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Are We There Yet

Author : Nina Laden
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On the way to grandmother's house, a young child's constant refrain of "Are we there yet?" turns a boring car trip into an imaginative adventure.

Are We There Yet

Author : JoAnn Scott Preciado
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The way I remember it. Barb and her sister Kitty leave husbands home and take their collective gaggle of eight young children from Florida and Mississippi all the way to California for their summer vacation. These two thirty-something moms and their off spring wander into harms way more than once in this fun action filled adventure. There is plenty of suspense and mystery, there's witch craft and UFO's, western folk lore and even a little romance along the highway as they camp across America in a homemade camper In the summer of 1975. Things were different then.

God Are We There Yet

Author : Robert Stofel
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When you’re tired of merely trying to survive your life journey and are ready to finally get somewhere—this is the book you need! “Are we there yet?” How many times did you ask your mom or dad that question—usually from the back seat of the car on a road trip with endless twists and turns? Well, for some of us, times haven’t really changed that much. Only now we find ourselves asking our heavenly father, God, are we there yet? Will the construction detours end? Why can’t I take the scenic route? Gently drawing upon the life journey metaphor, author, pastor, and counselor Robert Stofel touches our hearts and minds as he points us toward practical, easy-to-follow instructions that lead us to God’s ultimate, satisfying direction for our lives. The journey of a lifetime begins with the question, “God, are we there yet?” Includes a readers’ guide for personal reflection or group study.

Are We There Yet

Author : Sarah Lynne Ramsey
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Did you know God has a secret place? He does, and he wants you to learn the way into the secret place of the Most High. In "Are We There Yet?" Sarah Ramsey uncovers an ancient path in the Tabernacle of Moses that reveals the pattern into God's presence. Though the journey is simple, many people do not know how to get there. Let's make the journey together! It is simply not possible to take this journey incrementally and progressively and not 'get there'; our arrival being understood as a renewed sense and awareness of God's own manifested presence...After having read Sarah's book, the sense of the manifest presence of the Lord has increased in a way that I have long desired. Sarah really does take you there. Bob and Judith Mumford, International Bible teacher and author In a time when mankind has apparently lost his mooring to anything steadfast and absolute, "Are We There Yet?" comes along. Every Christian worker serious about their service for the gospel should add this foundational work to their library. Joe McGee, President Joe McGee Ministries Faith For Families Our hope and trust is that this in-depth examination of the pathway into the presence of God will inspire many to begin and complete this valuable journeya "and then to abide in His presence. Dick Leggatt, President Derek Prince Ministries Sarah has a contagious love for Christ and His presence and walks intimately with Him. Her personal prayer life is honored and emulated by others. Pastor Eddie Turner, First Assembly of God, Cookeville, Tennessee"

Mom Are We There Yet

Author : Monica Frazier Anderson
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Every day family life with a big dose of humor. Think Bombeck and Dave Barry...then think again. Dr. Monica Anderson--mother, grandmother, humorist and dentist has a unique style that delivers a dose of laughter you'll never forget!

Are We There Yet

Author : Jason Emerson
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Teen-aged Ben and Ray Shores run away from their farm in north Florida in 1918 to play professional baseball while many older men were serving in World War I. Ben parlays his baseball career into successful speculation in the 1920s Florida land boom and later on Wall Street. After his wife drowns in a 1928 hurricane, Ben takes a freighter to Australia, where he meets sugar plantation owners and other business men. A cricket bowler teaches him the grip and delivery of the googly, which he adapts to develop a new baseball curve. When his baseball career ends, he emigrates to Australia, where he becomes a highly successful business man, flying his own airplane to supervise his far-flung construction contracts. Through his assistance in hunting down a Japanese submarine that had shelled his home of Townsville in 1942, he becomes a minor war hero. His story is narrated by Ray, a University of Florida graduate and teacher and Ben's assistant in the land speculation. Ray's happy marriage is juxtaposed to Ben's own tragic courtship and marriage.

Dear God Are We There Yet

Author : Alicia Sanchez
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Are We There Yet A Common Sense Guide To End Times Scriptures

Author : Michael Reed
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The subject of the return of Jesus has fueled speculation ever since He left. When is He coming? Will we know when He is about to return? Are the things happening in our world today "signs of the times"? What does the book of Revelation say about the return of Jesus? And what about the nation of Israel? What role do they play in end-times scenarios? Mike Reed attempts to address these and other questions about Christ's return in this book. For the average person and even for those who have studied the topic for awhile, the subject of Christ's return can be overwhelming. In this book, the author will attempt to guide the reader into an understanding of the return of Christ first based upon what Jesus said about it and then looking at what the apostles and prophets have said. The basis for the confusion on the subject is because most authors have not followed that sequence. This is a book written for laymen. It attempts to utilize good scholarship, but it is written for the nonacademic follower of Jesus who wants to understand what our Lord said about this most important topic. The book is also written with the desire to be a good example of how to utilize sound and time-honored methods of interpretation, which can be applied to any topic of scripture.

Are We There Yet Reflections on Politics in America

Author : Nicholas Johnson
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Politics. Former FCC Commissioner Nicholas Johnson draws on a half-century in government and politics, from precinct captain to presidential appointments, in this analysis of what's wrong and how to fix it -- sprinkled with contemporaneous blog entries about the 2007-2008 presidential primary from an Iowa perspective.

Skid Marks 2 are We There Yet a Comedy in One Act

Author : Lindsay Price
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