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Architectural Ceramics for the Studio Potter

Author : Peter King
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From a respected teacher in his field comes the first and only how-to book on the subject. Sample projects in color: a press-molded door surround, a carved-relief countertop, a dimensional fireplace, plus handbuilt and thrown sinks and pedestals. “Well designed and visually stimulating. Peter King writes like a good teacher.”—Clay Times.

The Architectural Ceramics of Persia

Author : Rexford Newcomb
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Metal Reinforced Ceramics

Author : Andrew John Ruys
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Metal-Reinforced Ceramics covers the principle of metal-fiber-reinforced ceramics, a well-known topic in the field of reinforced concrete. Much of the work that has been done has remained unpublished, hidden in industrial company archives due to the commercial sensitivity associated with the respective technologies that prevailed at the time, which no longer applies today. This book will discuss advanced technologies that have largely been undocumented before in a broad range of industrial application areas, with updates on alumina, silicon carbide, boron carbide, tungsten carbide, fused silica, and carbon-based ceramics which are hard, heat resistant, wear resistant, and chemically durable. Provides detailed information on fundamental principles, advanced processing technologies and industrial applications Features comprehensive industrial knowledge not usually in the public domain from the author’s experience spanning more than three decades Features armor ceramics, bioceramics, aerospace, mining and architectural ceramic applications

Byzantine Trade 4th 12th Centuries

Author : Marlia Mundell Mango
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The 28 papers examine questions relating to the extent and nature of Byzantine trade from Late Antiquity into the Middle Ages. The Byzantine state was the only political entity of the Mediterranean to survive Antiquity and thus offers a theoretical standard against which to measure diachronic and regional changes in trading practices within the area and beyond. To complement previous extensive work on late antique long-distance trade within the Mediterranean (based on the grain supply, amphorae and fine ware circulation), the papers concentrate on local and international trade. The emphasis is on recently uncovered or studied archaeological evidence relating to key topics. These include local retail organisation within the city, some regional markets within the empire, the production and/or circulation patterns of particular goods (metalware, ivory and bone, glass, pottery), and objects of international trade, both exports such as wine and glass, imports such as materia medica, and the lack of importation of, for example, Sasanian pottery. In particular, new work relating to specific regions of Byzantium's international trade is highlighted: in Britain, the Levant, the Red Sea, the Black Sea and China. Papers of the 38th Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies, held in 2004 at Oxford under the auspices of the Committee for Byzantine Studies.

Hungarian Ceramics from the Zsolnay Manufactory 1853 2001

Author : Piroska Ács
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The Zsolnay Manufactory represents a triumph of Hungarian applied arts, for during its heyday it produced elegant and innovative ceramics for an international clientele as well as architectural ceramics that embellished some of the finest public and private buildings in the Austro-Hungarian empire. This manual recounts the story of the 150-year-old company and presents numerous examples of its work, showing how its changing fortunes reflect the cultural, economic and political developments in Central and Eastern Europe.

Colours and Contrast

Author : Clarence Eng
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In Colours and Contrast Clarence Eng covers the social history of architectural ceramics in China, their development both aesthetically (as ornament) and technically (as durable, protective components) in ancient Chinese architecture from palaces and temples to pagodas and screen walls.

The Sourcebook of Architectural Interior Art 20

Author :
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Handbuilt Ceramics

Author : Kathy Triplett
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Provides an introduction to clay and pottery, plus instructions for eight projects using various methods, such as a basic pot, a coiled planter, and a slip-cast pitcher.

Alumina Ceramics

Author : Andrew J. Ruys
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Alumina Ceramics: Biomedical and Clinical Applications examines the extraordinary material, Alumina, and its use in biomedicine and industry. Sections discuss the fundamentals of Alumina Ceramics, look at the various industrial applications, and examine a variety of medical applications. Readers will find this to be an invaluable and unique resource for researchers, clinical professionals, engineers, and advanced level students. Alumina ceramics are a leading biomaterial used for specialist medical applications, such as bionic implants and tissue engineering, and the only biomaterial commercially viable for use as bearings for orthopedic hip replacements. As such, this book is a timely resource on the topics discussed. Provides a unique and thorough review of Alumina ceramics Written by one of the world’s leading experts in bioceramics and advanced industrial ceramics, especially alumina Targeted to researchers in the materials, clinical and dental fields Enables the non-expert with an overview of the underlying alumina technology, major challenges, major successes and future directions

Chinese Ceramics

Author : Lili Fang
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Throughout China's long history ceramic products have been very much a part of people's lives. This book takes the reader through the rich history of Chinese ceramics, from primitive pottery to the delicate porcelain for which China is famed, complemented by full color illustrations throughout.