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Architectural Follies in America

Author : Gwyn Headley
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Architectural Follies in America More than mere curiosities, all of the architectural follies described in this illustrated guide are masterpieces in their own right. Each is the incarnation of its creator's singular passion, vanity, or idée fixe, from the home of the future to the storybook castle, the palace of love to the monument of spite, the house of devotion to the pleasure garden. Architectural Follies in America offers readers an unparalleled opportunity to become acquainted with some of the most outstanding examples of this class of architectural marvel. With Gwyn Headley as our guide, we travel the length and breadth of the United States—from the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Niles, Illinois, to a house made of glass bottles in Death Valley; from the floating Taj Mahal in Sausalito, to the grotto of Lourdes in Emmitsburg, Maryland. In a narrative rich with historical erudition, choice tidbits of gossip, and no small measure of sparkling wit, Headley describes more than 130 structures in loving detail. He tells the full story behind each folly, what is known about its creator, the circumstances surrounding its construction, and its prospects for the future. "Follies stem from passion, obsession, and suspicion. They also come from happiness, grief, and confusion. They can take any form, any style. A folly is a state of mind, not an architectural style. Follies can even have a use or purpose, whether that was in the creator's mind or not." — Gwyn Headley

Architectural Follies in America Or Hammer Sawtooth Nail

Author : Clay Lancaster
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Follies in America

Author : Kerry Dean Carso
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Robert Morris s Folly

Author : Ryan K. Smith
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In 1798 Robert Morris—“financier of the American Revolution,” confidant of George Washington, former U.S. senator—plunged from the peaks of wealth and prestige into debtors' prison and public contempt. How could one of the richest men in the United States, one of only two founders who signed the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, and the Constitution, suffer such a downfall? This book examines for the first time the extravagant Philadelphia town house Robert Morris built and its role in bringing about his ruin. Part biography, part architectural history, the book recounts Morris’s wild successes as a merchant, his recklessness as a land speculator, and his unrestrained passion in building his palatial, doomed mansion, once hailed as the most expensive private building in the United States but later known as “Morris’s Folly.” Setting Morris’s tale in the context of the nation’s founding, this volume refocuses attention on an essential yet nearly forgotten American figure while also illuminating the origins of America’s ongoing, ambivalent attitudes toward the superwealthy and their sensational excesses.


Author : B. J. Archer
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Clay Lancaster s Kentucky

Author : James D. Birchfield
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"Clay Lancaster was infected by a love of architecture at an early age, a gentle madness from which he never cared to recover." -- From the Foreword, by Roger W. Moss It is easy to take for granted the visual environment that we inhabit. Familiarity with routes of travel and places of work or leisure leads to indifference, and we fail to notice incremental changes. When a dilapidated building is eliminated by new development, it is forgotten as soon as its replacement becomes a part of our daily landscape. When an addition is grafted onto the shell of a house fallen out of fashion or function, onlookers might notice at first, but the memory of its original form is eventually lost. Also forgotten is the use a building once served. From historic homes to livestock barns, each structure holds a place in the community and can tell us as much about its citizens as their portraits and memoirs. Such is the vital yet intangible role that architecture plays in our collective memory. Clay Lancaster (1917-2000) began during the Great Depression to document and to encourage the preservation of America's architectural patrimony. He was a pioneer of American historic preservation before the movement had a name. Although he established himself as an expert on Brooklyn brownstones and California bungalows, the nationally known architectural historian also spent four decades photographing architecture in his native Kentucky. Lancaster did not consider himself a photographer. His equipment consisted of nothing more complex than a handheld camera, and his images were only meant for his own personal use in documenting memorable and endangered structures. He had the eye of an artist, however, and recognized the importance of vernacular architecture. The more than 150 duotone photographs in Clay Lancaster's Kentucky preserve the beauty of commonplace buildings as well as historic mansions and monuments. With insightful commentary by James D. Birchfield about the photographs and about Lancaster's work in Kentucky, the book documents the many buildings and architectural treasures -- both existing and long gone -- whose images and stories remain a valuable part of the state's heritage.

The Art idea Sculpture Painting and Architecture in America

Author : James Jackson Jarves
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Bizarre Buildings

Author : Paul Cattermole
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The most unusual and wonderful structures from around the world. This intriguing book selects the world's most extreme and sometimes weird buildings and structures. Some illustrate the personal expression of an individual builder or patron who has a vision well beyond the norm, while others were built by architects pushing the conventional boundaries of design. Some of the buildings are masterpieces on a larger scale. Examples include Frank Gehry's iconic Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, with its glistening, undulating walls. Some are indeed "follies" -- buildings that have no purpose -- including the surreal shark sticking out of the roof of a house in Oxford, England. Many of these strange buildings have a more obvious provenance, not as architectural follies, but as deliberate marketing ventures of the owner's product. In Flanders, New York, the Big Duck building is actually shaped like a duck in honor of the poultry once sold there.

New Publications for Architecture Libraries May 1983

Author : Mary A. Vance
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Library of Congress Subject Headings

Author : Library of Congress
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Library of Congress Subject Headings

Author :
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Follies of Power

Author : David P. Calleo
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The book discusses the dangers of the "unipolar view" of world politics, one in which the United States is overwhelmingly predominant and should act accordingly. The book notes the damage caused by this view in action - as in the Middle East and Europe. It assesses the real strengths and weaknesses of American power - "soft," military, economic, and moral. It contrasts the federal systems of "Old America" and "New Europe" as models for governing today's increasingly plural system. It notes how friendly balancing from Europe is critical for maintaining America's own constitutional equilibrium.

American Architect and Architecture

Author :
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The American Architect and Building News

Author :
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The Cambridge Guide to American Theatre

Author : Don B. Wilmeth
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Collects over twenty-five hundred entries on American theater, from its beginning through the modern day.

Eccentric Lives and Peculiar Notions

Author : John F. Michell
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Takes us into the bizarre and often humorous lives of such people as Lady Blount, who was sure that the earth is flat, Cyrus Teed, who believed that the earth is a hollow shell with us in the inside; Edward Hine, who believed that the British are the lost Tribes of Israel; and Baron de Guldenstubbe, who was sure that statues wrote him letters. British writer and housewife Nesta Webster devoted her life to exposing international conspiracies, and Father O'Callaghan devoted his to opposing interest on loans. The extraordinary characters in this book were and in some cases still are wholehearted enthusiasts for the various causes and outrageous notions they adopted, and John Michell describes their adventures with spirit and compassion.

Big Plans

Author : Kenneth Kolson
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This work springs from the idea that human aspirations for the city tend to overstate the role of rationality in public life. The author explores the part serendipity plays in urban experience.

The British Museum Encyclopedia of Native North America

Author : Rayna Green
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This encyclopedia explores American Indian history from a Native perspective, through alphabetical entries on events, issues, contemporary and historical art, mythology, gender roles, economics, contact between Indians and Europeans, political sovereignty and self-determination, land and environment. Book jacket.

Convention Center Follies

Author : Heywood T. Sanders
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American cities have experienced a remarkable surge in convention center development over the last two decades, with exhibit hall space growing from 40 million square feet in 1990 to 70 million in 2011—an increase of almost 75 percent. Proponents of these projects promised new jobs, new private development, and new tax revenues. Yet even as cities from Boston and Orlando to Phoenix and Seattle have invested in more convention center space, the return on that investment has proven limited and elusive. Why, then, do cities keep building them? Written by one of the nation's foremost urban development experts, Convention Center Follies exposes the forces behind convention center development and the revolution in local government finance that has privileged convention centers over alternative public investments. Through wide-ranging examples from cities across the country as well as in-depth case studies of Chicago, Atlanta, and St. Louis, Heywood T. Sanders examines the genesis of center projects, the dealmaking, and the circular logic of convention center development. Using a robust set of archival resources—including internal minutes of business consultants and the personal papers of big city mayors—Sanders offers a systematic analysis of the consultant forecasts and promises that have sustained center development and the ways those forecasts have been manipulated and proven false. This record reveals that business leaders sought not community-wide economic benefit or growth but, rather, to reshape land values and development opportunities in the downtown core. A probing look at a so-called economic panacea, Convention Center Follies dissects the inner workings of America's convention center boom and provides valuable lessons in urban government, local business growth, and civic redevelopment.

The Classical Orders of Architecture

Author : Robert Chitham
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This is the only publication that presents a modern interpretation of the Classical Orders. The new edition of this successful title now includes the proportions in both metric and imperial measurements to make the orders more accessible and to provide a valuable reference for designers. The inclusion of both 100-part and 96-part systems of proportion is underpinned by an essay on James Gibbs - one of the 18th century authors of standardized proportioning systems - and his influence in America. Along with additional plates, this book gives a clear introduction to those not familiar with the classical genre and is an easy to follow guide which assists architects, interior designers and conservators with the quality of their design.