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Anthology of music for analysis

Author : Stefan M. Kostka
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A book of musical selections that were carefully chosen for their high quality, this anthology contains more than 150 complete pieces or movements ranging from the Baroque period to the present day. It enables the reader to get a representative sampling of the world's best music. While stressing the themes of harmony and form, this book achieves instrumental variety, with keyboard music, choral and vocal music, and a repertoire for horn, flute, and organ. This anthology is divided by composer, and includes works by the major composers from the Baroque Period through the Twentieth Century. For workers in the field of music, or anyone needing an informative reference anthology of classical greats.

Musical Anthologies for Analytical Study

Author :
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Details the excerpts, complete pieces, and movements contained in the various anthologies for musical analysis--a benefit to teachers and students of music theory.

Anthology for Musical Analysis

Author : Charles L. Burkhart
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Offering a large and varied body of music for study and adaptable to any theoretical approach, Charles Burkhart's collection contains more than 200 complete musical compositions, ranging in time from the Middle Ages to the present. Appropriate for various music theory courses, the book indexes many illustrations of chords, voice-leading techniques, and forms. Substantially revised and updated, this new edition features: An expanded twentieth-century section, including the works of Messiaen, Ligeti, Takemitsu, Reich, and Adams; greater representation of women composers - Hildegard of Bingen, Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre, Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel, Clara Schumann, and Amy Beach (with Ruth Crawford Seeger retained from the previous edition); significant new works, such as the dramatic chorus "Wretched Lovers" from Handel's Acis and Galatea, the first movement of Mozart's clarinet concerto; Beethoven's second "Rasumovsky" quartet, first movement; and an aria from John Adams' Nixon in China; added selections for wind ensembles, including several variations from Stravinsky's Octet for winds; and a dictionary of the foreign terms and expressions used in this book.

Anthology for Musical Analysis

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Containing a collection of over 200 musical compositions and movements, this book offers music theory classes illustrations of chords, voice-leading techniques, and forms. It is adaptable to any theoretical approach and to any type of curriculum, including those that combine theory study with music literature and the history of musical style.

Anthology of Music for Analysis

Author : Timothy Cutler
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Drawing on Timothy Cutler's extensive pedagogical experience, this anthology provides ideal examples for any theory class. Consisting of excerpts organized by topic, the anthology is designed to support any theory text and contains the perfect examples to illustrate every theoretical concept. The Anthology of Music for Analysis is part of Norton's suite of resources for the theory curriculum and offers students substantial savings when packaged with a Norton theory text.

An Index to Music in Selected Historical Anthologies of Western Art Music Part 1

Author : Mara Parker
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An Index to Music in Selected Historical Anthologies of Western Art Music is the essential reference for music history and music theory instructors for finding specific listings and details for all the pieces included in more than 140 anthologies published between 1931 and 2016. Containing over 5,000 individual listings, this concise book is an indispensable tool for teaching music history and theory. Since many anthologies exist in multiple editions, this Index provides instructors, students, and researches with the means to locate specific compositions in both print and online anthologies. This book includes listings by composer and title, as well as indexes of authors, titles, and first lines of text for music from antiquity through the early twenty-first century.

Teaching Approaches in Music Theory

Author : Michael R. Rogers
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Drawing on decades of teaching experience and the collective wisdom of dozens of the most creative theorists in the country, Michael R. Rogers's diverse survey of music theory?one of the first to comprehensively survey and evaluate the teaching styles, techniques, and materials used in theory courses?is a unique reference and research tool for teachers, theorists, secondary and postsecondary students, and for private study. This revised edition of Teaching Approaches in Music Theory: An Overview of Pedagogical Philosophies features an extensive updated bibliography encompassing the years since the volume was first published in 1984. In a new preface to this edition, Rogers references advancements in the field over the past two decades, from the appearance of the first scholarly journal devoted entirely to aspects of music theory education to the emergence of electronic advances and devices that will provide a supporting, if not central, role in the teaching of music theory in the foreseeable future. With the updated information, the text continues to provide an excellent starting point for the study of music theory pedagogy. Rogers has organized the book very much like a sonata. Part one, ?Background,” delineates principal ideas and themes, acquaints readers with the author's views of contemporary musical theory, and includes an orientation to an eclectic range of philosophical thinking on the subject; part two, ?Thinking and Listening,” develops these ideas in the specific areas of mindtraining and analysis, including a chapter on ear training; and part three, ?Achieving Teaching Success,” recapitulates main points in alternate contexts and surroundings and discusses how they can be applied to teaching and the evaluation of design and curriculum. Teaching Approaches in Music Theory emphasizes thoughtful examination and critique of the underlying and often tacit assumptions behind textbooks, materials, and technologies. Consistently combining general methods with specific examples and both philosophical and practical reasoning, Rogers compares and contrasts pairs of concepts and teaching approaches, some mutually exclusive and some overlapping. The volume is enhanced by extensive suggested reading lists for each chapter.

Anthology for Musical Analysis

Author : Charles L. Burkhart
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A landmark collection of over 200 complete musical compositions and movements, ranging from the Middle Ages to the present, ANTHOLOGY FOR MUSICAL ANALYSIS, International Edition offers first- and second-year music theory students a wealth of illustrations of chords, voice-leading techniques, and forms, plus some material for figured-bass realization and score reading. Because this book takes no theoretical position, it is adaptable to any theoretical approach and to any type of curriculum, including those that combine theory study with music literature and the history of musical style.

Sourcebook for Research in Music

Author : Phillip Crabtree
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This bibliography of bibliographies lists and describes sources, from basic references to highly specialized materials. Valuable as a classroom text and as a research tool for scholars, librarians, performers, and teachers.

Sourcebook for Research in Music Third Edition

Author : Allen Scott
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Since it was first published in 1993, the Sourcebook for Research in Music has become an invaluable resource in musical scholarship. The balance between depth of content and brevity of format makes it ideal for use as a textbook for students, a reference work for faculty and professional musicians, and as an aid for librarians. The introductory chapter includes a comprehensive list of bibliographical terms with definitions; bibliographic terms in German, French, and Italian; and the plan of the Library of Congress and the Dewey Decimal music classification systems. Integrating helpful commentary to instruct the reader on the scope and usefulness of specific items, this updated and expanded edition accounts for the rapid growth in new editions of standard works, in fields such as ethnomusicology, performance practice, women in music, popular music, education, business, and music technology. These enhancements to its already extensive bibliographies ensures that the Sourcebook will continue to be an indispensable reference for years to come.