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Arctic Adventure

Author : Axel Lewis
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For the third leg of the robot races the contestants must choose between three possible Arctic routes, all of which are dangerous--especially when some of the racers are not playing by the rules.

Helen Thayer s Arctic Adventure

Author : Sally Isaacs
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"A woman and a dog make their way to the magnetic North Pole on foot--the first trip of this nature"--

The Great Arctic Adventure

Author : Jerry Yost
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Follow a stranded young photo journalist in Nome as she finds herself on a strange journey to the North Pole. Take a tour with her as the Poles secrets are revealed. What will Santas Chief Mail Clerk do? Losing a childs letter that held a very critical request is a terrible thing. Should the rules that protect Toyland be broken, risking banishment, while searching for the child? Will the dangerous trip south to locate the child and reveal the wish end in disaster? Is banishment the only thing left upon return to the Pole? Can the journalist learn the full story of one of Santas most heroic elves? Go on the trek into the unknown seeking the Cave of No Return and the elusive Arctic Spiritbut do they exist? Read The Great Arctic Adventure to find the answers to these questions and learn a little known fact about the poem A Visit from St. Nicholas by Clement Clark Moore.

PONS Die Drei Arctic Adventure

Author : Kari Erlhoff
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"Die 3??? - Tödliches Eis", einsprachig englisch, aufbereitet für das 3. Lernjahr; mit Vokabelangaben, Übungen und Hörbuch zum Download.

Arctic Adventure by Sea and Land

Author : Epes Sargent
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Minus Twelve An Arctic Adventure

Author : Juliet Frost
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Parjiter Penguin s Amazing Arctic Adventure

Author : David MacGill
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Never underestimate the determination of the individual spirit when the germ of an idea escalates in the mind, and flourishes into an unstoppable resolve, culminating in an incredible achievement that no one had previously thought possible. History repeatedly shows the fruits of the indomitable human spirit. This time, however, the sheer determination and single-mindedness of a young Antarctic penguin to overcome the perils of undertaking a journey to the other end of the world, encapsulated this spirit. The strangest and most unexpected of friendships can also blossom, as Parjiter Penguin realises his ambition to come face-to-face with a polar bear, the rather grandly named Bridgeforth Bear the Third. This was just the beginning, however, of an amazing and sometimes perilous adventure that ensued between the new friends and cemented the unbreakable bond in this unlikeliest of friendships. The words of Parjiter Penguin’s school teacher had echoed in his mind when planning his incredible adventure, “Now,” said Parjiter to himself, “what was it that Miss Primrose said to the class? Ah yes, ‘polar bears and penguins can never meet’. Really! Well, we’ll see about that!”

Reading Planet Arctic Adventure Orange Comet Street Kids

Author : Helen Chapman
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Comet Street Kids reading books follow the adventures of Rav, Asha, Tess and Finn, four of the residents of Comet Street. There are 72 exciting stories in the series that children won't be able to put down. Some little owl chicks have just hatched at the wildlife park! When Tess and Finn go to see them, they're swept away to meet some snowy owl chicks – in the Arctic! The owls are hungry and cold, because their mother is missing! Can Finn and Tess find the mother snowy owl? Reading age: 5-6 years

The Cruise of the Snowbird A Story of Arctic Adventure

Author : Gordon Stables
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The 1957 Sachs Arctic Expedition

Author : Harley L. Sachs
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With no GI Bill income duing the summer I couldn't afford rent, so set off to hitchhike to North Cape, the northernmmost land in Europe. I had an old Boy Scout backpack, tent, sleeping bag, nesting pots and a pan, and a tiny Lomas gasoline stove. I made the trip on $2 a day, a great adventure through Sweden, Norway, and Finland.