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Art Et D coration

Author : Roberta Waddell
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Nearly six hundred photographs record the designs of one hundred seventy-five artists of Europe and America and provide a representative survey of the art nouveau style

Arts Decoration

Author :
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Ocar Decor the Art of Decoration

Author :
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The Art of Decoration

Author : H. R. Haweis
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Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork.

Art and Decoration in Dennison s Crepe and Tissue Paper Catalog

Author : Dennison manufacturing co
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The Art of Decoration

Author : Nina Campbell
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The British interior designer displays her work, which features dramatic use of colors, fabrics, and patterns to create elegant and luxurious homes

Vanishing Beauty

Author : Bertie Winkel
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Two renowned photographers record in stunning detail and variety the practice of body adornment in the world's most remote regions.

Art Deco

Author : Oliver Green
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From cinemas to airport terminals, and hotels to private houses, art deco style made a great impact on Britain between the wars, on buildings and structures, inside and out. This is its story.

Art and Decoration

Author : Oscar Wilde
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Oscar Wilde was one of the most influential writers on art and design in the late 19th century. Alongside his acclaimed plays, novel and short stories, he wrote and lectured extensively on the subject. This exquisite centenary facsimile edition of a posthumous collection that was first published in 1920 brings together some of his most significant writings on art, craft, design, fashion, and decoration. Among them are musings on the nature of beauty and utility; what makes an artist and what does an artist make; the importance of handicrafts over machine art; radical ideas on the state of fashion; how to decorate one's home; the 'American invasion' of English society; the various qualities of models of different nationalities; and the rise of historical criticism. Selections of his celebrated epigrams - or 'phrases and philosophies for the use of the young', as he put it - is a testament to the brilliant, incisive wit and flamboyant style for which Wilde is known. This beautiful volume, the only book devoted to Wilde's writings on art, will delight, enchant, and amuse.

Art and Decoration in Elizabethan and Jacobean England

Author : Anthony Wells-Cole
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The spread of the Renaissance and the onset of the Reformation gradually transformed the appearance of art, architecture, and decoration in sixteenth-century England. By the middle of the century, prints were being produced in near-industrial conditions in commercial centers such as Antwerp. They effected an information revolution similar to that of computers in our own time, broadcasting stylistic and religious changes and enabling English patrons and craftsmen to keep abreast of the latest artistic fashions. This richly illustrated book is the first comprehensive exploration of precisely what imported prints were used as sources of inspiration in Elizabethan and Jacobean England. Anthony Wells-Cole sets out a visual feast of buildings and their contents, side by side with photographs of the prints that inspired them. A large proportion of the illustrations will be unfamiliar to all but specialists.

The Art of Decoration a Sacred Tribute to God

Author : Dahlia Zrate-Muiz
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(NIV) Galatians: 5:22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. In His great mercy, grace and divine intervention, our Holy Father has imparted his vision on how he wants to decorate his kingdom one day with his final work of art. He wants you to know that the most precious decoration in his kingdom will be his redeemed saints. Unfortunately, God's people are currently unaware and suffering spiritual blindness and spiritual deafness. For this reason it is vitally important to learn how to be obedient, fasting, discerning, praying and to be serious and respectful when it pertains to decorating our Lord's house of worship and physical (body) temple, keeping in mind that our God is our Guest of Honor. If you want to be a part of this great work of art you need to begin by adorning your spiritual temple with the fruits of the spirit. Follow Dahlia Zrate-Muiz and Maria Arias-Lucio in this endeavor to honor God and become a part of the ultimate design in The Art of Decoration. 'The Art of Decoration a Sacred Tribute to God' is well written and captivating. It will have you turning the pages faster and faster. The creativeness of Zrate-Muiz only leaves the reader wanting more. Nelson DeCoss Jr. 'The Art of Decoration a Sacred Tribute to God' is a powerful inspiring guide to honor God and bring you to a higher level in God's Kingdom. Sylvia Vera, Intercessor Mision Divina Central

Art and Decoration of Central New Guinea

Author : Barry Craig
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This book is the first publication to cover the full range of decorated material from the Mountain-Ok region of central New Guinea. It provides an historical and ethnographic overview of the area and then relates certain objects and their decorative style to the religious and ritual life of the people, in particular to the male cult of respect for ancestors. Artefacts are discussed include houseboards and decorated house facades, warshields, arrows, tobacco-smoking apparatus, paint containers worn through the earlobe, taro scrapers, palmwood clubs and paintings on bark and rock surfaces. About the author Barry Craig moved to central New Guinea in 1962 from his native Australia, to become head teacher of a school there. During his spare time he carried out research into the material culture and art style of the area. In 1970 he obtained his MA (Honours) degree at the University of Sydney for a thesis incorporating the results from his field research. In 1972-3 he carried out a year of research in the upper Sepik area and, whilst Curator of Anthropology at the Papua New Guinea National Museum from 1980 to 1983, he made two further visits to central New Guinea.

Art Deco Architecture

Author : Patricia Bayer
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This exploration of Art Deco architectural design embraces many different times and places in its visual and verbal account of the movement's origins, development, and influence.

Art Deco Interiors

Author : Henry Delacroix
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This rare 1935 portfolio of full-color plates presents interpretations by many designers and interior architects of the effects of Art Deco modernism. Includes sleek designs for every kind of living space.

Art Decoration Applied to Furniture

Author : Harriet Elizabeth Prescott Spofford
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With Pleasure

Author : Anna Katz
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A timely and expansive survey of a groundbreaking American art movement that overturned aesthetic hierarchies in a riot of color and ornamentation The Pattern and Decoration movement emerged in the 1970s as an embrace of long-dismissed art forms associated with the decorative. Pioneering artists such as Miriam Schapiro (1923-2015), Joyce Kozloff (b. 1942), Robert Kushner (b. 1949), and others appropriated patterns, frequently from non-Western decorative arts, to produce intricate, often dizzying or gaudy designs in media ranging from painting, sculpture, and collage to ceramics, installation art, and performance. This dazzling book showcases an astonishing array of works by more than 40 artists from across the United States, examining the movement's defiant adoption of art forms traditionally viewed as feminine, craft-based, or otherwise inferior to fine art. In addition to offering an overview of the Pattern and Decoration movement as it is commonly recognized, this volume considers artists of the period who are not typically associated with the movement. Rethinking the significance of patterns and the decorative in postwar American art, this panoramic view provides new insights into abstraction, feminism, and installation art. Essays explore the movement's feminist methods and values, including Miriam Schapiro's "femmage" practice; its impact on contemporary abstract painting; and its relationship to postmodern architecture and design. Artist biographies, an exhibition history, and reprints of historically significant writings further establish With Pleasure as the most expansive publication on the subject.

The World of Art Deco

Author : Minneapolis Institute of Arts
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Captioned photographs and text depict furniture, sculpture, and miscellaneous objects in the decorative art style of the 1930's.

Nineteenth century Decoration

Author : Charlotte Gere
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Takes a look at the design and decoration of interiors representative of the times, with comments and quotes and a profuse of illustrations to document the fashion and conditions of the 19th century


Author : Oliver R. Impey
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The styles called chinoiserie were the European dream of the Orient, an escapist style of decoration that flourished in the courts and houses of 17th and 18th century Europe. This book examines the style and how it developed. Organized in fourteen chapters, with separate chapters on furniture, lacquer and Japan; architecture ; interior decoration ; metalwork ; textiles ; painting, drawing and engraving ; and the Anglo-Chinese garden ; two chapters on ceramics ; and bibliography.

The Annual of Design and Art Decoration 64

Author : Designers and Art Directors Association. London
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