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The naval aviation safety review.

A Dual Approach to Ocean Governance

Author : Yoshifumi Tanaka
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Taking the North-East Atlantic Ocean as an example of regional practice, this book addresses the dual approach to ocean governance in international law. It examines the interaction between zonal and integrated management approaches and the conservation of marine living resources and marine biological diversity. The study examines the limitations of the traditional zonal approach and suggests new possibilities for conformity between sovereign states, international law and sustainable development.

The Income Approach to Property Valuation

Author : Andrew Baum
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A classic textbook that has guided generations of students through the intricacies of property valuation, The Income Approach to Property Valuation remains a keen favourite amongst students and teachers alike. This new edition has been thoroughly revised and updated to meet the increasingly international perspectives of modern Real Estate students. The links between theory and practice are clearly demonstrated throughout, with a range of new international case studies and practice-based examples. The Income Approach to Property Valuation teaches readers: how to analyse market rents and sales prices to derive market evidence to support an opinion of market value; the investment method of valuation and how it is applied in practice; how specific legal factors can impact on market value when they interfere with market forces; what the market and the profession may consider to be the 'right' methodology in today's market place; and how to use spreadsheets in valuation. This extensively revised new edition is perfect both for students on Real Estate courses worldwide and for professional candidates working towards their final assessment of professional competence (APC) for the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, needing to demonstrate a valuation competence at levels 2 and 3.

An Integrated Approach to Communication Theory and Research

Author : Don W. Stacks
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This new edition provides a comprehensive overview of current theory and research written by the top theorists and researchers in each area. It has been updated to address the growing influence of technology, changing relationships, and several growing integrated approaches to communication and includes seven new chapters on: ■ Digital Media ■ Media Effects ■ Privacy ■ Dark Side ■ Applied Communication ■ Relational Communication ■ Instructional Communication ■ Communication and the Law The book continues to be essential reading for students and faculty who want a thorough overview of contemporary communication theory and research.

Base 1 method A structural functional approach to word sentence and discourse readability

Author : Bernd Nuss
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Text readability is at the core of successful reading instruction and language learning. To counteract the challenges of complex reading content, text leveling is a vital necessity for readers with limited language access. A transdisciplinary analysis of reading development and linguistic interrelations builds the theoretical foundation of the base-1 method. This method focuses solely on structural and functional text elements on the word, sentence and cohesion level. But this book also discusses the significance of other prevalent readability factors, such as the reader ́s language knowledge or socio-cultural background. The base-1 method is designed to level early reading texts in German and other alphabetic languages. Experimental tests with a German immersion population has led to a preliminary calibration to demonstrate the validity of this approach. Bernd Nuss ist erfahrener Immersionslehrer in verschiedenen Programmen, die sich über Nord-, Zentral- und Südamerika erstrecken. An der E. E. Waddell Language Academy wirkt er schulintern als Immersion Facilitator, kooperiert mit Bildungsorganisationen und betreut die Praktika von Gaststudierenden an der Schule. Bernd Nuss has worked as an educator and facilitator in English and German language immersion programs all over the Americas and in Europe. In this capacity, he has also been collaborating as a researcher with universities and other educational institutions in Europe, Asia, and the USA.

A Language Management Approach to Language Problems

Author : Goro Christoph Kimura
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In recent years there has been increased interest in examining the treatment of language problems across different levels of society, ranging from individual interactional issues to language policy and planning at the national or supra-national level. Among the various approaches to tackle this issue, Language Management Theory (LMT) provides a framework to address behaviour towards language problems on differet levels explicitly and comprehensively. Using LMT as a unifying theoretical concept, the chapters in this volume examine the links between micro and macro dimensions in their analyses of a variety of language problems in Asian and European contexts. This body of work illustrates that the LMT framework is able to show the characteristics of different dimensions clearly, especially when combined with a conceptualization of the micro and macro as a continuum of intertwining elements. This volume will appeal both to those interested in language policy and planning as well as those interested in interaction between speakers from different language backgrounds.

Health Promotion A Psychosocial Approach

Author : Christine Stephens
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"Stephens' important and timely book provides an urgently needed and insightful synthesis of the previously fragmented field of community health psychology. A wide range of case material from both rich and poor countries is framed within a skilfully articulated set of debates around core issues of theory, practice, research and ethics. This text should be compulsory reading for all practitioners and students of health promotion." Professor Catherine Campbell, Health, Community and Development Group, London School of Economics Can the health of individuals be improved through community health programmes? How can community health promotion programmes be more effective? How is health awareness measured and evaluated? In recent years, health promoters have focused their attention not just on individual lifestyle change, but on daily social and physical conditions that surround the individual. They are now looking towards lifestyle change based on community or socially-based interventions. This book argues for the importance of theoretical explanations that inform investigations of the social context of daily life, the social relations that affect opportunities for healthy lives, and the needs of communities. Examining theories from a critical and values oriented perspective, it looks at current theories of health and health promotion, and discusses why health inequalities exist. The book includes a practical grounding, using examples of community health promotion practice, such as community arts and local community models, based on material and research from Britain, New Zealand, Canada, the USA and South America. The media's role in health promotion is also investigated, drawing on current media theory and examining media representation and the public's interpretative response. Issues surrounding the evaluation of health promotion programmes are also discussed. Health Promotion: A Psychosocial Approach provides a critical and theoretical basis for practice in social and community approaches to health promotion. It is key reading for postgraduate students of health psychology or community psychology, as well as qualified practitioners in public health areas who are developing theory based community programmes.

An Organizational Approach to Public Governance

Author : Morten Egeberg
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Climate change, economic crises, migration, and terrorism are among the many problems that challenge public governance in modern societies. Many of these problems are spanning political and administrative units; horizontally, vertically, and both. This makes public governance particularly challenging and turbulent. Since public governance mainly takes place through public organizations, like international organizations, ministries, and regulatory agencies, this book examines what difference organizational factors make in the governance process. The volume launches a general organizational approach to public governance. It outlines key theoretical dimensions that cut across governance structures and processes horizontally as well as vertically, thus paving the way for integrating separate empirical analyses into a coherent theoretical whole. Moreover, the organizational (independent) variables outlined in this book represent classical dimensions in the organization literature that are generic in character. This allows for generalizations across time and space. The volume also examines (organizational) design implications: By building systematic knowledge on how organizational factors shape governance processes on the one hand, and how organizational factors themselves might be deliberately changed on the other, the book offers a knowledge base for organizational design.

A Multimodal Approach to Video Games and the Player Experience

Author : Weimin Toh
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This volume puts forth an original theoretical framework, the ludonarrative model, for studying video games which foregrounds the empirical study of the player experience. The book provides a comprehensive introduction to and description of the model, which draws on theoretical frameworks from multimodal discourse analysis, game studies, and social semiotics, and its development out of participant observation and qualitative interviews from the empirical study of a group of players. The volume then applies this approach to shed light on how players’ experiences in a game influence how they understand and make use of game components in order to progress its narrative. The book concludes with a frame by frame analysis of a popular game to demonstrate the model’s principles in action and its subsequent broader applicability to analyzing video game interaction and design. Offering a new way forward for video game research, this volume is key reading for students and scholars in multimodality, discourse analysis, game studies, interactive storytelling, and new media.

How Can the Human Capability Approach Contribute to Gender Mainstreaming

Author : Maria De Eguia Huerta
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This work discusses Gender Mainstreaming from a post-development perspective, while it explores in which ways the Capability Approach may contribute to this strategy. The author puts notions of well-being at the heart of her arguments and questions the concrete practices of the development apparatus that derive from the idea of bringing gender equality to the Global South. She looks at the power structures which shape the relationships between development professionals, local experts, and local participants. This interdisciplinary research has followed the Grounded Theory methodology using its potential to decolonize knowledge production. The fieldwork was conducted in Germany and Bolivia. Dissertation. (Series: Perspectives on Development, Vol. 1) [Subject: Gender Studies, Sociology]