Arduino Projects For Dummies


Author: Brock Craft

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118551516

Category: Computers

Page: 408

View: 3546

Discover all the amazing things you can do withArduino Arduino is a programmable circuit board that is being used byeveryone from scientists, programmers, and hardware hackers toartists, designers, hobbyists, and engineers in order to addinteractivity to objects and projects and experiment withprogramming and electronics. This easy-to-understand book is anideal place to start if you are interested in learning more aboutArduino's vast capabilities. Featuring an array of cool projects,this Arduino beginner guide walks you through every step of each ofthe featured projects so that you can acquire a clear understandingof the different aspects of the Arduino board. Introduces Arduino basics to provide you with a solidfoundation of understanding before you tackle your firstproject Features a variety of fun projects that show you how to doeverything from automating your garden's watering system toconstructing a keypad entry system, installing a tweeting cat flap,building a robot car, and much more Provides an easy, hands-on approach to learning more aboutelectronics, programming, and interaction design for Makers of allages Arduino Projects For Dummies is your guide to turningeveryday electronics and plain old projects into incredibleinnovations. Get Connected! To find out more about Brock Craftand his recent Arduino creations, visit ahref=""

Arduino For Dummies


Author: John Nussey

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118446437

Category: Computers

Page: 456

View: 613

The quick, easy way to leap into the fascinating world ofphysical computing This is no ordinary circuit board. Arduino allows anyone,whether you're an artist, designer, programmer or hobbyist, tolearn about and play with electronics. Through this book you learnhow to build a variety of circuits that can sense or control thingsin the real world. Maybe you'll prototype your own product orcreate a piece of interactive artwork? This book equips you witheverything you'll need to build your own Arduino project, but whatyou make is up to you! If you're ready to bring your ideas into thereal world or are curious about the possibilities, this book is foryou. ? Learn by doing ? start building circuits and programmingyour Arduino with a few easy to follow examples - rightaway! ? Easy does it ? work through Arduino sketches line by linein plain English, to learn of how a they work and how to write yourown ? Solder on! ? Only ever used a breadboard in the kitchen?Don't know your soldering iron from a curling iron? No problem,you'll be prototyping in no time ? Kitted out ? discover new and interesting hardware to makeyour Arduino into anything from a mobile phone to a geigercounter! ? Become an Arduino savant ? learn all about functions,arrays, libraries, shields and other tools of the trade to takeyour Arduino project to the next level. ? Get social ? teach your Arduino to communicate withsoftware running on a computer to link the physical world with thevirtual world It's hardware, it's software, it's fun! Start building the nextcool gizmo with Arduino and Arduino For Dummies.

Adventures in Arduino


Author: Becky Stewart

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118948475

Category: Computers

Page: 320

View: 9881

Adventures in Arduino is the beginner's guide to Arduino programming, designed specifically for readers who want to learn about Arduino, but don't know where to begin.

Getting to Know Arduino


Author: Heather Moore Niver

Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc

ISBN: 1477775005

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 64

View: 6281

This book covers the particulars of Arduino's hardware and software, its capabilities, pros and cons of the platform, and examples of the creativity its use engenders. The Arduino programming language is used to operate microcontrollers, which are essentially mini-computers that trigger physical systems such as lights and motors.

Arduino Music and Audio Projects


Author: Mike Cook

Publisher: Apress

ISBN: 1484217217

Category: Computers

Page: 458

View: 2355

This book is for musical makers and artists who want to gain knowledge and inspiration for your own amazing creations. “Grumpy Mike” Cook, co-author of several books on the Raspberry Pi and frequent answerer of questions of the Arduino forums, brings you a fun and instructive mix and simple and complex projects to help you understand how the Arduino can work with the MIDI system to create musical instruments and manipulate sound. In Part I you’ll find a set of projects to show you the possibilities of MIDI plus Arduino, covering both the hardware and software aspects of creating musical instruments. In Part II, you learn how to directly synthesize a wave form to create your own sounds with Arduino and concludes with another instrument project: the SpoonDuino. Finally, in Part III, you’ll learn about signal processing with the Arduino Uno and the Due — how to create effects like delay, echo, pitch changes, and realtime backwards audio output. /divIf you want to learn more about how to create music, instruments, and sound effects with Arduino, then get on board for Grumpy Mike’s grand tour with Arduino Music and Sound Projects.

Raspberry Pi For Dummies


Author: Sean McManus,Mike Cook

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 111855423X

Category: Computers

Page: 432

View: 7213

Embrace the exciting new technology of Raspberry Pi! With the invention of the unique credit-card sized single-boardcomputer, the Raspberry Pi, comes a new wave of hardware geeks,hackers, and hobbyists who are excited about the possibilities ofthe Raspberry Pi, and this is the perfect guide to get you startedin this exhilarating new arena. With this fun and friendly book,you'll quickly discover why the supply for the Pi cannot keep upwith the demand! Veteran tech authors Sean McManus and Mike Cookshow you how to download and install the operating system, use theinstalled applications, and much more. Covers connecting the Pi to other devices such as a keyboard,mouse, monitor, and more Teaches you basic Linux System Admin Walks you through editing images, creating web pages, andplaying music Details how to program with Scratch and Python Explores creating simple hardware projects Raspberry Pi For Dummies makes computing as easy aspie. Now discover the history of Raspberry Pi! The Raspberry Pi sold a million units in its first year, and camefrom a previously unknown organisation, The Raspberry PiFoundation. If you’ve ever wondered how it came into being,and what inspired its creation, ahref=""Sean McManus/a, co-author ofRaspberry Pi For Dummies, has the answer. He has set up a sectionon his website to share bonus content, which includes a shorthistory of the Raspberry Pi. At Sean’s website, you can alsoread reviews of the book, see videos of its projects, and readseveral exclusive blog posts about the Raspberry Pi and itscommunity. ahref=""VisitSean’s homepage for Raspberry Pi For Dummies here/a!

Electronics All-in-One For Dummies


Author: Doug Lowe

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1119320798

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 960

View: 1753

If you're ready to take you basic electronics skills to the next level, this book provides exactly what you need! Lowe provides clear explanation of the important concepts, and includes building projects that will get you going from concept to conception.

Raspberry Pi Hardware Projects 2


Author: Andrew Robinson,Mike Cook

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118588908

Category: Computers

Page: 296

View: 4064

Raspberry Pi is a UK Non Profit with the goal of creating a newgeneration of computer programmers. Observing how the UK TechIndustry was kickstarted by the availability in the 1980s ofrelatively cheap, very programmable computers such as the ZX81, theCommodore and the BBC Micro, the Raspberry Pi Foundation designed a£15/$25 computer which encourages the user to play and tolearn. Although intended for schools, it has also been adopted byhackers and geeks, and a whole ecosystem of software and hardwareis being built around the Pi. With a million boards now sold, thegoal of the Foundation is well underway.