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Ballad of Another Time

Author : José Luis González
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A tale of love and honor in which Rosendo Arbona discovers that his young wife Dominga is missing. When he learns that she has run away with one of the young farm workers, Rosendo embarks on what will become a an almost mythic journey to find Dominga, avenge his honor, and discover the deeper purpose of his travels.

Another Time

Author : Kathryn Shay
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A classic Kathryn Shay contemporary romance—with a time travel twist… The PORTALS OF TIME trilogy combines heart-wrenching emotions and biting social commentary with unique futuristic elements. Three women travel back from the 26th century to right the wrongs of society today so that humankind can continue to exist. Journey with them as they fight for both the future and the men they unexpectedly come to love. In ANOTHER TIME, anthropologist Alisha Law has accompanied her two colleagues to the present day because she understands the customs, morés and convoluted language of the 21st century. Not only does she dislike everything about this time period, but she’s mystified by its odd sexual customs. When Pastor David Ryan befriends her, she’s confused about him, too. He actually believes in a Supreme Being and the archaic concept of religion, neither of which exist in her time. But when they grow close, and fall in love, she becomes wary when he asks her break all the rules of time travel. Praise for Kathryn Shay’s novels “Kathryn Shay writes some of the cleanest prose around, and it’s my belief she’d make the Yellow Pages sound interesting if the phone company put her on staff. And Ms. Shay knows her way around a steamy love scene.” The Romance Reader "Shay does an admirable job with a difficult subject, writing…with sensitivity and realism and without shying away from any of the hard issues." Shelley Mosley Booklist “What a great book. Controversial subjects handled in a sensitive and yet honest way--characters that just walked off the page, real and warm. The story just kept coming. A heart toucher, about problems with no easy solutions. Wonderful! Don't miss!” A Reader

In Another Time

Author : Michael E. Tessier
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There are no paradoxes in time, only looped back versions of history we call alternate realities. Under the sands of Egypt and near the Sphinx, two amateur archeologists make a most unexpected find. Instead of a Pharaohs tomb, they uncover an ancient, dust-choked room filled with books, computers and modern equipment. The tomb is least five thousand years old. Slowly, the young spelunkers unravel the mystery of the apparent paradox. They also discover a working Time Machine. Time itself has taken an alternate course. The powerful European Trade Confederation bullies a depressed, non-nuclear United States. The British Empire controls their colonial possessions with an iron fist. Time for the young discoverers is running out. Global events are slowly colliding where retaining the secret of their discovery is almost impossible. A race develops to get the secrets of time travel out of the country.

Another Time Another Place

Author : Cellestine Hannemann
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Another Time, Another Place is a fantasy that also delivers a message to a society that has strayed. Stephanie, expecting a simple life of home and hearth, marries a man who finds more pleasure in ambitious, expensive undertakings. Once savoring success, he is driven to ever more ambitious and expensive ventures. The loss of their son is a turning point in her life. Stephanie goes off alone to the Another Time resort, a charming place in the ambiance of days gone by, back when the world moved at a slower pace, when there were no cars, planes or televisions. In an unusual occurrence, she follows what she believes to be her destiny and leaves this world to enter one of another dimension where she finds happiness.

Another Time Another Place

Author : Gordon E. Jenkins
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Two young people, one white and one deemed black, products of their environment, separated by the rigid, inhumane caste system of the Jim Crow South, meet by chance, bond, and begin a forbidden relationship which nurtures and grows, even when they attempt to terminate it, knowing the potential consequences if they are discovered. As they secretly flaunt the laws and traditions of the day, they aggressively pursue their individual ambitions to escape the equally binding economic shackles. As their commitment to each other becomes stronger, they become bolder, and challenge the status quo in ways that cannot be ignored by the power structure. Their actions coupled with fate trigger unforeseen events with tragic consequences.

Another Time Another Place

Author : Larry L. Harshbarger
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It was a time of extreme peril. The Great Depression was winding down and World War ll was starting. The author witnessed the Greatest Generation first hand as he saw many young men--including his older brother--leave town and go off to war. On the home front, there developed a closeness and support of family, friends and neighbors, not seen before or since. Through good and bad times, the towns young boys hiked, fished, hunted and trapped in the streams, fields, forests and mountains surrounding their homes. It was truly an era that will never be again.


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Another Time Another Place

Author : Nia Imani
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Play Script for 5W & 2M - Have you ever wished you had a different life? Carole Lee did. Growing up in a family of doctors was hard, especially since her family expected her to follow the tradition. But Carole Lee didn't want to be a doctor. She wanted to be a writer. That's why she dropped out of her medical classes - so she could pursue her dream. Unfortunately, Carole Lee's mother was less than enthusiastic about her daughter's new career choice and she took drastic measures to show her disapproval. Tired of trying to live up to other people's expectations and being taken for granted, Carole Lee wishes for a life that's different. She just didn't think that Peter, her Guardian Angel, would make her wish come true!

Another Time Another Place

Author : Gerald Chatanow|Bernard D. Schwartz
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The Brownsville/East New York neighborhood of the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s is now but an almost faded memory, a “time warp” as it were. Today it is a neighborhood that has been eviscerated and exists only as a geographic locale. Through the collective memories of the famous and the not-so-famous, Jerry Chatanow and Bernie Schwartz have elicited and chronicled a treasure trove of anecdotes and remembrances that bring back to life a once vibrant and exhilarating neighborhood. The authors vividly transport the reader back to a bygone era of street games, egg creams, mello rolls and knishes, patriotism at the home front, plush movie palaces, the Dodgers, the Knicks, boxing venues, old time radio and the neighborhood settlement houses with its open doors waiting to welcome the teeming masses. Anyone from small town or big city who was ever enriched by the nurturing warmth, the loyalties and camaraderie of a “neighborhood” will enjoy this major contribution to the oral history of America. This is a story told within the context of this country’s transformation from “The Great Depression” to World War Two to “Baby Boomer” prosperity. The authors were both observers of and participants in what in retrospect proved to be a triumphant generation.

Another Time Another Place

Author : Margarita Ludovic
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A beautifully written account of an idyllic childhood. Told in the first person against the milieu of show business, bounds of freedom and family idiosyncrasies. If only things were so straight forward. Instead this recount of the lifes transitions is juxtaposed against the backdrop of the second world war, bringing into question a sense of identity, belonging and loyalties. The author cleverly takes the reader along a cathartic journey of making sense of the past . Are we tied up and restricted by our history or do these events just pave the way towards what we are able to achieve?