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Behind the Seawall

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Archaeology at the Waterfront

Author : Richard A. Gregory
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This volume presents the findings of the largest campaign of archaeological investigation yet undertaken along Liverpool's historic waterfront, by Oxford Archaeology North and the National Museums Liverpool Field Archaeology Unit. This work centred on the areas of Mann Island, Pier Head, and the Central Docks, all places that either fall within, or are directly adjacent to, the Liverpool - Maritime Mercantile City World Heritage Site, and it formed a prelude to the construction of a commercial development and the Museum of Liverpool, and also the extension of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal. The investigations uncovered numerous remains relating to eighteenth- and nineteenth-century dock building and land reclamation, as well as concomitant evidence for the use and occupation of the waterfront, and the wider town, during these periods. The archaeological evidence has been complemented by detailed historical research, which together provide significant insights into the dynamic and evolving system of dock and quayside development, occurring between the early eighteenth and early twentieth centuries. This development was integral to Liverpool's wider history, and the archaeological remains reflect the port's nascent post-medieval growth, commercial zenith during the nineteenth century, and eventual twentieth-century decline, prior to the extensive schemes of urban regeneration which now characterise the present-day waterfront. Moreover, this extensive campaign of investigation indicates how archaeology along the waterfront represents an important technique for uncovering the nuances of an area that was integral to the rise and success of Liverpool, and which also continues to exert a significant sway on Liverpool's cultural and economic identity.

Jersey City Hudson River Waterfront Transportation Corridor Improvements Hudson Bergen Light Rail Transit System HBLRTS Hudson County Bergen County

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Waterfront Archaeology

Author : G. L. Good
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Twenty-two papers on the archaeology and history of waterfronts in Britain and Northern Europe.

Transformation of Sydney s Industrial Historic Waterfront

Author : Ece Kaya
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This book examines the impacts of tourism-led transformations on the industrial historical waterfront at Darling Harbour and The Rocks in Sydney, Australia in the context of urban restructuring and deindustrialisation. The book also offers an extended reflection on the paradoxes between tourism and heritage. This discussion is not a new concept. However, this book critically explores the significance of the industrial heritage assets of these areas and the implications of the transformation procedures. Although Darling Harbour and The Rocks have generally been considered success stories of transformation with mixed touristic, recreational, residential and commercial activities, this book examines and evaluates how industrial history and heritage values have been affected. It demonstrates that tourism/leisure-led developments create urban landscapes in which cultural identity and historical assets are sacrificed and/or reinvented.

Archaeology in British Towns

Author : Patrick Ottaway
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Over the last twenty-five years archaeology has revolutionised our knowledge of the early history of British towns. Based on his day-to-day involvement in urban archaeology, Patrick Ottaway reviews the important discoveries and research themes of this period, and considers how long-term urban research projects have revealed new information about towns and the lives of their inhabitants. The work of the urban archaeologist is examined in close detail, and attention is given to the critical problems of preserving our urban past, especially when the interests of archaeology and property development clash.

Roman Waterfront Development at 12 Arthur Street City of London

Author : Dan Swift
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This study brings to light new evidence for the Claudian waterfront and construction of the terracing along the natural slope of the riverbank. Post-Boudican and Hadrianic developments included the construction of two, more solid, timber quays built in c A.D. 70-80/3 and subsequently in c A.D. 120 as tidal regression generally hastened the decline of the port. The remains of major buildings include a possible early bathhouse as well as 1st- to mid 3rd-century A.D. high-status buildings with hypocausts, paved floors, mosaics and painted wall plaster. One of these may be part of a building previously recorded at the adjacent site of Suffolk House, where it was interpreted as a goldsmith's premises. Other buildings at Arthur Street are interpreted as high-status residential complexes or townhouses. Alongside the buildings was a large well containing the remarkably well-preserved elements of an elaborate rotary water-lifting device consisting of the wooden buckets and Iron linking chain.

A Prestigious Roman Building Complex on the Southwark Waterfront

Author : Brian Yule
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This volume presents important findings from excavations just upstream of the Roman bridge at London, on the northernmost island in Roman Southwark. Mid 1st-century land reclamation took place south of a waterfront revetment. Construction of a north-east to south-west aligned road and clay-and-timber buildings, parallel to the bridgehead road to the east, may be evidence of planned development or the influence of the line of the riverbank.

Roman and Medieval Townhouses on the London Waterfront

Author : Trevor Brigham
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The north bank of the Thames near Cannon Street Station was occupied by some of London's most prominent buildings in both the Roman and Medieval periods. Substantial stone walls revealed at the site in 1969 were initially interpreted as part of a Roman townhouse attached to the 'Governor's Palace' building complex to the west. In 1994-7 new excavations uncovered a prehistoric marsh, a riverside quay dated to AD 84 and a revetment constructed in c. AD 100-200. Later Roman buildings were recorded on terraces overlooking the Thames. Two of these buildings predated the townhouse, and one of these may have been a goldworker's premises. Important new evidence for the ground plan and use of the later townhouse has revealed that it developed separately from other large Roman buildings to the west. Part of a Tuscan order column recovered from the site suggests that the building had some architectural pretensions and a high status. In the late 4th century the townhouse was demolished and the settlement abandoned. The first evidence of reoccupation at the site took the form of early 11th century pitting succeeded by sunken-floored or cellared buildings. The walls of the 14th century Pountney's Inn, later the Manor of the Rose, were recorded along Suffolk Lane. This volume presents the results of the archaeological work at this important site in a clear chronological narrative supported by many detailed illustrations and specialist reports.

Excavations on Reading Waterfront Sites 1979 1988

Author : John W. Hawkes
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During the period 1979-1986, a major redevelopment of Reading town centre allowed a series of excavations at the waterfront, which was the heart of urban development in medieval period due to the influence of the nearby Abbey. The excavations uncovered substantial evidence for the construction, repeated refurbishment and use of waterfront structures which included hards, wooden revetments, wharfs and associated buildings spanning the medieval period. The report details these finds, and includes a dendrochronological study from the recovery of over 100 timbers as well as a documentary study of the history of the Reading waterfronts.

Third California Islands Symposium

Author : F. G. Hochberg
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The Hoff Store Site and Gold Rush Merchandise from San Francisco California

Author : Allen G. Pastron
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Studies in Maritime Archaeology

Author : Sean McGrail
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(BAR 256, 1997)

Waterfront Archaeology in Britain and Northern Europe

Author : Gustav Milne
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The Bryggen Papers

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Summary Report of 1981 1983 Archaeological Excavation the Schermerhorn Row Block

Author : Susan Kardas
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Transactions Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society

Author : Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society
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Transactions of the London and Middlesex Archaeological Society

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Contains its Proceedings, Reports, List of members, etc.

Medieval Dublin V

Author : Friends of Medieval Dublin. Symposium
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In these proceedings of the May 2003 symposium, contributors present several detailed reports on recent local excavations, a description of the architectural features of St. Patrick's cathedral which came to be found in the churches supporting it, a new translation and interpretation of the Mass of the Drinkers, a determination of whether a list of

Medieval Dublin

Author : Friends of Medieval Dublin. Symposium
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