Intuition offers artists everywhere a unique system for freeing their own creative intuition, the sixth sense that directs an artist’s drive and work. By letting go of the self-criticism, doubt, and insecurity that discourage artmaking, artists will be able to soar to new heights of creativity. More than 60 practical exercises take the reader from the most basic intuitive art to more sophisticated techniques. Each exercise, supported by step-by-step instructions, is accessible to artists at every level, and the exercises can be done in any order. After each chapter, readers are encouraged to follow up by evaluating their drawings or paintings to see how they reflect their own personal goals. Works of art by students and contemporary artists exemplify how exciting and how productive a freer, more intuitive approach to making art can be.

The Art of Intuition

Author : Sophy Burnham
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From the New York Times bestselling author of A Book of Angels, a wise and inspiring guide to strengthening one's intuitive abilities. Are you intuitive? Do you trust your intuitions? In The Art of Intuition, Sophy Burnham contends that we all have hunches and sudden insights and that we need only awaken to our inborn abilities in order to develop our inner wisdom. In this fascinating book, Burnham tells the stories of individuals who have "seen without seeing" to illustrate the workings of what she calls our "intuitive hearts." Exploring such topics as how loved ones are able to communicate with one another telepathically to skeptics who deny their power to see into the future, this book represents an important spiritual thinker's take on a subject that is vital to us all. According to Burnham, intuition is always right, and when you receive messages from Spirit-be it in the form of a subtle impression or a thunderous bolt from the blue-you must always, always follow the call.

Making Marks

Author : Elaine Clayton
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Through the simple act of drawing—whether it’s doodling or creating detailed illustrations—embrace your inner voice and unlock the power of your intuitive intelligence. Do you remember being a child and the pure joy brought on by a box of crayons and piece of paper? Do you still find yourself sketching away every time you pick up a pencil? That’s because drawing is a natural impulse that stays with us throughout our entire lives. Whether you are doodling in a notebook or carving your name in the sand, this simple, stream-of-consciousness activity is a window into your deepest, truest self. In Making Marks, you’ll learn that every single line, smudge, or spot you make contains visual imagery with the power to heal the past, develop your sense of empathy, and reveal solutions and answers you never realized before. You don’t need to have any specific experience or skills to benefit from this book; through simple steps and interactive exercises, people of all ages and artistic abilities can gain insight and learn to reconnect with their creative selves. With beautiful black-and-white and full-color illustrations, Making Marks is a powerful guide to self-discovery. Tap into your unconsciousness as artist and spiritual guide Elaine Clayton takes you on a journey of the soul.

The Intuitive Arts on Family

Author : Arlene Tognetti
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In this new "how to" book, readers will find Tarot illustrations and spreads, easy-to-understand astrological charts and graphs, and psychic exercises and diagrams.

Creative Intuition in Art Poetry

Author : Jacques Maritain
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Creative Intuition in Art and Poetry encompasses the six lectures Jacques Maritain delivered as the inaugural lecturer in the A. W. Mellon Lectures in the Fine Arts. The book paints a rich and compelling portrait of both Maritain's own philosophy and the debates surrounding art and meaning in the twentieth century as a whole.

Opening Intuitive Flow Through Artwork

Author : Giora Carmi
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This is a manual of how to create and use intuitive flow in art. When art is created intuitively it detects all that stands in the way of happiness. These are the subconscious limiting beliefs and thought patterns. When working with the method, these blockages to happiness show up very clearly in the art. In order to understand them the book also teaches a simple way to read the artwork. It gives you an invaluable instrument to look at your subconscious, or your client's, and understand what blocks you or your client. As such, this book is an original addition to all that we already know about looking at the subconscious and dissolving inhibiting beliefs. The method that the book gives does this observing faster than many other known methods. It finds the cores of emotional issues, and dissolves them quite surprisingly. It is a way to heal.There is no need to be an artist in order to use this method. The way of art making that the book teaches can be done by anyone, regardless of talent or lack of it.The method is not only a very effective therapy instrument, or self-therapy instrument, but also a way to create growth. It is a powerful spiritual path. In addition to teaching the method, the book teaches about intuition and its importance in everyone's life. This teaching is unique in that it uses pictures to demonstrate the content. And lastly there are examples of real therapy sessions that made use of this method, including all the art that was done and the readings.In the end of the book there is a way of using the method to find your own core issue and dissolve it. This does not happen immediately, but if taken as a practice, will free you of your core issue and your life will change. It is a moving, beautiful and powerful book.

Aesthetic as Science of Expression and General Linguistic

Author : Benedetto Croce
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"Aesthetic as Science of Expression and General Linguistic" by Benedetto Croce (translated by Douglas Ainslie). Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format.

Creative Revolution

Author : Flora Bowley
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Painting can be so much more than a mere hobby - it can be a vehicle transforming your mind, body, and spirit! Painting and bravely embracing the challenges of creativity sparks a revolution that involves heart, creativity, courage, and trust! Artistic pursuits such as painting have the power to soothe, heal, and connect a person to their truest self. For author Flora Bowley, making art and expressing herself creatively have always served as potent forms of personal evolution and holistic healing. Creative Revolution is the reader's key to unlocking the door to their own personal journey while making beautiful art. Creative Revolution is the culmination of Flora's life's work as an artist, offering guidance for others to embrace their authentic selves through paint. She has taught more than sixty workshops since she wrote her first book, Brave Intuitive Painting, and has witnessed miraculous things when people engage with the intuitive painting process. Creative Revolution is the next best thing to taking a course from Flora. Many readers and students can't help but exclaim, "This was about so much more than painting!" After reading Creative Revolution, readers will have a deeper connection to their intuition, increased confidence to make bolder choices, freedom to let go and explore various options, an understanding that everything is transformable, the trust that it will all work out in the end, and a renewed sense that creating can be fun and playful. All of this powerful transformation begins with paint. Flora has been writing and reflecting on these transformational aspects of the creative process for years. Creative Revolution is an insightful and practical guide for realizing the transformational power of fully embracing your creativity.

Seen unseen

Author : Emeritus Professor of the History of Art Martin Kemp
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Seen - Unseen is a deep, richly illustrated, and erudite analysis of the interconnections between science and the visual arts. Martin Kemp explores the responses of artists, scientists, and their instruments, to the world--ranging from early representations of perspective, to pinhole cameras, particle accelerators and the Hubble telescope. From Leonardo, Durer, and the inventors of photography to contemporary sculptors, and from Galileo and Darwin to Stephen J. Gould, Kemp considers the way in which scientists and artists have perceived the world and responded to its patterns, and sees common "structural intuitions" reflected in their work.

Art of Intuitive Photography

Author : Mindy Veissid
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Photography is often expected to be thought based and technically perfect. Art of Intuitive Photography is the opposite. Written for beginners and pros alike, this book guides the reader to pay attention to feelings, be mindful of the present moment, and experience rather than do photography. Mindy Vissids approach is thoughtful, compassionate, light, and playful. With specific tools and exercises, she will guide you to tap into your intuition to find your true self and your own voice. The knowledge and self-confidence you will gain from reading this book can be applied not only to photography, but at work, in relationships, and with your health. Its a must read for anyone who wants to improve their photography and their life. Art of Intuitive Photography is a wonderful guide for learning to trust your intuition and making photographs from your heart. This book will help you take the leap from generic photos to images that spring from imagination and personal experience with courage and grace. Douglas Beasley, Fine Art Photographer and Founder/Director, Vision Quest Photo Workshops

The Art of Listening

Author : Darla Johnson
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Modern dance has evolved over time to encompass a wide variety of definitions. Stepping out of comfort zones and following the voice of improvisation is a much-needed necessity for modern choreographers."Listening is exactly where we need to start," says author Darla Johnson, founder of the Dance Department at Austin Community College in Austin, Texas. The world of dance revolves around listening - to other dancers, students, the environment, and to oneself. Choreography takes the reader on a guided tour of the different landmarks of listening needed to take a dance from idea to actuality.This book also explores how to listen to and express your creative voice, engage in creative processes and what practices work for each person as a choreographer, along with practical advice on rehearsal and performance etiquette. Those desiring to choreograph professionally will gain insight into what it takes to keep an improvisational mentality, the most basic tool for dance-making.

Medical Bulletin

Author :
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Logic as a Liberal Art

Author : R. E. Houser
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In the twenty-first century there are two ways to study logic. The more recent approach is symbolic logic. The history of teaching logic since World War II, however, casts doubt on the idea that symbolic logic is best for a first logic course. Logic as a Liberal Art is designed as part of a minority approach, teaching logic in the "verbal" way, in the student's "natural" language, the approach invented by Aristotle. On utilitarian grounds alone, this "verbal" approach is superior for a first course in logic, for the whole range of students. For millennia, this "verbal" approach to logic was taught in conjunction with grammar and rhetoric, christened the trivium. The decline in teaching grammar and rhetoric in American secondary schools has led Dr. Rollen Edward Houser to develop this book. The first part treats grammar, rhetoric, and the essential nature of logic. Those teachers who look down upon rhetoric are free, of course, to skip those lessons. The treatment of logic itself follows Aristotle's division of the three acts of the mind (Prior Analytics 1.1). Formal logic is then taken up in Aristotle's order, with Parts on the logic of Terms, Propositions, and Arguments. The emphasis in Logic as a Liberal Art is on learning logic through doing problems. Consequently, there are more problems in each lesson than would be found, for example, in many textbooks. In addition, a special effort has been made to have easy, medium, and difficult problems in each Problem Set. In this way the problem sets are designed to offer a challenge to all students, from those most in need of a logic course to the very best students.

Intuitive Art

Author : Rachel Archelaus
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With no one to trust and in an abusive marriage, Rachel Archelaus found truth and guidance in the practice of Intuitive Art. This book chronicles her journey of making life-changing decisions with the aid of this intuition-booster and she teaches you how to use it, too. Rachel gives every reader the tools to directly connect with their intuition and make all of their decision making easier and more effective. From small choices (should I cut my hair short), and self improvement (how can I reduce my daily stress), to big changes (what will my life look like if I take this new job) the Archelaus Method of Intuitive Art empowers all who use it with quick answers and clear action steps.

The Art of Seeing

Author : Nathaniel
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Clairvoyance manual, this book will teach you how to develop and use the psychic ability of clairvoyance. Learn aura view, chakra reading and psychic reading. Learn how to receive messages through clairvoyance and how to perceive spirits, ghosts, Angels and entities.

Expressionism a German Intuition 1905 1920

Author :
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Journey to Inspired Art Quilting

Author : Jean Wells
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Continue your art quilting journey with Jean Wells in this follow up to Intuitive Color & Design. Embrace the process of developing your skills and trusting your intuition with 9 classroom-tested design assignments that help you develop distinctive work. Jean provides you with new guidelines and exercises to hone your natural intuitive skills, then she encourages you to express yourself! Learn how to recognize those “big ideas” that become inspirational starting points for your art. Packed with inspiring quilt images, this book walks you through effective approaches to art quilting from journaling your ideas to unifying your design.

Critical Theory Since Plato

Author : Hazard Adams
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This outstanding anthology traces major critical statements from classic theorists like Plato to the contemporary. This standard historical textbook in the field focuses on important individual thinkers, and not particular schools of thought or isms. Current selections bring the anthology into contemporary times and show students how critical theory has evolved and progressed over time.

Developing Intuition

Author : Shakti Gawain
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Everyone is born with intuition, but most of us learn to discount and ignore it. In this book, bestselling author Shakti Gawain gently guides us into what is certainly for many readers the most important work we can do: developing our intuition and allowing it to become a guiding force in our lives.

Tarot No Questions Asked

Author : Theresa Reed
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Tap into your "sixth sense" and become a better, more confident tarot reader. Most all tarot books present card-by-card interpretations as well as an instruction on how to read spreads. This book takes the next logical step inward by presenting the art of reading in a workbook format, and helps you learn to interpret the cards intuitively. The book falls into two parts. The first part concerns learning about the cards, and includes exercises for each card that teaches you to trust your interpretation of the card. The second part helps you develop that ability, a skill that Reed calls “intuition.” All the exercises, stories, card meanings, and techniques really serve one purpose: to go beyond learning Tarot to living it. It’s not enough to memorize the meanings of the cards, and you can’t do a reading with a workbook at your side forever. In order to deliver a meaningful, accurate tarot reading, you need to hone your intuition. Without a comfortable connection to your sixth sense, the tarot readings lack finesse and becomes nothing more than cookie-cutter interpretations. When you’re fluent in your intuition, you can develop better readings and unique interpretations for each person. In this book, Reed teaches by example. She presents the basics of intuitive tarot reading—reading without any questions, any backstory, anything to go on. This book is filled with exercises to hone your intuition and sharpen your interpretation skills.