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Arms and Armour of the Renaissance Joust

Author : Tobias Capwell
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The Renaissance is best known as an age of artists--Michelangelo, da Vinci, Titian, and Holbein--but it was also an age of noble patrons who challenged their painters and sculptors to create great art. These patrons were knights, military leaders, and jousters, and they played a central role in the creation of another great Renaissance story: that of the armourer. In Arms and Armour of the Renaissance Joust, Tobias Capwell provides an illuminating history of jousting seen through the surviving artifacts in the collection of the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds. He reveals how the jousts and tournaments of the Renaissance transported knightly combat into a kind of performance art, with demonstrations of aristocratic skill and nerve, superhuman strength and superlative horsemanship, and cutting-edge equipment. Accompanied by one hundred color illustrations, this volume's publication marks the five hundredth anniversary of the Field of Cloth of Gold, which took place in 1520 and is considered the greatest tournament of the Tudor age.

Jousting in Medieval and Renaissance Iberia

Author : Noel Fallows
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This book traces the rise and fall of the joust in Iberia, between the late fourteenth and late sixteenth centuries, when it was supplanted by the more innocuous cane game and the spectacle of the bull-run. It focuses on three jousting treatises written by practising champions at the time: Ponc de Menaguerra's Lo Cavaller (`The Knight', 1493); Juan Quijada de Reayo's Doctrina del arte de la cavalleria (`Doctrine of the Art of Chivalry, 1548); and Luiz Zapata's Del Justador (`Of the Jouster', c.1589-93). It presents editions, with the first English translation, of these important texts, together with introductions and analytical study; there are also chapters on the arms and armour of the joust. It is richly illustrated with nearly 200 colour and black and white illustrations, many never previously published, which illuminate the sometimes complex technical terminology used by these authors, and provide further evidence of how weapons and armour were actually used. Noel Fallows is Professor of Spanish and Associate Dean, University of Georgia.

Arms and Armour of the Medieval Joust

Author : Tobias Capwell
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Jousting is the most iconic form of mounted combat. For more than five hundred years, the sport itself, and the chivalric culture that surrounded it, took on almost mythical qualities. Here, Tobias Capwell explains the glitz and glamour of a sport that attracted enormous popular audiences throughout the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Though he deals almost exclusively with weapons and warriors, Capwell tells a story not of war and destruction, but of pageantry and valor. This is the story of the armor of peace.

Miliz oder S ldner

Author : Philippe Rogger
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Arms and Armour of Knights and Landsknechts in the Netherlands Army Museum

Author : Jan Piet Puype
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"This book presents over 100 objects of arms and armour of 1100-1550 in the Royal Netherlands Army Museum. Technical descriptions and discussions detail form, material, construction, dating and tactical use. Each object is illustrated with photographs. Drawings clarigy treminology, construction and use." = "Dit boek presenteert meer dan 100 wapens uit de periode van 1100 tot 1550 in het Koninklijk Nederlands Legermuseum. Technische beschrijvingen en commentaren gaan in op vorm, materiaal, constructie, datering en tactisch gebruik, leder wapen is geïllustreerd met foto's. Tekeningen verduidelijken terminologie, constructie en gebruik."--Cover.

A Selection from the William Randolph Hearst Collection of Arms and Armor in the Detroit Institute of Arts

Author : Detroit Institute of Arts
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Well Met

Author : Rachel Lee Rubin
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The Renaissance Faire—a 50 year-long party, communal ritual, political challenge and cultural wellspring—receives its first sustained historical attention with Well Met. Beginning with the chaotic communal moment of its founding and early development in the 1960s through its incorporation as a major “family friendly” leisure site in the 2000s, Well Met tells the story of the thinkers, artists, clowns, mimes, and others performers who make the Faire. Well Met approaches the Faire from the perspective of labor, education, aesthetics, business, the opposition it faced, and the key figures involved. Drawing upon vibrant interview material and deep archival research, Rachel Lee Rubin reveals the way the faires established themselves as a pioneering and highly visible counter cultural referendum on how we live now—our family and sexual arrangements, our relationship to consumer goods, and our corporate entertainments. In order to understand the meaning of the faire to its devoted participants,both workers and visitors, Rubin has compiled a dazzling array of testimony, from extensive conversations with Faire founder Phyllis Patterson to interviews regarding the contemporary scene with performers, crafters, booth workers and “playtrons.” Well Met pays equal attention what came out of the faire—the transforming gifts bestowed by the faire’s innovations and experiments upon the broader American culture: the underground press of the 1960s and 1970s, experimentation with “ethnic” musical instruments and styles in popular music, the craft revival, and various forms of immersive theater are all connected back to their roots in the faire. Original, intrepid, and richly illustrated, Well Met puts the Renaissance Faire back at the historical center of the American counterculture.

Arms and Armor in the Art Institute of Chicago

Author : Walter J. Karcheski
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Written by arms and armor specialist Walter J. Karcheski, Jr., the text delves into a world where feudalism and the institution of knighthood prevailed and where arms and armor played a crucial role. Karcheski traces the development and craftsmanship of these magnificent suits and weapons throughout the centuries and discusses the armor developed for use in battle as well as that made specifically for tournaments, hunting, and pageantry. Additionally, he explores the craftsmen's guilds and the production and decoration of armor.

Mediaeval and Renaissance Arms and Armor from the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Author : California Palace of the Legion of Honor
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Arms and Armor

Author : Stuart W. Pyhrr
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This publication chronicles more than a decade of collecting by the Department of Arms and Armor at the Metropolitan Museum. The refurbished galleries in The Pierpont Morgan Wing opened in 1991 with a new presentation of about eleven hundred of the finest pieces from the Museum's encyclopedic collection, and since that time the department's holdings have continued to grow, with more than one hundred and fifty items added by purchase, gift, or bequest. This volume includes fifty-eight of the most notable acquisitions. Many are remarkable for their diversity and extraordinary quality, condition, and beauty, and some for their artistic or historic importance, while others fill gaps or serve as documents, adding to the knowledge of this field of study. -- Metropolitan Museum of Art website.