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Art and Religion in Medieval Armenia

Author : Helen C. Evans
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This latest volume in The Metropolitan Museum of Art symposia series reprises The Met’s blockbuster exhibition Armenia! (2018–19)—the first major exhibition on the art of this highly influential culture at the crossroads of the eastern and western worlds. Building on the pioneering work of those who first established Armenian studies in America, these essays by a new generation of scholars address Armenia’s roles in facilitating exchange with the Mongol, Ottoman, and Persian empires to the East and with Byzantium and European Crusader states to the West. Contributors explore the effects of this tension in the history of Armenian art and how those histories persist into the present, as Armenia continues to grapple with the legacy of genocide and counters new threats to its sovereignty, integrity, and culture.


Author : Jennifer Baines
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Dr Baines' 1977 study examines Mandelstam's later poetry between 1930 and 1937.

The Armenian Review

Author :
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A Theological Biblical and Ecclesiastical Dictionary serving as a general note book to illustrate the Old and New Testament as a guide to the practices and opinions of all sects and religions and as a cyclop dia of religious knowledge

Author : John ROBINSON (D.D., Rector of Clifton, Westmoreland.)
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Song of the Land

Author : Robert Burden
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The past is a foreign country, a place of stories and secrets. James Stares has heard his English father talk about how the Great War affected the lives of his own father, mother and brother a lot; about how he met James’ mother in Cairo; about defending the Empire in Egypt at a time of rising unrest in the 1950s. But these stories are not all they seem. More than anything, James wonders why his mother’s Armenian culture plays so little part in his upbringing. Looking into his mother’s origins, James reaches out to his Armenian relatives in Canada, researching the circumstances of his maternal grandparents leaving Anatolia in a hurry in 1915… Yet much is left unsaid. We follow James as he digs deeply into his family’s past, the English and the Armenian, and in the process comes to a better understanding of himself…

Shelf Life

Author : Gideon Haigh
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Few journalists exemplify the creed ‘without fear or favour’ like Gideon Haigh. Shelf Life selects from twenty-one years of writing on myriad subjects by one of our clearest thinkers, sharpest stylists and most curious journalists. Architecture and airline food. Depression and doodling. Goya and Grossman. Weegee and Wire. When not wiring about cricket, Gideon Haigh has enjoyed taking journalism on unexpected journeys, where curiosity calls, into the past and future as well as the present. Edited by Russell Jackson, Shelf Life samples his work from the last two decades: essays, reportage, reviews, crisp analyses, deep dives into history, of no camp, and independent of the news cycle, from his shelves to yours.

U S Army Special Forces Language Visual Training Materials ARMENIAN Defense Language Institutue DLI Selected Aspects of the New Independent States Religion Culture Volume I Country Area Studies Ukraine Belarus Georgia Armenia

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600 total pages .... Developed by I Corps Foreign Language Training Center Fort Lewis, WA For the Special Operations Forces Language Office United States Special Operations Command LANGUAGE TRAINING The ability to speak a foreign language is a core unconventional warfare skill and is being incorporated throughout all phases of the qualification course. The students will receive their language assignment after the selection phase where they will receive a language starter kit that allows them to begin language training while waiting to return to Fort Bragg for Phase II. The 3rd Bn, 1st SWTG (A) is responsible for all language training at the USAJFKSWCS. The Special Operations Language Training (SOLT) is primarily a performance-oriented language course. Students are trained in one of ten core languages with enduring regional application and must show proficiency in speaking, listening and reading. A student receives language training throughout the Pipeline. In Phase IV, students attend an 8 or 14 week language blitz depending upon the language they are slotted in. The general purpose of the course is to provide each student with the ability to communicate in a foreign language. For successful completion of the course, the student must achieve at least a 1/1/1 or higher on the Defense Language Proficiency Test in two of the three graded areas; speaking, listening and reading. Table of Contents Introduction Introduction Lesson 1 People and Geography Lesson 2 Living and Working Lesson 3 Numbers, Dates, and Time Lesson 4 Daily Activities Lesson 5 Meeting the Family Lesson 6 Around Town Lesson 7 Shopping Lesson 8 Eating Out Lesson 9 Customs, and Courtesies in the Home Lesson 10 Around the House Lesson 11 Weather and Climate Lesson 12 Personal Appearance Lesson 13 Transportation Lesson 14 Travel Lesson 15 At School Lesson 16 Recreation and Leisure Lesson 17 Health and the Human Body Lesson 18 Political and International Topics in the News Lesson 19 The Military Lesson 20 Holidays and Traditions + DLI Overview: Introduction 1. Overview This section provides country area studies for the following countries: (a) Ukraine, (b) Belarus, (c) Georgia, and (d) Armenia. It also includes an Answer Key and Glossary. 2. Intent The following perspectives are helpful when considering the importance of country area studies for Military Intelligence linguists.

Secret Nation

Author : Avedis Hadjian
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It has long been assumed that no Armenian presence remained in eastern Turkey after the 1915 massacres. As a result of what has come to be called the Armenian Genocide, those who survived in Anatolia were assimilated as Muslims, with most losing all traces of their Christian identity. In fact, some did survive and together with their children managed during the last century to conceal their origins. Many of these survivors were orphans, adopted by Turks, only discovering their `true' identity late into their adult lives. Outwardly, they are Turks or Kurds and while some are practising Muslims, others continue to uphold Christian and Armenian traditions behind closed doors. In recent years, a growing number of `secret Armenians' have begun to emerge from the shadows. Spurred by the bold voices of journalists like Hrant Dink, the Armenian newspaper editor murdered in Istanbul in 2007, the pull towards freedom of speech and soul-searching are taking hold across the region. Avedis Hadjian has travelled to the towns and villages once densely populated by Armenians, recording stories of survival and discovery from those who remain in a region that is deemed unsafe for the people who once lived there. This book takes the reader to the heart of these hidden communities for the first time, unearthing their unique heritage and identity. Revealing the lives of a peoples that have been trapped in a history of denial for more than a century, Secret Nation is essential reading for anyone with an interest in the aftermath of the Armenian Genocide in the very places where the events occurred.

Armenophobia in Azerbaijan

Author : Anzhela Elibegova
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The idea of this book came after the presentation of Azeriсhild project which represented a systematized compilation of works by Azerbaijani authors intended for children audiences along with a series of examples of works created by children themselves, which gave a clear demonstration of the gap between the real situation in the Azerbaijani society about anything relating to Armenia and the declared tolerance for diversity of cultures and religions. Naturally enough, we tend to label this hatred as armenophobia often without full awareness of the pivotal role it plays in shaping the ethnic identity of Azerbaijanis; such hatred channeled against all that pertains to Armenia stands as the nemesis of their psychological model and fuels the juxtaposition of us vs. them which is fraught with repercussions for Azerbaijanis themselves. The large archive compiled by the authors of this book a) serves as a thesaurus for an analysis of ongoing processes in the Azerbaijani society and b) allows building a temporal perspective on three levels by covering the past history, current situation and expected ramifications of the armenophobic policy pursued at the state level in Azerbaijan.

Historic Note book

Author : Ebenezer Cobham Brewer
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