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Antoni Muntadas Activating Artifacts

Author : Niels Van Tomme
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Archiving artifacts: About Academia' is a new exhibition project by Antoni Muntadas. Its aim is to facilitate an interdisciplinary dialogue about higher education: its many limitations as well as new possibilities. The exhibition presents an opportunity to critically engage with the structure and function of the US university system. It does so by exploring topics of privatisation, corporatisation, gentrification and globalisation, as well as the complex relationships between the production of knowledge and the economic interests it generates. Even though 'Activating Artifacts: About Academia' was initiated and produced in a US context, it can simultaneously be activated as a tool to examine the issues it engages from within a variety of academic contexts, in which such American processes resonate significantly.

Arts Programming for the Anthropocene

Author : Bill Gilbert
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Arts Programming for the Anthropocene argues for a role for the arts as an engaged, professional practice in contemporary culture, charting the evolution of arts over the previous half century from a primarily solitary practice involved with its own internal dialogue to one actively seeking a larger discourse. The chapters investigate the origin and evolution of five academic field programs on three continents, mapping developments in field pedagogy in the arts over the past twenty years. Drawing upon the collective experience of artists and academicians in the United States, Australia, and Greece operating in a wide range of social and environmental contexts, it makes the case for the necessity of an update to ensure the real world relevance and applicability of tertiary arts education. Based on thirty years of experimentation in arts pedagogy, including the creation of the Land Arts of the American West (LAAW) program and Art and Ecology discipline at the University of New Mexico, this book is written for arts practitioners, aspiring artists, art educators, and those interested in how the arts can contribute to strengthening cultural resiliency in the face of rapid environmental change.

Moving Layers Contextual Video in Art and Architecture b w

Author : Alexandro Ladaga
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Volume # 31 of "The IT Revolution in Architecture," "Moving Layers" explores the stratified language of the electronic image and its ability to redefine architectonic space, giving it new meaning. From the prehistory and genetics of Video Art to the origins of video installations, site specific installations, interactive environments and Public Video Art, all the way to the applications of advanced technology in the new media.This is an artistic study of the elasticity of video surfaces, of the possibility of rethinking and re-dimensioning the experience of space through the use of images in motion. The authors Alexandro Ladaga, and Silvia Manteiga founded ELASTIC Group of Artistic Research in 1999. Their contributions to the international art scene are works with highly conceptual aspects, the fruit of careful analysis of their surroundings.

Art Nexus

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Flash Art

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Contemporary Spanish Art

Author : William Dyckes
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Commentary/essays by leading art critics combine in this look at the art of Spain. Includes art, painting, sculpture of over 200 artists from every important movement and reveals the many facets of the Spanish art scene.

Aesthetics of Interaction in Digital Art

Author : Katja Kwastek
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An art-historical perspective on interactive media art that provides theoretical and methodological tools for understanding and analyzing digital art. Since the 1960s, artworks that involve the participation of the spectator have received extensive scholarly attention. Yet interactive artworks using digital media still present a challenge for academic art history. In this book, Katja Kwastek argues that the particular aesthetic experience enabled by these new media works can open up new perspectives for our understanding of art and media alike. Kwastek, herself an art historian, offers a set of theoretical and methodological tools that are suitable for understanding and analyzing not only new media art but also other contemporary art forms. Addressing both the theoretician and the practitioner, Kwastek provides an introduction to the history and the terminology of interactive art, a theory of the aesthetics of interaction, and exemplary case studies of interactive media art. Kwastek lays the historical and theoretical groundwork and then develops an aesthetics of interaction, discussing such aspects as real space and data space, temporal structures, instrumental and phenomenal perspectives, and the relationship between materiality and interpretability. Finally, she applies her theory to specific works of interactive media art, including narratives in virtual and real space, interactive installations, and performance—with case studies of works by Olia Lialina, Susanne Berkenheger, Stefan Schemat, Teri Rueb, Lynn Hershman, Agnes Hegedüs, Tmema, David Rokeby, Sonia Cillari, and Blast Theory.

The Making of Art

Author : Martina Weinhart
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These days people love art ndash; especially contemporary art, which has become a constantly growing cultural factor. Fascinated by the artists' creative milieu, the public strives to share in its atmosphere of being something special. In a time of upheaval, this publication offers a look behind the scenes of the contemporary art world in which the triangle of artist, artwork, and viewer has long since been expanded many times over. The relationships between artist, collector, gallerist, curator, and critic frequently inform the works' very contents, and these aspects are increasingly represented in the works themselves. Many artists keep an eye on what happens in the art world and reflect the more and more lavish trade: from the creative process and the mounting of an exhibition to the rituals of the scene. English and German text.

Art Inquiry

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Glittering consciousness

Author : Paola Sega Serra Zanetti
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Art in America

Author : Frederic Fairchild Sherman
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Troisi me Biennale d art contemporain de Lyon

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La troisième édition de la Biennale d'art contemporain de Lyon s'intéresse à l'image mobile. Des premiers bricolages de Nam June Paik sur les composants électroniques et les TV Dé-coll/ages de Wolf Vostell en 1963, aux œuvres interactives de Jeffrey Shaw et Gary Hill, elle présente le meilleur de l'art qui s'approprie le récit cinématographique, la culture de la vidéo et la pratique informatique. Ce livre rassemble les déclarations des 64 artistes exposés, accompagnées d'une biographie. The third Biennial exhibition of contemporary art in Lyon investigates the concept of mobile image. From Nam June Paik's first tinkering with electronic: components and Wolf Vostell's 1963 TV Dé-coll/ages, to Jeffrey Shaw's and Gary Hills interactive pieces, the exhibition presents the most interesting works of art that have appropriated film narration, video culture and computer techniques. This book are gathered statements by the 64 artists shown, as well as there biographies.


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Censoring Culture

Author : National Coalition Against Censorship (U.S.).
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A bestselling art historian and a free speech advocate explore subtle new forms of censorship in the art world and beyond. "In private, museum people have told me that self-censorship is indeed the order of the day. But it is quite rare for an official to speak about it in public. Self-censorship occurs behind closed doors. There are practically no whistle-blowers."Hans Haacke, conceptual artist known for his socially and politically engaged art If your idea of censorship is an anonymous bureaucrat in a government office exercising prudish control over "offensive" art and speech, wake up and smell the conglomeration. Censorship today is just as likely to be the result of a market force or a bandwidth monopoly as a line edit or the covering of a nude sculpture, and the current system of new technologies and economic arrangements has subtle, built-in mechanisms for suppressing free expression as powerful as any known in other centuries. In Censoring Culture, the nationally known author of the ArtSpeak books and the head of the National Coalition Against Censorship's Arts Program bring together the latest thinking from art historians, cultural theorists, legal scholars, and psychoanalysts, as well as first-person accounts by artists and advocates, to give us a comprehensive understanding of censorship in a new century. Contributors include: J.M. Coetzee, Judy Blume, and others on self-censorship Hans Haacke on the marriage of art and money DeeDee Halleck on the military-media-industrial complex Marjorie Heins on violence and children Randall Kennedy on the risks of regulating hate speech Lawrence Lessig on creativity and copyright in the electronic age Judith Levine on shielding children from sex Diane Ravitch on sensitivity guidelines for national testing Douglas Thomas on hackers and hacking culture

Through the net

Author : Horant Fassbinder
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Die Internet-Arbeit The Anthology of Art von Jochen Gerz ist ein irritierendes, sperriges Werk - trotz aller scheinbaren Zugänglichkeit im Netz. Im Verlaufe eines Jahres (2001/02) ha-ben 312 KünstlerInnen und KunsttheoretikerInnen aus der ganzen Welt, fast alle zum innersten Kreis des "Kunstsystems" gehörig, auf unterschiedlichste Weise reagiert auf Gerz' immer gleiche Frage: "Was ist, im Kontext der zeitgenössischen Kunst, Ihre Vorstellung einer noch unbekannten Kunst?". Die Antworten - Bilder und Texte, veröffentlicht im Internet unter - spiegeln auf geradezu schockierende Weise die Vielfalt und Widersprüchlichkeit der heutigen "Kunstszene" - und darüberhinaus unserer Welt. Mit dem ephemeren und immateriellen Charakter der Bildschirm-Bilder, mit der kaleidoskopischen Vielfalt und der Flüchtigkeit der Wahrnehmung, die hier prädisponiert ist, macht Gerz das Internet zum zentralen Medium seines Werkes. Mit diesem widersprüchlichen, labyrinthischen, scheinbar autorlosen Werk des vor allem durch seine Arbeiten im öffentlichen Raum international bekannt gewordenen Künstlers setzen sich die hier vorgelegten Forschungsbeiträge aus sehr unterschiedlichen Perspektiven auseinander. Untersucht werden der Entstehungsprozess der Anthology, ihre Parallelen zu anderen Werken des Künstlers im öffentlichen Raum und die spezielle Form der Reflexion des Mediums Internet, die Gerz hier entwickelt. Die Texte ziehen Vergleiche, die von Platons Utopia bis zu Internetprojekten reichen, auch heftige Kritik nicht unterschlagend. Die in einjähriger Zusammenarbeit von französischen, deutschen und ungarischen Kunstheoretikern und Künstlern erarbeiteten Beiträge nehmen Gerz' Anthology nicht ihren eigenartig irritierenden und widersprüchlichen Charakter - ermöglichen aber Annäherungen und überraschende Zugänge. Im Jahre 2004 wird Gerz sein Internet-Opus - auf Tafeln ge-bannt - in der Akademie der Künste Berlin als Ausstellung präsentieren. Dann werden die Studies in Jochen Gerz' >Anthology of Art

Instalaciones y nuevos medios en la colecci n del IVAM

Author : Institut Valencià d'Art Modern
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Esta exposición reflejará a partir de las instalaciones que integran la colección permanente del IVAM las diversas maneras de entender el espacio y la participación del público en la creación visual contemporánea.

LAB 07

Author : Centro Cultural de España (Montevideo, Uruguay)
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Exhibition of 18 artists curated by Patricia Bentancur and Luis Camnitzer that approach the challenges that threaten our societies through violence, discrimination and violence. Artists: Jennifer Allora y Guillermo Calzadilla, Carmen Aroztegui, Nicolás Branca, Lenora de Barros, Juan Manuel Echavarría Juan Pedro Fabra, León Ferrari, Gonzalo Frasca, Sofía Battagazzore & Eipo Newgaming, Jorge Macchi, Cildo Meireles, Ana Mendieta, Ronald Morán, Antoni Muntadas, Clemente Padín, Juan Pérez Agirregoikoa, Ana Tiscornia, Jorge Tiscornia, Ernesto Villa.

partir de Marseille

Author : Baptiste Lanaspeze
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Author : Robert Atkins
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Discusses the terms, movements, and major artists in the modern American and European art world